Play Doh Frozen Sled Adventure – Disney – Princess Anna, Olaf & Sven

Play Doh Frozen Sled Adventure – Disney – Princess Anna, Olaf & Sven

Hey guys, it’s Millie and welcome to Suprise Toys. And today we will be taking a look at this Sled Adventure set by Play Doh. But before we do that we will be opening this Olaf musical figure. So that Olaf can keep us company today. Let’s take a look at the back of the box. And here we see Olaf, wearing his summer hat. Olaf is a good singer. Let’s get Olaf out of the box. And here we have Olaf. Olaf is singing … That’s a great song Olaf. Olaf sneezes. It looks like Olaf has a cold. And here we have Olaf without his hat. Olaf is laughing. Olaf says: Owwww. Olaf giggles. Olaf takes a deep breath. Olaf is such a funny snowman. Olaf bursts into laughter Olaf says: Wauw! Let’s stick Olaf’s summer hat on his head. Well Olaf, are you ready to have some fun with Play Doh? Olaf says: Ow yes please, I can’t wait to start. Olaf giggles. Let’s take a look at the box of our Disney Frozen Play Doh playset. This playset is named Play Doh “Sled Adventure”… and comes with Princess Anna and Olaf from Frozen. And also with this set comes Sven and his sleigh. And on this side of the box we see our two main characters from this set. Princess Anna and Olaf the snowman. Let’s take a look at the back of the box, where we can see how creative you can get with this playset. And on this side of the box we can see all the contents that come with this playset. Time to open the box. Here we have the molds to make Olaf and Princess Anna. This is the mold for Olaf that we have to fill with Play Doh. And here we have the mold for Princess Anna. And this is the extruder to make the skirt for Princess Anna. Princess Anna. Let’s see what else is in our box. We have two pots of sparkling glitter Play Doh who will be used to make Olaf and Princess Anna her skirt. Our playset also comes with three smaller pots of Play Doh. Orange. Green. And purple. In our big pots we have glitter white and sparkling pink Play Doh. In our first bag we have the sleigh. We have to assemble our sleigh by clicking it together like this. This is our sleigh, and our sleigh comes with all kinds of shapes on the side… we can use to decorate the dress of Princess Anna. Even on the inside of our sleigh we have more molds to decorate. This is an extruder tool that we fill with Play Doh, and then we press down the sleigh to extrude. Here we have another mold. In this bag we have Sven, the reindeer from Frozen. And Sven comes with an icy blue wheel that we can use to slice the Play Doh. And this is the sleigh. Here we have an extruder tool to use in combination with the sleigh. Depending on how you use this tool you can choose the shape you wish to extrude. We press the Play Doh in the opening, and then we close the sleigh and extrude. Olaf Sings. Olaf sneezes. Bless you Olaf. We will begin by creating Olaf, the snowman from Frozen. And to do this we will be using white glitter Play Doh. We press the Play Doh deep inside the mold, and make sure that we do not leave out any parts. And now we add Olaf his arms. We close the mold and press it down firmly to get rid of all the excess Play Doh. Now we remove all the extra Play Doh from the outside of our mold. And now we carefully take our snowman out of the mold. Here is Olaf.Isn’t he looking great? Olaf. By using purple Play Doh we will make some buttons for Olaf. And now we will give our snowman some eyes. We will also make some hair for our snowman. We carefully plant the hairs on Olaf his head. Isn’t our snowman looking cool? And by using orange Play Doh we will make Olaf his nose. Our snowman is ready. Isn’t our Olaf looking great? Olaf says: Ohhh! Let’s give Olaf some snowballs so he can play. Here we have Sven. Let’s use his slicing tool to carve some snow. This is working really well. Look at the lanes of snow we can make. By using Sven his slicing tool you can create all kinds of shapes. Sven. Now we will be making Princess Anna’s skirt. And we will be using glittery pink Play Doh to do this. First we will make a ball with our Play Doh to put in the extruder. And now we gently press down Princess Anna to extrude her skirt. The skirt came out great. At the bottom of the sleigh, we find the mold to make the cape of Princess Anna. Let’s fill the mold with some sparkling pink Play Doh. We have to knead our Play Doh very good so it’s soft enough to fill our mold. And now we completely fill the mold with pink Play Doh. We gently remove the excess Play Doh by rubbing the border of the mold. Princess Anna’s cape came out fantastic. Princess Anna is looking very pretty with her skirt and cape. With this mold we will create the hood for Princess Anna. By firmly pressing down our mold we will get a good result. And here we have Princess Anna her hood. We will now extrude some green Play Doh to make a waistband for Princess Anna. We braid our strings of Play Doh together to make the waistband. We will now further accessorise the clothes of Princess Anna. By using our molding tool we will create a shield that we will add at the back of the cape of Princess Anna. To easily extract your creation from the mold, you can use some Play Doh from the same color… and press it against the Play Doh in the mold. And now we will stick the shield to Princess Anna’s cape. Now we add some smaller details to do the finishing touches on Princess Anna’s clothes. We also add some fur to Princess Anna’s hood so she doesn’t catch a cold. Olaf sneezes. Olaf already has a cold. And as a final detail we add some stars to Princess Anna’s skirt. Princess Anna is ever looking so handsome in her new outfit. Ow my gosh, what a gorgeous looking princess we have made. So what do you think Olaf? Olaf says: Wauw! To complete the Sled Adventure set you can also decorate Sven and the sleigh. Olaf giggles. This Play Doh set has been super fun to make… and I hope you have learned something if you decide to try this set yourself. Olaf sings. Well guys, I hope you enjoyed watching this video… and I hope to see you soon for a lot more Play Doh here at Surprise Toys.

Antonio Breitenberg

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