Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel – Sub Surfer Zord and Megazord | Episode 4 “Making Waves”

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel – Sub Surfer Zord and Megazord | Episode 4 “Making Waves”

Zord Star Ninja Spin Ninja Steel Zords Out of the Shadows Let’s do this Follow me. I have an idea on how to beat him. Megazord Combine Robo Red Zord. Dragon Zord. Nitro Zord. Kodiak Zord. Zoom Zord. Ninja Steel Megazord Ready Ninja Master Mode Stars Lock In Ninja Spin Ninja Master Mode Ready The Ninja Master Blade is ready to rock Let’s finish this Ninja Master Blade Energize Ninja Steel Megazord Final Attack Show’s Over, Ninjas Win

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel – Sub Surfer Zord and Megazord | Episode 4 “Making Waves”

  1. dead pool says:

    of ninja steel

  2. thecoolan NishatK. says:

    We should have another 6th ranger in ninja steel but he doesn't use a ninja star to morph and instead he created a morphed connected to the morphing grid just like Antonio did in power rangers samurai. Like if you think they should do this

  3. SpencerSharpeVlogs Metal says:

    When is Ninja Steel returning I miss it

  4. Fernando Yanmar says:

    the zord's got a snorkel?

  5. SivakkumarSL9 says:

    I though it was called power rangers ninja super steel

  6. Elite Nerfer says:

    Why did they stop at episode 8?

  7. Nick bagnulo says:

    when is ep 9

  8. JadenSpamsL2 says:

    Idk why but I feel like Saban isn't caring about how good the actors act they are just liking for how good they look

  9. Lil Barty says:


  10. Bring the Bee says:

    Can't wait for this to return even though I don't have Nick

  11. Chris Angel says:

    Not another super season

  12. Alex says:

    what are these zords like bruh😐

  13. tony says:

    "Out from the ocean"

  14. Lyon Dynasty says:

    Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel

  15. wishbone1231 says:

    It would been awesome if the megazord surfed the wave and jumped off the wave and slashed down on the monster, but i guess it too much work for saban crew smh

  16. Moving to new account says:

    Right now ninja steel is on hiatus Untill Fall and they are making on super ninjasteel

  17. Salmon Lamb says:

    For those who know Skylanders,the monster to me kind of looks like Wild Storm
    For those Skylanders fans,like if you agree

  18. Ardo Indhana says:

    Please, Uploud new episode every week….. I am from Indonesia.. I just can watch the newest Power Ranger from Youtube…. I don't have US Channel TV….

  19. Xaviex. 05 says:

    where do i watch ninja steel and when ninja will come back

  20. yiyo raliuga says:

    i did not know super ninja steel befire

  21. Mixey Boy says:

    no Hawaiian song

  22. Rolan Johnson says:

    That's three Zords that the Rangers had in the roster:
    Rumble Tusk, Astro Zord, and Sub Surfer 🏄 Zord.

    I wonder what's next is about to be out of the shadows?

  23. Nathan Young says:

    I can hardly wait.

  24. sana shaikh says:


  25. WD Toys says:

    Cool megazord thanks

  26. y Santos says:


  27. Il 3 Fortunato says:

    Ninja Steel are new Ninja Storm of the future!

  28. Pato says:

    The gayest and stupidest season of power rangers ever

  29. Quinn Fletcher says:

    Got to give the rangers credit, they have the most DIVERSE cast of zords!

  30. Vincent Othieno says:

    I thought PRSNS(Power rangers super ninja steel) would come next year was episode eight the last one of season one if it was then why didn't I know that I was waiting for episode nine for the first season well I guess new things come quickly that should be a saying though

  31. tsds_kevin27 says:

    when is the next episode of power rangers ninja steel coming

  32. Crash Bonkdicoot a.k.a SSJBCrash Bonkdicoot says:

    Brody is sitting

  33. Joseph kakkanattu says:

    Is this magazord for episode 9 ?

  34. Nick Truthseeker says:


  35. Seikoto 30 says:

    What! There's a super ninja steel? I mean there was samurai to super samurai,megaforce to super megaforce (I don't count it as same series cuz the suits r different),and Dino charge to super Dino charge! And that's a mouth full of supers! They should drop the super thing seriously And turn it into a season two like mmpr

  36. Aryandhi Maulana says:


  37. The Amazing Popplio says:

    I think that since samurai they are approaching the series in a wrong way. instead of starting th e season on January having 8 episodes then a 5 month hiatus and then the rest, they should have instead started the season on September, finish it on april-may and then have a summer break until the next season.

