Peak Preview – 1/2/20

Peak Preview – 1/2/20

Happy New Year! Welcome everybody to Peak Preview, your weekly look at what’s happening around the mountain. Another year folks, its 2020 and ski season is in full effect. Good times and fireworks welcomed in the new year but don’t forget we just got 6 inches of new snow this past week as well. What does this snow look like? Woo! Well there we go, machine groomed packed powder, really fun stuff too and that snow we got earlier in the week has made for some beautiful conditions the past few days. It also looks like winter storm Henry will be moving in some time this weekend and, if we’re lucky, might get an additional 1 to 3 inches So do your snow dances people! But regardless of what the weather does this weekend we will be firing up snowmaking once again, all around the mountain, to keep everything looking good and all that fun stuff. Yeah! Last week we brought you the new terrain park setup in Turbulence but the Microburst park on Whisper had been changed around as well. The new setup includes jumps at the top and bottom and a handful of new rails and boxes in between. This week on the hashtag submissions we have some nice looking corduroy, gotta love those first few runs in the morning, and here we have Madi ringing in the new year by hitting the mini park, good job Madi! Next week we are giving away another cookie for your hashtag submissions so make sure to use the #patspeakpic hashtag to show us what’s going on out there. This week in pub events Almost Acoustic Friday nights kicks off with Dusty Grey playing from 7 to 9. Saturday night The Mcmurphys will be playing from 4 to 9. The ride and ski tour will also be in town, they will be doing a promo in the pub with Harpoon from 3 to 7 Saturday night as well. For more information on the ride and ski tour and the discounts they offer go to Now that we are on our normal operating schedule and open for night skiing we are also running our Saturday Night Pay One Price program. Every Saturday night for only fifty two bucks you get a lift ticket from 3 to 10 pm, ski or snowboard rentals, tubing and lesson tips. That and like I mentioned a second ago there’s also fun stuff to do up in the pub OTHER than drinking! Well that does it for this peak preview, If you’ve been enjoying night skiing let us know by dropping a like or comment down below. Look forward to seeing you all out there this weekend and let it snow!

Antonio Breitenberg

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  1. Błęn Łåñdrÿs says:

    I just went skiing on Friday here

  2. Błęn Łåñdrÿs says:

    And night skiing is so much fun thx

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