Přiznání Ester Ledecké: LYŽE nebo SNOWBOARD?

Ester Ledecká, 2018 Olympic winner in alpine skiing and snowboarding How different is the feeling from skiing and snowboarding? What is better? It is not only about different feeling but also about different format of races. In super-G I had only one run, one attempt. In snowboarding I had six runs, six chances although I had to take advantage of all of them to get on the top. It`s a great feeling to experience these Olympics on two different slopes and two different equipments. What discipline is harder for you? That is hard to say. I gave both sports similar time in training (50 and 50 percent) and I cannot say what is easier or harder. Both disciplines are hard. Hardest is to win. As I am an amateur, in my opinion snowboarding is more of a slow motion sport in comparison to alpine skiing. You have much more time for every move. That doesn`t insult me, that is true. I really have much more time to do all moves. I think that skiing gives me an advantage because I am not afraid to go fast on snowboard. Speed doesn`t limit me in training and that is great for me. On the other hand in my opinion it`s much harder to use the edge of snowboard, skis are much more stable. Do you agree? Yeah that is true. And this is something great I bring from snowboarding to alpine skiing. Because of that I am much more stable. There is only one way to do things right on snowboard. If you make a mistake, you just fall down. Skiing helps me to be much more stable even in high speed on snowboard. Do you think that alpine skiing powers might now make kids practice snowboarding first? I really don´t know what alpine skiing powers will do. But I cannot recommend it to them. You have changed modern thinking about training. It is common to do only one sport from childhood but you had always practiced various sports. And it works! Yeah, many people told me in past that it won`t work to do two different sports on high level and that I have to choose only one sport being very young. But I wanted to do two sports. And I managed to do so. I believed it is possible to do both sport on the highest level. And we are really thankful for that. Thank you very much. Thank you.

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