Play at Campus Rec: Intramural Rec Soccer

My name is Karissa Moden. I came to Portland State
to get my master’s degree in social work. My name is Jen Smith. I’m getting my master’s degree in social work. I found out about Campus Rec through my partner,
who was the original captain of Team Swag. Team Swag stands for Social Work Activity Group. We have been playing together since fall of 2013. Team Swag is a little different than a lot of the teams that we met on the field. We weren’t as competitive as maybe some of the other players were, but what I really liked about the experience was we just went out and had a lot of fun. I heard about Campus Rec through Karissa. I really wanted a place to connect with my peers outside of the classroom. It’s pretty beautiful to kind of have that sustained effort within a team and realize how needed it is to have that play time, silly time
outside of the classroom and on the field. Campus Rec adds value to the Portland State
experience because everything going on at once can be really overwhelming, and creating time for yourself to get outside, to run around, to just take care of yourself adds a lot of
value to the experience of being a student. So, come out and play. We play…for the…silly! Music by Ben Thede

Antonio Breitenberg

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