Pro Surfer Makes Nervous Blunder | First Dates Australia

Pro Surfer Makes Nervous Blunder | First Dates Australia

I’ve never officially been in a girl
from boyfriend relationship before I’m. looking for someone who makes me laugh
that does everything with me and we have our separate lives and we enjoy our own
different things but we complement each other’s lifestyle I think there is more
to me than probably it comes across initially people see me and typecast or
stereotype big burly rugby guy there’s definitely a sensitive side to me first
of all I haven’t had a serious relationship in the past I met girls I
don’t wanted to be in a relationship with but things have always kind of not
panned out for me whether they moved to different cities or there was another
person or things got complicated I’ve never thought of myself as unlucky
in love but maybe that’s the case what I really find attractive in someone it is
confidence I’m Alex Alex lovely lady great at the bar waiting for you
definitely like a sense of adventure someone who likes to travel broaden
horizons yeah but someone with that sense of adventure is perfect hey you
doing well you know red dress long brown hair wow natural beauty for sure my
first impression of at least nice I thought he was really good-looking
Thanks I was actually more nervous of his first impression of me than my first
impression of him how are you is it good yourself yeah pretty good my sister’s
over there – so we’re here together which is good moral support
yeah it’s good never done anything like this before so what do you normally get
up to outside doing blind date I do a personal
training for work yeah we’re competitive surfers so I came back from the Gold
Coast from training and on Friday we leave to California professional surfer
is definitely not the first career that I would have picked Aliza to have but
you know it’s a very cool trait definitely an attractive sport to be
part of it’s fun when you have your sister yeah that’s awesome
cheers aza big drink our starter water yeah I used to work at a bar as well I
was always on the cocktail bar I just like making cocktails all the time and I
think the cop I haven’t really I cannot believe I just said that
I was trying to say I was like a cocktail waitress and the wrong word
that’s the wrong time and I just goes really embarrassing those are the words
like a freebie I okay wait let me rephrase that coked-out I’m just making
them all the time I kind of I just said that but with the Cox has
finally died this inside I was to see Eliza stuff up like that and show a
little bit of a bond myself she didn’t really need to be embarrassed
it was definitely something to laugh at though make sure you subscribe to get a
regular serving of love and romance

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Pro Surfer Makes Nervous Blunder | First Dates Australia

  1. Ezgi Dincer says:

    hope she doesnt fall for him

  2. Lauren Johnson says:

    His facial expressions are so bizarre

  3. julius vaigauskas says:

    how cute she is:)

  4. Denden 7773 says:

    well i can tell you the guy is just the looks

  5. mrbear1302 says:

    So was he fishing before the date? Those are some highwaters!

  6. Gerald Aboud says:

    Hes a bum.

  7. Feminism Destroys Men says:

    It's amazing how much older these chicks look than whatever age they're presenting themselves as here. I'm not buying it. I think they are lying about their age now to trap guys. Chick has serious bags under her eyes and wears way too much make up.
    As far as the guy, I'm sure he's just used to getting laid just off the strength of his physical appearance. Clearly he really hasn't developed a personality and has no purpose in life other than to just go through the motions.

  8. Niall T says:

    He looks like he is in his 40's

  9. Hoody says:

    this is overly edited you can tell

  10. M.L. Soll says:

    The trousers he is wearing….yikes

  11. Fran Libertè says:

    25?? LOOKS 33

  12. ganesh nesh says:

    Personal trainer with chicken legs bruhh

  13. Wayne A says:

    Dude has a personality of a goat … looks fades away within seconds …

  14. Kuldip Powar says:

    He is very good looking but has very little to say!

