Playing Soccer in One of Mexico’s Most Dangerous Barrios

Playing Soccer in One of Mexico’s Most Dangerous Barrios

Antonio Breitenberg

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89 thoughts on “Playing Soccer in One of Mexico’s Most Dangerous Barrios

  1. Edgar Giles says:

    El desmadre mexicano no se compara con nada en todo el mundo saludos desde Houston ,Texas y viva mexico

  2. MrSevenzerotwo702 says:

    Mexican g eazy

  3. RST says:

    Thank god I don't come across this in Sinaloa or Sonora at all!!

  4. Prophetess of MeoW says:

    Thank you for the beautiful video of Tepito depicted in a good light!

  5. Jesse Livermore says:

    america is ok, but americans are like spoiled divas while ppl who dont have much to lose are much better in the sense they see things as they are, you wont take anything out of this life

  6. Nick Vicious says:

    Que mierda! Soy de Mexico y no tenia idea de que existiera esto.

  7. Hafeez Rafi says:

    i like his voice

  8. Francisco Torres says:

    This made me proud of my city, unique people.

  9. Barbara Pradss says:

    Excelente blog , a la próxima invítame jeje quiero conocer

  10. Sergio Renteria says:

    this discusses me lmaooo

  11. miguel romero mendoza says:

    esa playera de seguimos perdiendo rifa ahuevo!!!!

  12. darfury says:

    La coach delas gardenias fue asesinada el año pasado, se llamaba Barbara Zamora

  13. Floyd steel says:

    Mexicans guys are generally short but it seems like the only ones that wanted to become women and be transvestites are tall as hell lol

  14. TheLMMish says:

    this is grotesque

  15. dana says:

    Loving the good vibe in the video lol it looks lit. || Amo la buena vibra que se nota en el video. El muchacho sí que se divirtió jaja

  16. Mancilla Hotspur says:

    Donde puedo denunciar a #tattly en México fue primero…

  17. Francisco Emiliano Pastrana says:

    Esa feria del 4 de octubre tiene unos juegos bien padres como "rompe una botella con una piedra y te ganas un pisto"

  18. Ebenizir Trump says:

    I feel bad for the guy 😂

  19. Christian Sansores says:

    EY EY EY EY, Sonido Satanás es tapatío! Ahuevo! Acá no somos tan abiertos por desgracias, pero que viva México!

  20. Julia Bustos says:

    How about Los Angeles skid row. Transvestites have always circulated there since 1960 and perhaps before. Every major city in the world has a Tepito, but they do not have a soccer team.

  21. J.Huerta says:

    Drop a nuclear bomb thier…

  22. Yoana Rios says:

    +darfury tienes. Facebook

  23. alain vega says:

    Even though the proper translation would be "social welder man" @ 7:29

  24. Alanna Quintana says:

    @ 12:10 lmao!!!!! "

  25. macoh coding says:

    Tepito is the hardest place to get in… even for a Mexican… you gotta have someone guide you through there.

  26. ulises Soler says:

    Excelente 🙂

  27. Marcos Cortes says:

    was I the only one that was like "be careful with that short shorts idea"

  28. Matias tias says:

    jajajja la wea bkn

  29. TJ Erick says:

    Todo un gran Reportaje !!!

  30. rubi max feliz says:

    Excelente tu periodismo!! Felicidades!!

  31. Diana Maryon says:

    Brad Pitt lookalike at 05:47, at the right side.

  32. Invalid User says:

    Ah ok , ya entendí , es un interescuadras de las Chivas 😀

  33. trannysluts hoes says:

    sex assault on camara. keep it classy Mexicanos

  34. Go Manni says:

    16:06 Le valio verga al morrito, pateando el balon directo a la cara. sin miedo

  35. Adrian Perez says:

    se la mamaro con el comercial

  36. Tiffany's Gf says:

    "who cares if you're a faggot." lmao tough love thanks 😂

  37. Bloodline says:

    Wait so are they transsexuals that play soccer

  38. Gerard Vintras says:

    Al chile se rifaron con el documental.

  39. Antonio Guendulain says:

    "Qué tiene que seas puto?"JAJAJAJA, mamó

  40. cat outofbag says:

    the coach Barbara was murdered in Tepito. may she rest in peace.

  41. Donald J. Trump says:

    This is why we need a fucking wall

  42. Fall Angel Ultra says:

    cada quien vive la vida como quiere mientras haiga respeto mo hay pedo y la verdad que nunca me imagine esto de tepito cuando la jente los pinta como los rateros,violentos, eh irrespetuosos del pais

  43. Jesús Hernández says:

    como se llama la cancion 0:25 ??

  44. Jando _11 says:

    this is mexico wether you like it or not. tepito is mexico just like chicago is the USA , just like the most ghetto neighborhoods of LA are part of california. Just like fifthward is part of houston. fuck all yall who say yall are better than this. the united states aint shit. Europeans either , fuck yall with yalls close mind and hooligans. the world is full of places like this but I believe the idea of vice was to show the world a place were prejuidice is non existent. viva mexico. I dont like trans or the lgbt personally , I find it repulsing but I respect them. Its like when you try food from a different culture , you cant help but find it disgusting but you respect the culture and the tradition.

