Play Subway Surfers on PC with Keyboard Controls

Play Subway Surfers on PC with Keyboard Controls

Hello Guys. Praveen here from
This tutorial is all about showing you on how to install Subway Surfers on PC without
BlueStacks or IntelAppUp. Previously I had done a tutorial on the same showing how to
install Subway Surfers on PC using IntelAppUp. Due to some reasons, IntelAppUp is shutting
down its application. So, for my viewers I came up with a new tutorial which was really
an easy task to do. I will show you each and every step clearly in this video. Just follow
me. Step 1. Download the achieved file from the
link provided here in the description of this video that contains Subway Surfers Game Startup
application and the Keyboard configuration file. To run the Keyboard configuration file,
you need another application called AutoHotKey. Download it from the link provided here in
the description of this video. So, now you have two downloaded file. One is Achieved
file and another one is AutoHotKey. Step 2. Now install AutoHotKey application
on your PC exactly as shown in this video. Atlast “Exit” the application and check whether
AutoHotKey application is running or not. To verify it move to system tray and find
“Green H” Icon. Step 3: This is the final step. Now extract
the achieved file using WinRAR (if you don’t have get it from RAR Labs. It’s free). In
this folder you will see 3 files. One is data folder, second one is keyboardplayrunthis
file (you should get “H” label) and the last one is the Game to start application. Now
just double click on second file named “keyboardplayrunthis”. Now open the game and start playing Subway
Surfers on PC using Keyboard. Use arrows keys to jump and Slide. Use Hoverboard using letter
A. That’s it. If you face any issues do comment
below. Do share or thumb up this video if it found useful. Please don’t forget to subscribe
to our channel for more tutorials. Thanks.

Antonio Breitenberg

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    subwaysurfers.rar  file is damaged

  4. shreyas nv says:

    i dont get tap to play so i am unable to start the game pls help

  5. Tamol Tej Chakravarthy says:

    u are great mannn hi viewers if u want rar file open please or watch utube vdeos

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    thanks bro it worked

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    u r gr8 dude 

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    It is working fine, good, thanks

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    your awesome dude

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    thanks bro

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    what are the keys to contol

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