  15. Jennifer H. says:

    Oh the facial expressions. I get it, he uses facial expressions to do at least 50% of his talking! what a technique! He should be paired with her sister 3:13 it would be like a battle of the facial + body expressions until one knocks the other out – k.o.! He & her sister share the exaggerated fake facial / body expressions trait. Together, they'd make a gr8 pantomime team, and they could really go far… jokes aside, he doesn't know himself yet on a deeper level that's why he's pantomiming so much

  16. Ella says:

    His teeth are so bad he looks kind of dumb

  17. maximus gigantus says:

    This guy looks like his mum dressed him lol

  18. Solanch says:

    he wasn't asking her any questions

  19. Jaymagna says:

    And here we see a beta male in Its Natural habbitat

  20. Omer Y. says:

    He is pure moron

  21. Clownish-Gambino says:

    Maybe he was just nervous in front of a lovely lady. Who knows. — I think happen to thing having a sister lurking in the midst is a tad bit out of bounds .

  22. hunter96 says:

    gym rat

  23. Elaine nicholson says:


  24. Hrithika Rose says:

    He really bit that water

  25. Lu says:

    How can it be that a 20 years old good-looking woman needs a dating night? I don't get it…

  26. BellaFox says:

    You can’t serve liquor when you’re Under 21…… so…..

  27. philippe chevereau says:

    The jerk arrives after her and keep her waiting!

  28. Anupama Rao says:

    Hey where are these 2? They had good chemistry? Hope things went forward with them and they are doing well together 😊

  29. Ritchie Valens says:

    A Gorgeous couple ❤️

  30. Pure Style says:


  31. mehh says:

    1. be white 2. be white 3. be white 4. be poor 5. borrow clothes from the network 6. don't have 401k 7. be good at sucking.

  32. dave10 says:

    I don't like Australian Fred

  33. Paula Laye says:

    Oh Eliza this guy isn't for you, He's way toooo aware of himself, Not a great trait, really, You can do much better……

  34. Lucas Vermeulen says:

    This guy is so hot.

  35. Daya Tom says:

    What a block of ice

  36. Lord Mock says:

    2:39 camera man did him dirty 😂

  37. Neelima Sultana says:

    Reminds me of Jessica Biel

  38. Carlos A.N says:

    At 1:06 did he size up the host?🤔 lol ok tough guy

  39. Reserved says:

    She looks like Elon Musk.

    Shes beautiful, but reminds me alot of Elon.

  40. thepro08 says:

    this guy have no clue, he won the lottery, by having a super attractive girl that his very in to him, making all the conversation and the guy his super douche!!! I mean maybe they are both nervous or something because honestly I would be, honestly when i looked at her…. she is so my type!!!! would marry her if she gave me 1 decimal of a chance.

  41. Richard O' Leary says:

    He reminds me of Jason Momoa for some reason

  42. Dust Bust says:

    1:38 the way he drank the water boi

  43. Olli says:

    Why on Earth did he shake her hand???

  44. Speak says:

    Their children are going to have prominent rows of top teeth.

  45. Anđelko Balić says:

    Whats with the tight feminine clothing on western men?!

  46. Anđelko Balić says:

    She is super cute. Lovely.

  47. Riaan Groenewald says:

    For a change, a girl with tons of makeup.

  48. Andre Bubbles says:

    Oh boy.. this guy gets destroyed in the comments. Kinda feel for him

  49. Rhey says:

    song at 00:13 ?????

  50. Patrick Creighton says:


  51. brigs says:

    She doesnt realise how beautiful she is which makes her 10x more beautiful!

  52. daniel Lynch says:

    Jason momoa?

  53. MuhammadAli_GOAT says:

    The guys looks like lord of the stoners.

  54. Frango says:

    It's always freaked me out how some ridiculously hot girls are actually nervous about their looks.

  55. Gamer 4 life says:

    I love how people who take selfies in mirrors think they know about travelling.

  56. Gary Buckley says:

    2:40 The way he drinks has me rolling 😂😂😂

  57. Allison says:

    Personal protip from me if you need a breather, go to restroom pop earphones in listen to favorite bands like Delta Parole or Metallica and kick b when you get back.