  38. Power Rangers says:

    Saban ya deja de poner "super" a todas las cosas por favor 😭😫 estaban mejores las temporadas anteriores que no tenían "super" ya con una cosa que se les agrega ya es "super" y para colmo cada temporada tiene 20 capítulos, yo sigo pensando que estaban mejor las anteriores desde MMPR hasta RPM

  39. www.baashaal.com says:

    Please I need episode 9

  40. www.baashaal.com says:

    what happened

  41. red ranger 1994 says:

    subsurfer ninja steel megazord

  42. TIsaacs says:

    Wonder which Legendary Rangers we will see in Super Ninja Steel? For me, I'm hoping for the Ninja Storm Rangers to return.

  43. Jom Tapau Weh says:

    why didnt the background in the cockpit change?

  44. Rafael Cruz says:

    what monster is this

  45. Fatik Mahato says:

    I Like it

  46. Red Gundam Ranger says:

    is it just me or has ninja steel not been on in like several months???

  47. Martin Alfonso Fernandez Farfan says:

    lo cortaran la adaptacion de zyuohger a favor de kyuranger llamado stellar force

  48. cmlmonstar 007 says:

    Octophantom Ii

  49. Ruth Altima says:

    What about bull rider ninja steel megazord

  50. Lukina Cleveland says:

    i like the power rangers super ninja steel and there zode i like every thing about power rangers ninja steel

  51. tangelus gray says:

    I'm not sure how you edit but it's different on the first season of Ninja steel buddy this is Soo very wrong and you need to go back and change it again.😢😥😭

  52. The Real TK-Dragon! says:

    Why did regular Ninja Steel only have 8 episodes?

  53. sai venkata says:

    hi what a picture

  54. sai venkata says:

    but no internet

  55. sai venkata says:

    please find some video like this and keep in YouTube

  56. sai venkata says:

    please find some video like this and keep in YouTube

  57. Pavlos Zimbrakos says:

    there's no super ninja steel yet

  58. Jassar Hadi says:

    متنوع ه

  59. kenza gaming 2008 says:

    this is fake

  60. Diamond Warrior says:

    Am I the only one who is not going to get the sub surfer zord?

  61. Vernisha Benders says:


  62. Loyalmoonie says:

    When does the sub surfer zord appear?

  63. LEE LANGFORD says:

    I dont think that monster in the show no sign for him on wiki.

  64. sonja torfs says:



  65. MarvelMan95 Mayo says:

    When will we actually get to see this happen

  66. Hicham Hicham says:


  67. Ĺucas Benton says:

    There will be power rangers super ninja steel

  68. lord vitor says:

    :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D seloku

  69. Sam 87 says:

    i wish they actually use that zord in the series hopfully they put it in super ninja steel

  70. Brok Comstock says:


  71. Seirra Moon says:

    i swear this show just keep getting stranger and stranger every time i come back to it XD

  72. Aj125 Tyskawery says:

    Ninja + USA =😭😞😖

  73. User 1 says:

    where is Levi

  74. Kev Nguyen says:

    can they please get rid of master mode what does it have to do with ninja exactly

  75. Naomi Asiedu says:


  76. Martin Rivet says:

    I can't wait to see this zord

  77. Conor Walsh says:

    It’s fan made

  78. Captain Ninja X says:

    Wow they’re not even trying anymore lol

  79. JhaSuan games says:

    I can not waet for this toy

  80. LingLingBeatz says:

    Why is this evan out this early ninja steel hasnt even aired yet

  81. Jesse Maiotuka says:

    The ninja master mode is different colours on super ninja steel

  82. Clark Nguyen says:

    How did they get the new megazord

  83. SUPER ALEX says:


  84. МАНАНА КАЗАРЯН says:

    And where is Levy ?

  85. 299 vlog says:

    How did you know in 2017? Or you are saba

  86. Kevin Mcilhenney says:

    power rangers you are awesome and legendary

  87. Maria Diaz says:


  88. RathsBone96 says:

    That is clever, using the master mode morph from Jungle Fury, I am more than impressed, in fact I am excited.

  89. RathsBone96 says:

    I like it the sword for the MegaZord acts like a chainsaw and a sword at the same time, that’s clever and cool.

  90. lol surprise doll says:

    How come Theres is no episode 4 ???

  91. Nathan Young says:

    We need actual clips from Making Waves right now.

  92. Daniyal Saleem says:

    When keeper said in power ranger Dino super charge after going to the past he said earth is safe now in the future so you can return back but sledge was still stuck in the black energem hole in the future but the power ranger traveled in the past to stop sledge in the future but they destroyed sledge in the past by putting his ship in the sun and his whole crew but the future sledge came back by surviving the hole future earth was saved because power ranger Dino super charge destroyed sledge in the past that’s how sledge came in power ranger super ninja steel

  93. Chris Macaya says:

    I wish Neo Saban Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel have all the power rangers in the finale like mega forceall rangers are there i request that all seasons rangera are t the finale of super ninja steel

  94. nargacuga05 says:

    This seasons megazord looks super dumb

  95. احمد حشاش says:


  96. Dgv Chbvb says:

    Bravissimi ninja

  97. تنى ىزوا says:


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