Prepping Your Sleds For Winter Fun

Prepping your sleds for sledding season how to be safe sledding how to prepare your sled for sledding best cord for your sled snow sledding safety tips rules practices hi it’s AlaskaGranny I am getting my sleds prepared for the upcoming sledding season trade out the cheap string for paracord makes the best pull cord for your sled if I am going to be outside and there might be an emergency I do not want to rely on cheap string that comes with the sled you can find paracord in a color to match your sled your sled you want a cord that is long enough if you want to pull someone along you need a long enough cord be able to reach your hand back with the string and the sled can still be flat on the snow ground give you a chance to pull the sled and not drag it if you need to load the sled with gear and pull it along the cord needs to be long enough for you to pull while the sled can lay flat on the ground snow cut your paracord long enough and then burn the ends so it doesn’t unravel tie your cord in a surgeons knot loop it over once they loop it over two times for a secure knot the surgeons knot will stay tied no matter how hard you pull on the paracord or rope use paracord in places that are useful to you paracord is strong best to have it along no matter what you are doing so you are ready to pull heavy loads or lots of children learn more at please subscribe to AlaskaGranny channel

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