Popeyes® | Buttermilk Shrimp 🥛🍤 | Surf & Turf Review | Peep THIS Out! ⚜

Popeyes® | Buttermilk Shrimp 🥛🍤 | Surf & Turf Review | Peep THIS Out! ⚜

hey everyone I’m back at it this time
headed into popeye’s to check out their latest promo which looks to be a little
bit more traditional this time out so let’s see what it’s all about after we
set ourselves up to that drive-thru welcome to peep this out reviews with Ian K stay frosty yeah peep this out can I go for that surf and turf promo with
the buttermilk shrimp for 5 bucks awesome and what kind of side would you like let’s go with red beans and rice and is there any special sauce this
comes with this time or is it just the usual it doesn’t it shows it with the mardi gras mustard we can do that yeah let’s do it sounds good okay oh yeah let’s go it
spicy why not all right huh yeah it does looks really good thank you so much $5.51 will be the total great thanks my pleasure looks like we’ve got some more goodness
added to the Popeyes reviews playlist here on the channel beautiful thank you thank you so much
they are so friendly here that’s awesome awesome thank you so much take care buh bye stay frosty alright guys let’s peep this out so here we go with their surf and
turf promo featuring their all-new buttermilk shrimp and as always lots of
fried goodness on the inside of this box that aroma is absolutely glorious let’s
go in with the star of the show here we’ve got three jumbo shrimp that are
seasoned up in that Louisiana goodness that Popeyes is known for and then
battered up and fried to a crispy golden-brown
apparently it’s a buttermilk coating and I have to admit that looks a little over
fried but I do like the way it looks it looks really really great
now the poster said this comes with three boneless wings but it looks like
we’ve got a couple of tenders here and I opted for the spicy variety along with a
little nugg on the side so not too bad in terms of the promo for five bucks
here and obviously you’re getting a lot of that fried goodness as you can see it
really takes up a good chunk of the box as it should we’ve got a biscuit the
world-famous goodness for that as well here nice and buttery and of course we
opted for some red beans and rice admittedly it’s a little on the light
side I think we could have got a little bit more on the inside of that but it is
what it is and for dipping we’re gonna be going into their recommendation the
Mardi Gras mustard one of my favorites is here besides the blackened ranch
looking really really great so not too bad for five bucks considering this as
supposed to be boneless wings and we actually got some strips guys pretty
decent this is the all-new surf and turf promo here at Popeyes featuring their
buttermilk shrimp let’s peep out this flavor so are you a
fan of high quality delicious looking food reviews well if so definitely hit
that subscribe button down below don’t forget to tap that Bell icon so
you could be notified as soon as new content drops every week now let’s dive
into this all right so I’m gonna be pretty much focusing on the buttermilk
shrimp specifically because that is the star of the show after all and I’m
really thankful that the jumbo shrimp that I have here right now
are just that pretty jumbo sometimes it’s kind of hit or miss what you get
sometimes they’re small sometimes they’re large this looks pretty even
across the board so let’s go with the bite of one of these to get it started
here guys maybe we’ll go for a dip with one of the chicken strips as well here
we go with the buttermilk shrimp here at Popeyes mmm oh yeah that’s noticeably
different guys the shrimp is got a spice to it which is really nice and a creamy
heartier type of breading that I’m getting as well
definitely buttermilk let me show you this real fast close up hopefully you
can kind of see that with the Sun glistening but on the outside of the
shrimp itself under the coating I’ve got a little bit of red goodness there guys
there is definitely some spice to this one and the batter itself it’s got a
very rich buttermilk flavor it’s noticeably different than any of the
previous reviews I’ve done featuring shrimp including butterfly this is
actually a really tasty coating and it goes extremely well with the juiciness
of this shrimp this one in particular was pretty big so really really nice
yeah I definitely didn’t want to go for a second bite because I wanted you to
catch that little bit of spicy goodness on the inside of this one it’s a really
really nice rich slight spicy flavor that Popeyes is known for I mean it’s
not really crazy hot but it’s got a little bit of sizzle to it but that
buttermilk coating is really nice it’s very rich and very hearty and guys just
delicious stuff here let’s go for one more bite and then we’re definitely
gonna get into some Mardi Gras mustard mmm this is a really good coating and
it’s so good I just got to finish off the tail hang on mm it’s good stuff
all right let’s go for dip in some mardi gras mustard yeah I’m
definitely smelling that horseradish goodness here and I think it’s gonna go
very nice with the creaminess and the richness of that buttermilk here let’s