  58. Unpopular Opinions says:

    Anyone else have issues actually eating on a first date? Lol my nerves are too high to eat

  59. Oscar Small says:

    Im in love

  60. Leah B says:

    Shes soo nervous bless her😂😂 he didnt even make any attempts to make her feel comfortable. its not an obligation but it wouldve been nice

  61. Status Duffy. says:

    Eliza you are better than this

  62. Not 670 says:

    0:30 We can see that in your capri pants.

  63. Sterling M says:

    I like how sort of vulnerable and sweet she seems. He seems nice enough, I don't get why he's getting so much hate. This is a pretty short clip so you don't know everything about him from this little heavily edited clip.

  64. Tom Walton says:

    Woah. Alex is a complete douche nozzle

  65. Kowaininja7 says:

    she looks like veronica wang lmaoooo

  66. Tiago Moutinho says:

    He dont speak. Wtf poor girl gets a moron.

  67. Miguel Alves says:

    He didn't have much to say really

  68. Michael Kite says:

    What’s up with those pants dude

  69. Bles says:

    Is he autistic

  70. Patiee 08 says:

    Wow she’s 20?

  71. Francisco Pinho says:

    She is so beautiful and honestly i think she can do a bit better looks wise 🤷‍♂️

  72. Nathan N says:

    He should have have hugged and/or kissed her straight away…

  73. D Hughes says:

    He has a weird mouth

  74. ARTWAS says:

    Ah Aqumen Jason Momoa

  75. AmazingSase says:

    The guy s Chad af, she s only 20, should be easy fcuk

  76. L P says:

    Was he intimidated by her? Whats wrong with him

  77. JiuJitsuhairdontcare says:

    European men need to stop wearing these femme looking skinny capris …they look like theyre wearing their girlfriends pants lol soooo unattractive. And dont bring that to America please.

  78. dorya po says:

    Naturally very attractive both of them but the both have bugs bunny teeth.

  79. Soung Won Moon says:

    they look very mature…

  80. Wayne G says:

    that dudes about as interesting as a staring at a white wall

  81. TheElMuffin says:

    Are his upper teeth sensitive?

  82. Belle Parker says:

    WHY tf did he HOOVER his water up???

  83. Something Like Anonymous says:

    He’s no Chris Hemsworth.

  84. Who Cares says:

    He is really nervous. Dude relax

  85. Some Won says:

    Lol.. hes such a weirdo.. Eliza is fit though

  86. B SWIGG says:

    i would have fallen head over heels for her on the first date and she would have thought i was weird. i duno what it is about her shes so beautiful and fragile looking

  87. Rhianna S. says:

    She's a beauty.

  88. Lauren says:

    Why is he so odd??

  89. Hollins23 says:

    I like her look. She reminds me a lot of Diane Lane.

  90. Some Won says:

    HA.. I thought he was gonna swallow that entire glass! @2:40

  91. tina beato says:

    what's with all the negativity? First dates are always a little quirky, nerve-wracking – sometimes silly. I didn't have a problem with his facial expressions at all. They were funny.

  92. Samantha Lauren says:

    Pathetic he is , what a big headed person. His conversation is so dead. " eh huh yeahh" shes doing all the talking.

  93. Maartje Goede says:

    Is it the editing or is he super dumb and arrogant?

  94. Ritchie Valens says:

    All the jealous comment Sheesh..

    They are both a gorgeous couple.
    She was very cute
    Good Luck, I hope you both end up dating each other

  95. fessells ahmed says:

    This was a disaster. She doesn't seem interested and he can see that.

  96. fessells ahmed says:

    Don't show off about where you have been or are going. Let the guy talk and he will ask you stuff. She doesn't look at him and adjusts her bra three times.

  97. Giedre says:

    He is so cocky. eww..

  98. Dahami Herath says:

    Am I the only one who thought this guy was actually alright? Idk why some of ya'll in the comments are so harsh

  99. Sweeta Ali says:

    “Long brown hair, very natural” hahah this guys is color blind and knows nothing about highlights.

  100. -LORD- says:

    What's up with all the negativity here? Every human being is different. It's not like he came across as offensive, but people will still find faults in him and call him the "judgmental" one. Joke.

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