Primitive Cattail Boogie Board

Primitive Cattail Boogie Board

Cattails, or bullrush (Typha latifolia) grow on the banks of ponds and streams in many parts of the world The dry leaves are extremely light in weight Bundles of cattails have been used for centuries to build rafts because they are so light and buoyant The bottom of the leaves are thicker than the top I reverse the direction of half the bundle to make the bundle even I think this thickness will work I have about 100 feet of rope to tie the bundles together I am going to collect three bundles of leaves I had to go deep into the cattails to find enough dry leaves Now I am going to start forming the board This bundle is the center of the board I tie the bundle as tight as possible on both sides Both sides of the bundle are tied tightly together in a figure eight weave The second bundle wraps around the first bundle The second bundle is tied tight and the rope woven in a figure eight weave across the width of the board This process is slow and tedious to push the rope between the tight bundles The process of tying the bundles together continues to the bottom of the board Again, it is important to make the bundles as tight as possible The process continues the same way with the third bundle When finished the boogie board should easily hold together Alternatively, this would make a good mattress to sleep on in the hut Now let’s go find some waves I was surprised how well it worked on the first wave The board increases significantly in weight as it absorbs water but still works well I was surprised that I could comfortably sit on it without sinking too deep The primitive cattail boogie board is a total success A beautiful ending to a great day

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Primitive Cattail Boogie Board

  1. Babayega X says:

    I had to pause the video only 1:52 into the film to say that the editing and cinematography on this video is just incredible. I mean it went from left wide angle to left close up to over the shoulder right back to left wide and then left over the shoulder all on the same scene within a matter of 30 seconds and the movement was seamless as if there were like 6 or 7 cameras perfectly synched on that listen to catch him don't the cutting of bushes or whatever it is he was cutting. Point being Ruger there are a ton of cameras all at over perfectly placed which is hard in it's own right or there's maybe 2 or 3 cameras and his placement of his movement is perfect. The editing is so seamless it literally looks like there's a director sitting in the back saying "camera 1, now seeing to camera 2, ok ok let's go to camera 3 and then back to 2 then 5". Lol. Damn bro. Your film making skills have improved so much that you could literally start making Nat Geo documentaries in the American African region want I for sure right watch it. So freaking impressive to me and sadly most people don't even notice that incredible attention to detail as they just assume it's like the movies where there's 50 people doing so this stuff not even appreciating that it's all just my dude right here by himself doing so that set up, acting, directing, editing, sound and lighting, voice over and do much more work that went into making this single video. Great job bro. Not many channels can do this type of work without having a huge team on their payroll and you do it all by your self. 👏👏👏👏👏 Did u mention he does all of this meanwhile trying to make sure his nuts don't hang in the footage??? 🤣🤣🤣 That's not easy either considering what he's wearing. Although I think a lot of women in here wouldn't mind.

  2. SOPHIE virginie COEUR PRIS says:

    je suis en admiration devant autant de détermination !!!!!!!!!!RESPECT !

  3. Babayega X says:

    So many people have to all of a sudden become boat Crafters in the comment section talking about "it would make more sense to build a boat then to build this thing". Don't you get it? He made a boogie board to ride the waves and have fun primitive style. Not to make it to get off the island for God's sake. He used a rock, sooner twine he made with tree bark and leaves and his hands. That's it. He wasn't trying to make a boat. But I'd love to see everyone who talks smack to make a video showing how they made a boat using nothing but a rock and twine and some wood even and tag me so I can watch. Until then stop being a hater and enjoy the content. Again, his purpose was to ride the waves not to get off the island. Even though I think that thing could be used to get off the island long as he isn't crossing the Pacific in it. Lol. I'm sure it would make it as a "raft" from one island to another for example on a 2 or 3 hour journey. It looks like it floats pretty good.

  4. Chimiko Miyakawa says:

    So long the time i watch the old video of primitive making the hut of himself that make me proud.

  5. Squanchy FapFap says:

    Imagine this guy on hollywood or something but nope he is chasing around frogs…what a douche

  6. DailyToker says:

    I can hardly believe I guessed correctly! Made my day. Great video, keep it up. 👍

  7. Craig says:

    gen X ftw, eh?

  8. House Technology says:

    I love living in the woods
    Beautiful natural i like,

  9. Сергей Кулин says:

    Мне кажется что надо менять приоритеты- серфинг не является столь необходимой потребностью при выживании, если вы позиционировываете себя как выживальщик то и должны устраивать свой быт, в хозяйственной части обустройство костровища или место для готовки еды, строительство укрытия от непогоды и зашиты от других факторов. Но у Вас постоянно бредовые идеи которые не имеют столь большую потребность и на которое вы тратите своё время.