  45. José Angel Esparza says:

    On second thought lets build the fuckin wall

  46. Peter Martinez says:

    shut the fuck up VICe. ignorant
    Dont calll FOOTBALL soccer u dumbass channel

  47. Nuclear Waste says:

    Trans people are just gays and shouldn't dress up like women

  48. HeWhoChills says:


  49. Santosh Shivashankar Reddy says:

    Take out the drug cartels, Mexico is full of fun and joyous people.

  50. Symon Mailhot says:

    hum, these people are sexually assaulting the reporter. Damn, I would need a taser to hang around these people. Glad I'm in Canada.

  51. Constance Haigh says:

    Everyone is complaining on how this gives Mexico bad light, but to be honest if anything this made see Mexico in a different way. It is strangely endearing to see a community of people so open minded as we live in this world filled with hate.

  52. oreohope1 says:

    Awesome shit bro. 👍👍👋👋👋👋👋

  53. SSGD211 says:

    Cool video man.. very fun and interesting to watch.. compliments!

  54. Grizzly Silva says:

    que chingue su madre el América

  55. Alejandra Carreto says:

    que Chingón me Gustaría ir.

  56. Alejandra Carreto says:

    quiero conocer a la peppa ♡

  57. Jose Molina says:

    Is it weird that I live in America and call it football not soccer

  58. Clay Vishál says:

    I humbly fall on my knees and bow in front of these divine queens.Respect for all of the barrio people enjoying themselves with them.I wish so much we still had that queer basketball team and propose them a brother/sisterhood alliance!
    10.000 likes desde la grecia hasta el tepito companieras!

  59. oscar gomez says:

    Uy que pinche orgullo… Cuanta diversidad…
    Mentalidad mas mediocre: "que orgullo que la gente jodida se divierta". ¿Sabes que daría mas orgullo? Que la gente terminara la primaria, que estos pinches "barrios pesados" fueran lugares habitacionales donde la gente viviera con dignidad y no como animales.
    "Gente muy trabajadora"… ¿De que otra les queda? la otra es morirse de hambre porque no saben hacer nada mas, no veo porque alguien merece credito por sobrevivir, algo que cualquier animal hace por naturaleza.
    Cuando dejemos de "sentir orgullo" por la vida miserable de la cultura popular y nos dediquemos a incluir a México en la economia mundial entonces podemos sentir orgullo y satisfaccion.

  60. Clarence Escuella says:

    Holla ese

  61. Javier Ibarra says:

    I liked this have this fool do more his down

  62. Javier Ibarra says:

    pinches putotes son low mas validates Del mundo they keep it 100

  63. Gabe Powers says:

    Mexico seems like a great place for Mexicans so why do they leave.

  64. nailbiter310 says:

    ¡Alex está guapísimo!

  65. rams says:


  66. Mavin AK47 says:

    The reporter went home a new girl lol.

  67. Giselle Hernandez says:

    What’s the last song called

  68. ArmitronFusion 7 says:

    Mexico is like a planet with Fucked up aliens

  69. Bryan Betancourt says:

    Trump 2020.

  70. Artifacts187 says:

    What Sonidero or Cumbia song at 3:31


  71. Erin Gomez says:

    Vice there is sooooo much beauty in Mexico and you always choose to go to barrios.

  72. Joe Vazquez says:

    De onde es el gran cuauhtémoc Blanco

  73. moon shine says:

    Someone commented coach barbara was murdered. Is this true?

  74. Tryptamine Odyssey says:

    Como se llama la canción al ultimo de este vídeo?

  75. Hektek says:

    Puro barrio solidario. Con respeto todo se puede

  76. Dave M says:

    7:05 what does he mean by what do the birds eat?

  77. Jose G. Castañeda says:

    1:40 Preguntelenle al de la camara (Rey de Todos los Tacos) que onda con los tacos, para donde vamos hoy?


    Que en paz descance la reyna de el albur 👸👸👸👸

  79. El Acertijo verde says:

    D.E.P. La reina del albur. Ahora si te albureo la muerte manita, con profundo cariño te recordamos.

  80. YBNharambejr 21 says:


  81. Merces Letifer says:

    Fucking hole full of criminals,this place called tepito dont represent mexico.

  82. Bloody to the MAX says:

    Tengo algunos amigos que son gay y la neta son a toda madre….aparte de que son imanes paras las mujeres guapas y al final el que sale beneficiado es uno que es derecho haha

  83. trillmexicanz says:

    That dude probably laid down with the trans smh 😂

  84. pau layevska says:

    Hace cuanto y por que mataron a mi. Preciosa Barbara?

  85. Ángel Pérez says:

    12:18 La cara del morrillo jajajaja

  86. Pedro Pablo says:

    Jajaja feas hasta la madre y con esos peinados jaja

  87. Johnny Marbles says:

    As a Vietnamese who live in America. Everytime i wanted to feel like home, i just drive down South of the border to Mexico. Voila ! Vietnam but it’s Spanish speaking.

  88. Randy Lutes says:

    no mamen estan gagadisimas esas locas!!! que chido que las respeten, porque no ha de ser facil ser homosexual en otros barrios.

  89. Nick Gurr says:

    politically..mexico is trash

    and before you call me racist im mexican

  90. Tommy Bhadmus says:


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