give it a shot and again this is my absolute favorite besides the blackened
ranch here we go mm Oh
reamy rich buttermilk the heat and bite of the horseradish and the Mardi Gras
mustard a little bit of a spice from that as well man
that’s a lovely situation right now I’m almost sorry I didn’t get more of the
shrimp to actually go with this I figured the surf and turf was kind of
fun to check out it’s been a minute since I’ve done the surf and turf
version over here at Popeyes which I’ve got plenty of those types of reviews in
the upper right hand corner for display you can check out the playlist there but
Wow really tasty guys really really good
stuff mmm all right so let me get into what’s normally supposed to be the
boneless wings that come with this but we’ve got a nice looking strip here guys
the spicy variety nice and crispy nice and golden nice and fried it’s that
Popeyes goodness let’s go for it now I think most of you guys know I’m pretty
much a fan of Popeyes Chicken in general so consider this just an excuse to have
this with you right now on camera here we go delicious stuff fried goodness
juicy white meat actually this time out a little bit of heat it’s a lovely
situation mmm this tender’s a little on the thin side but I’ll take it
considering the boneless wings tend to be smaller in general so I’m getting a
decent amount of value for my money here with this one and of course all the
fried goodness that you know from Popeyes is on display for you here guys
all the nooks and crannies that are just begging for that sauce to be dipped into
and the white meat is actually kind of juicy this time out definitely digging
this today so what do you say we come full circle and actually go for that dip
into the Mardi Gras mustard let’s do it all right so how many times if you guys
see me do this on camera how many times have they dunked into sauces here in my
reviews for Popeyes put that number down below in the comments section very
curious to see what number you think it is but guys nice and creamy all the good
stuff again that horseradish aroma is lighting up my car let’s just get into
this one and hey given my love for the Mardi Gras mustard over here at Popeyes
considering the weather situation in Southern Cali right now which is definitely elevated
I’m not minding it one bit right now either okay so good so good let’s just
finish it mmm so tasty so let’s close this one out with another shot of the
star of the show the buttermilk shrimp and fortunately it’s really living up to
its name featuring really rich buttermilk creaminess on top of a fairly
jumbo piece of shrimp and thankfully it’s also living up to that
name your mileage may vary depending upon the shrimp that you get naturally
like I said earlier some may be big some be small but this quality that I’m
getting today speaks for itself and as you can see pretty nicely done even if
it’s just a little overfried it delivers you know I’m not hating on the
value that I got from my 5 bucks today was a pretty solid value for everything
that you saw there and considering it was supposed to come with three boneless
wings with the buttermilk shrimp I got two chicken tenders and a half
technically it’s a lot of meat guys I have to admit including the biscuit and
the side so without the drink for five bucks not bad at all and thankfully it
delivered in the flavor Department as well I pretty much knew what to expect
from the chicken tenders but that buttermilk shrimp was the wild-card and
thankfully for the shrimp that I got they were jumbo they were buttermilk and
the richness of it was definitely there so I would easily recommend giving this
a shot it’s pretty flavorful so with that said I’m gonna have to give the
all-new buttermilk shrimp as part of the surf and turf here at Popeyes a
rock-solid 9 out of 10 and the only reason it’s not 10 out of 10 is because
they were just a little overfried but don’t get me wrong the flavor was
absolutely there and you can’t go wrong with that Mardi Gras mustard guys it’s
pretty awesome but of course the question is do you think it looks
awesome drop some comments down below did this
entice you to jump on over to Popeyes to give it a shot and if you are gonna give
it a shot are you gonna get a different dipping sauce instead of that Mardi Gras
mustard drop those comments down below and definitely let me know and with that
this is Ian K closing out another episode of peep this out bringing you
brand-new content every single week here on my channel so while you stay tuned for
that next review coming real soon in the meantime stay frosty
ahhh yes nothing like a box of spicy fried goodness even in literally a hundred
plus degree weather all right everyone until next time I’ll
talk to you soon but before you go and just in case you haven’t already take a
look at the last review that I put out right up over here alone but I think
YouTube is gonna recommend for you to check out as well as always I think
you’ll find something to like in both of them and I’ll definitely catch ya in
the next one see ya

Antonio Breitenberg

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