  10. BedazzleddBluee AvakinLife says:

    Of I ever did that all I would be thinking is : is it tick season…😓😮

  11. Mister Bullitt says:

    Yeah I am right.
    Its a Boogie board.
    Surfin in the jungle dude . ✌👌🌊🏄
    Grüße aus dem Land des Cherusker Häuptlings.

  12. David Noct says:

    Damn Chad Another Great Video Like Your Previous One You're A Great Inspiration To Me, God Bless U 😉

  13. Coolissim0 Unl1mited says:

    great idea.

  14. Durham Wildcamper says:

    jokingly my first thoughts were it was a surf board 😂 but i thought why would he need one of those and convinced myself it was a door

  15. Mr. Mokmar Boom says:

    Как всегда круто :з

  16. Bev True says:

    I guessed a boat, so, really not that far off. I didn't know there was an ocean nearby, thought river only.

  17. صمتي لغتي says:

    واو طرزان انت مميز ❤

  18. final Pixel says:

    Now I know what to do if I am bored

  19. slime Demon says:

    Ich wünschte ich könnte auch draußen leben (ich weiß das er nicht wirklich draußen lebt.) 😟❤

  20. BenjaminCouwenberg PhilosophersStonedTube says:

    Nice! I surfed since 12 yrs old. On my channel I make Soulless humans organic Portals videos and soon will start making more wild videos in the series man vs matrix with me Ben Grylls. So subscribe

  21. Donald Laclair says:

    Awesome didn't see that coming great job 👍🤠😁

  22. Donald Laclair says:

    Love your videos brother lot of people talk about primitive you my friend are primitive

  23. Ugandan Nockle says:

    I start to watch the FilmMaker Interviews 😃😂 its interesting…
    No.. YOU.. are interesting😍
    I love you
    (No homo)😂

  24. nezar nganjuk says:

    jekahuna lagona

  25. SilverEaselArtist says:

    If just watching this brings my anxiety and stress levels down, imagine actually doing it. I bet this primitive living really brings your body in complete balance of peace and harmony.

  26. TSN channel says:

    That is the real survivaling

  27. ghettolawn middle says:

    Dude looks like Fabio

  28. Sofia Cria says:


  29. Max Animations says:


  30. Alexandra IF says:

    You seam to be very lonely and sad. Why don’t you go and find someone to live primitive with out there. Mabey a woman to give you company and love 🙂 <3

  31. bima sakti says:

    make video about hunting plz

  32. Shiketta says:

    François 'Faf' de Klerk

  33. zardozica says:

    I KNOW that water was cold!

  34. Kandi Hinshaw says:

    Chad I'm glad to see you're getting to have some fun and I didn't know you could boogie board very cool and very awesome video man

  35. Eldimar Souto Dantas Torres says:

    Primeiro vídeo seu que assisto!

  36. Amauri Poyntz says:

    surfs up brah lol and the board held up great too i could tell you were having a fun time 🙂 and that sunset is good way to end a perfect day

  37. Julie Baker says:

    If you knot the loose ends of your cord whenever you cut it it won't fray like that on you. You put so much effort into making it, it's a shame to waste it on fraying.

  38. Zander Ruiz says:

    Dad?? Is this where you’ve been all this time?? Please come home, it’s been 14 years.

  39. Andrea Rivero says:


  40. Darrien D'Astar says:

    That looked like one hell of a lot of hard work just to go surfing 🙂
    But it also reminded me of one of the great adventurers of the 20th century – Thor Heyerdahl – who used an incredibly similar technique to build a reed ship called the Ra II that he sailed from west Africa to Barbados.

    As ever, it was a beautiful and compelling piece of work. Thank you so much for taking the time to make these videos.

  41. triskalion , says:

    That's a good one, not everything in survival is about eating, moral and mood is just as important so having some fun is a key, work of art at filming and editing as usually. You're truly amazing.

  42. Palestrina Ita says:

    Parabéns,como é incrível vê em pleno século 21,em 2019,a sobrevivência de um homem,encantada com o canal…😍😃🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷❤

  43. Ingrid Cruz says:

    No sé si ya veo los vídeos por que eres guapo o por todo el trabajo que te das en cada detalle en lo que haces. 👍👏 Bravo!

  44. madziaboo says:

    I wish I could swim in this water💙

  45. 10k subs with no videos? says:

    Chad: Primitive boogie board

    Me: Minecraft survival mode


  46. 10k subs with no videos? says:

    1983 anyone??

