Peak Preview – 1/16/20

Peak Preview – 1/16/20

This is great! Much faster on the way down. It’s much quicker. Welcome everybody to Peak Preview, your weekly look into what’s happening around the mountain. Its starting to look like winter again! This morning we opened up while the snow was still coming down and it really has turned the mountain into a winter wonderland again. I mean look at that, its all over the mountain! But that’s not all, Saturday will be bringing in even more snow and if THAT wasn’t enough, our snowmakers are firing back up and will be making snow over a good portion of the mountain. And speaking of snowmaking, have you voted for our snowmakers recently? Everyone can vote once daily and the last day to vote is this coming Tuesday so every vote from here on out counts! Type in the link below or give it a click in the video description and make sure to show our snowmakers how much we love what they do! We have a bunch of things coming up, first being we will be open late on Sunday for this holiday weekend, operating hours will be extended until 9pm. Diversity Day Goes POP will be the day after on Martin Luther King Junior Day, Monday the 20th. Our Pay one price tickets will be offered starting at 3pm, those include a lift ticket, ski or snowboard rentals and lesson tips all for 52 dollars. We will also have more stuff going on in the pub! On Friday Ryan Williamson takes the stage, Saturday night will be the McMurphys and there will be a switchback promo going on both Saturday from 3 to 7 and Sunday 2 until 5. Some upcoming events to look forward to : Saturday the 25th is the S&DUB Board Shop Slopestyle contest and Sunday the 26th is Mascot Day, more on those events next Peak Preview. Our instagram contest winner this week was almost @finnatryna, such an awesome picture but seeing as the person that snapped that photo is the same person that runs the hashtag contest… Im just going to have to give you a solid thumbs up instead. The real winner of the hashtag contest is @ewicwichard for this photo series in the park. We would have never known you didn’t land it, but since you shared it with us the giant Pats Peak cookie goes to you this week. Well that wraps up this peak preview, If you take an awesome photo or video this week make sure to post it with our #patspeakpic hashtag and if you liked the video drop a like or comment down below. Look forward to seeing you all out there this weekend, bring on the snow! Woo!

Antonio Breitenberg

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