Philippines: A Typhoon Surfing Story

Philippines: A Typhoon Surfing Story

Hello everybody, at the moment we are in Philippines close to the……. I think the surfboards WILL fit into the airplane… Again I am reporting from Philippines… …we are on a difficult journey to the beach called Shell beach Klemen is our guide driving in front… As you can see the scenery is magnificent and the weather is beautiful… We got soaked, ejga! Hi, it’s raining….AGAIN! We are here in the Philippines, ejga…and we have nice weather. this is the way rain falls in Philippines Typhoon We have been fighting this terrible storm for three days… …they call it Typhoon. At the moment we are going to a shop to buy new flip flops… …if they will have them… …because Typhoon carried one of my sandals away. Why does this always happen to us!? Always! Again we are reporting from paradise island… The weather has changed. NOT! Hello! We are in Philippines from the small island of Siargao where during the night we witnessed an earthquake it shook us In the morning we woke up and the clouds were almost gone we said it will be nice again but WTF…in two or three seconds the storm came it started to tear and throw things around. and don’t get me started on what we have inside our house in was insane we were all scared …except for Klemen, he is sleeping. Sugar, this one is for you! We are in the back of the truck riding with empty bottles. Woof woof woof That was just the first part of the fish …and this is its ass. 3kg It looks pretty bad… Oh no. – It’s your turn. Hi, I’m the chicken. – It’s your time to shine! Europe… Slovenia. These two! We are in the cave We have to be very quiet. Because there are bats inside. Lets see… …maybe a bat will come. We are in some lagoon that starts with a letter T… Damn, it’s soooo hot. Where is the snow? Where is my wetsuit? – You are right. It would be much better if I could have a… 5/3 wetsuit right now. – I am sweating in the water?! – This sucks! – I wish I was in Medulin… – Yeah, it’s working all the time. – And this clear water…I have to look at the sea bottom all the time. – And blue starfish. – And white sandy beaches. – And the sun…I hate the glare. – And sunscreen… – Shit…. – I would give everything to be back home out of this sun. It’s foggy, you can stay home and lay on the couch. You can watch TV. – Eat potato chips. -Yes, eat potato chips. – And in Kamnik (city) you know…you can order pizza. – I am sweating. This t-shirt is to thick… – Where is your Bintang t-shirt? That one from Indonesia? What happened to it? – Which one? – You know, the one that Sugar has… – Oooh, that one. – Sugar really has all the best stuff. High quality. – Yeah, he is sponsored. Everybody knows him. You know when we were there at Cloud 9… …and a local surfer, when he heard we are from Slovenia… …asked if we know Sugar? – Yeah, I remember. – Ah, bollocks. – I’m going to my hut to watch TV…at least something interesting. – Yeah, we need something to cheer us up, let’s turn on the TV when we get back. – I don’t know what to eat. Sardines… – Fuck, I don’t know if I can eat shrimps again. – Or pancakes. – Today there is another free party. – I know, roasted pig or something. – Crap. – I hate it when everything is free and people buy you stuff. – And free drinks. – I can not drink another free cocktail, dude. It’s all free…cuba libre, sex on the beach…I think I’ll have a tea otherwise I’ll have another headache. – Hot tea… – Hey, why don’t you show that ass ugly beach… show so everyone can see. – I really have to buy a machete for 5 bucks. – Sooo cheap. – So cheap. Then I will sell it in Australia for 300 bucks. If I sell 2 machetes in Australia this whole trip is for free…

Antonio Breitenberg

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18 thoughts on “Philippines: A Typhoon Surfing Story

  1. Tom Jarvis says:

    Wow ! the Bamboo Garden looks great , Nice Video , great to see you all again 😉

  2. Klemen Surk says:

    tnx tom )

  3. Tom Jarvis says:

    wow nice!!!!miss you guys…hope you comeback in secondtime….

  4. Tom Jarvis says:

    its me liz…

  5. Klemen Surk says:

    hi Liz 🙂

  6. TSM特兰斯科 says:


  7. daclan khent says:

    you called that difficult journey?? not even close

  8. Klemen Surk says:

    that was a joke 🙂

  9. Edd Badd says:

    wort it 14mins of my life 😀

  10. bod ballestra says:

    nice vid, im just starting to learn to surf, so nice see people like you enjoying what we have here…

  11. Klemen Surk says:

    tnx, it's a great place, enjoy surfing!

  12. swanq says:

    love how sarcastic you guys are in the end of the video

  13. gesileheart says:

    what a lovely trip and beautiful country

  14. Betty Rodriguez says:

    awesome video! what camera were you using?

  15. Polona Razingar says:

    It's was just an awesome trip!!

  16. jonathan gonzales says:


  17. HalfEyedMask Gaming says:

    good editing . thanks for visiting phil.

  18. Angry Kittens says:

    That ending conversation. LMFAO

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