  47. 10k subs with no videos? says:

    Nice boogie board👌🏼

  48. grace Castillo Arroyo says:

    Primero te felicito por las tomas del video porque es difícil hacerlas uno mismo y el resultado para mi fue Exelente porque te mantuvo a flote que genial sigue inventando con esas hojas genial😁😁👍👍 lindo el final que atardecer más espectacular

  49. Remember Hdjddj says:

    راااائع اتابعك

  50. caught you in another lie says:!

  51. Alexandre Andreu says:

    A truly hero ! <3

  52. Alulito Tv Variety says:

    Buen trabajo!! Saludos desde España🇪🇸

  53. Sibell Moonshine says:

    How do you manage it on barefoot? Don't you get hurt?

  54. Gabriela Melano says:

    Estaba frio😬

  55. Juan Carlos Sánchez says:

    Buen video Chad saludos desde Costa Rica!

  56. William Martin says:

    Great video. Tarzan

  57. Video for Life says:

    Hypothetically, if you left society, but need aid, (like seeing a dentist or need to get to a hospital) would you head back or is there a way to fix it?

    (Like using certain plants to fight off bacteria, other diseases and such?)



  59. Ellie Mountain says:

    Your videos give me such an immense sense of peace x

  60. CYANOID GAMING says:

    How did you get a WiFi on an island?

  61. Princesse PAVYOSHKA says:

    Ingenius !
    Good job Chad ! 💪

  62. Petrus Sd är bäst says:

    Chadwick zuber rider of the primitive but effective board of boogie

  63. Za SWAG PRO says:

    Wow what

  64. John The King Robinson says:

    Awesome job

  65. Sun Ytube says:

    Best channel

  66. Cannon Ball says:

    What if someone else is with him?

  67. Alexis Pleitez says:

    Wow! Didn't think that would work, seems like you really know what your doing. Unlike me, yesterday I went down to a small river to find crabs, with my cousins, I didn't catch any :(, until I found one inside a tree(really don't know what he was doing there). But anyways good job, you earned a like and a sub.

  68. Abraham Orton says:


  69. Julie MB Crow says:

    Gosh dang, you're amazing 🙂 Looking good!

  70. Dark Shade says:

    Oh, nice! The video is actually posted. Yay!

  71. Dark Shade says:

    Oh, nice! The video is actually posted. Yay!

  72. Dark Shade says:

    I would like to see you build a bigger hut soon. c: A new big project.

  73. Chấn Love says:

    Hay đấy like like

  74. Aldric Kalasinov says:

    This man definetly will the last man in the zombie apocalypse

  75. IM A CHIC says:

    Can an O.G. sub get a Bday shout out?

  76. Danielle Renae says:

    Ah I don't blame you I'd be ha ring some down time too if I was out there. Amazing good work on the videos as always be friend. I was scared your camera was going to get wet

  77. carlos L says:

    Un barco estaría bien

  78. BaD Boys says:

    Night challenge ✌️

  79. MR CRIPS says:

    It s very very cool!

  80. minglis81 matty says:

    Chad I bet the women like you

  81. desconocido Gomez says:

    Como haces para tener internet :u

  82. Bao Teriom says:

    pudes hacer un caballo de totora estilo peruano ,dejo mi like please

  83. eko talo says:

    finally.. I know how do primitive people having fun..

  84. Game flash says:

    Likeishon si vinisteishon a vereishon los comentareishon y no saber ni mierdeishon de ingleseishon😂😂😢

  85. Alan Walker says:

    احّ ـّـٌٍ❣ـٍّبّكَ Niec

  86. Alan Walker says:

    اكو عرب 👍

  87. Ildefonso Reyes says:


  88. Shay Shechter says:

    The boogie board remembers me my first swimming lessons lol😂😂😂

  89. Milutin958 says:

    Уа бре, 4;10 користиш ФАБРИЧКИ конопац дркаџијо "примитивни" !!!
    Uaааа, 4;10 you use the FABRIC rope jerk "primitive" !!!

  90. Johanna L. says:

    I like your channel.

  91. UnStriker says:

    que tremenda tabla mejor que una comprada en Decatlhon

  92. D M says:

    Digging this sound with headphones

  93. BigDaddy_Brian Bruh says:

    You got it man

  94. wahyudi_ yudi says:


  95. xd samogamertroll says:

    17:24 jaja

  96. Marian Powers says:

    Nice job! I have a small bundle of catails from one trip up to the Oregon land. Looks like Torry Pines, or Blacks beach. Now let's look at Thor Heyerdahl and Kon Tiki again…….Remember when we used to build Islands this way……..Points Zuber, Points.

  97. Артём Коннов says:

    Научи меня также

  98. MrMista08 says:

    @ Chad Zuber, great scenery and skills you have there bud 👍

  99. GLEIBSON S.O says:

    Sempre com ótimos vídeos 💪😬

  100. DjSky says:

    Good video as always Chad

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