Pavati AL24 Wake Surfing Boat Feature Walkthrough

Pavati AL24 Wake Surfing Boat Feature Walkthrough

hi, I’m Chuck Gros, president of Pavati Boats. The world’s fastest growing towboat company After years of testing, and thousands of hours welding and fabricating We are proud to announce. The all new 2016 AL24 When designing the AL24 Comfort, Performance And usability were our main focuses Inside the hull, you’ll find practical, luxurious features Such as built in trash and recycle bins Heat and stain resistant Hydro Turf Locations to charge, protect and fully integrate your smartphone Into the world’s most advanced electronics system ever put on a wakeboat You can even switch your batteries on Start the engine And fully monitor All of the Garmin integrated Marine sensors and gauges wirelessly Using your Garmin Helm App With the all new multitouch True 12″ touchscreen And WiFi paired Ultra HD Garmin VIRB Cameras You’ll never miss a beat By having the full ability To record all of your riding highlights Into a waterproof SD card slot Integrated into the dash Or, directly onto your smartphone Look into the interior of this boat And the first thing you’ll notice Is the amazing upholstery Handmade by our in-house Master Upholsters… The precise fit and finish is unmatched When it comes to storage, we’ve got it The AL24 is equipped with the most storage of any boat in it’s class With over a dozen huge Premium marine carpeted compartments Designed with pass through storage for longer items… Your boat will stay clean, uncluttered And your belongings will stay dry And where you want them When it comes to power The AL24 series all you need. We’ve chosen as a base motor The 6.2L 440hp Raptor Engine This engine comes With a 5 year, full warranty Closed cooling preinstalled and if that’s not enough power for ya… You can always upgrade To the Roush Supercharged V8 Pumping out an incredible 575hp The AL24 was designed with surfing in mind This boat is equipped with over 2 tons Of stock, hard tank sub-floor ballast That fills in under 90 seconds No pumps needed here No plug and play systems No waiting around That in conjunction with our Riptide surf system We can confidently say That we have the biggest Pushiest Cleanest Longest surf waves in the industry And hands down The fastest side-to-side surf sytem Ever designed Just because the sun goes down Doesn’t mean you have to stop your riding AL24 is complete with LED lights From top to the bottom 21 lit cupholders RGB lights in every speaker Underwater wave lights An epic light show Bow LED lights All coastguard navigation lights Everything you would need To keep the party going When it comes to the stereo system That comes stock, on the AL24… Premium would be putting it lightly We’ve partnered up With professional Wetsounds Audio Engineers… And designed an Over 9,000 Watt sound system… That will blow you away. Equipped with 4, 10″ tower speakers 8 cabin speakers… 8 Tweeters… and 2, 12″ subs All pushed, by Wetsounds Flagship sinister amps Each speaker is carefully placed Some directly at ear level Built right into the tower To give you a true surround sound Inside of a wakeboarding boat While the tower speakers pump Crisp, clear tracks directly To the rider, or surfer. Thanks for taking the time To check out the all new, 2016 AL24 To learn more, or find a dealer near you Go to The revolution, has begun.

Antonio Breitenberg

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34 thoughts on “Pavati AL24 Wake Surfing Boat Feature Walkthrough

  1. HighJacker99 says:

    Best looking Boat EVER HANDS DOWN
    Great job Pavati

  2. joey saladass says:

    I thought these were supposed to be cheaper than regular wakeboard boats…

  3. TheCureThatKillz says:

    Easily the best looking boats in the industry. If I had to guess I bet these boats range between $100K to $150K.

  4. Dave Stout says:

    Anyone know this song? It's dope!

  5. tobias klein says:

    what does it cost?

  6. Canada Train gamer says:

    Wow ford raptor engine 👍🏻👍🏻

  7. Josh Anderson says:

    Cant wait to get mine

  8. Kai Nowak says:

    1:04 was actually pretty sick!
    And the boat too!

  9. Brett Buchheister says:

    Those rear facing seats are so sweet. I almost don't believe the 90 second 2 ton ballast fill and 30 second drain.

    If I had this I would just run over other tow boats and cut them in half.

  10. Shayne Shrader says:

    Awesome wake boat. I want one

  11. Graeme Cooke says:

    90 seconds for 2 tons of ballast, now that is a game changer. Inevitably some drunk person at the beach is gonna fall on that aluminum picklefork.

  12. going2stealyourchildren9974028 says:

    Just a giant pickle fork

  13. Day Trade Signals Plus says:

    WOW !!

  14. Shahri Abu Bakar says:

    damm nice boat..

  15. 13DatsyukDangle13 says:

    Looking online it's over 200 grand. This boat looks awesome but is it really worth double what my Wakesetter costs?

  16. Towed Array says:

    This is EXACTLY why wakeboaridng suffers. Here's just one reason, but it's endemic to the whole problem. You've got one douche making one extremely opulent boat, and he's making it out of metal. Probably so you can see his douche beard flava' sava' beard in the reflection. Sounds like a bad idea? If you looked like a Puddle of Mudd roadie and smelled like cigarettes & axe body spray, you'd have bad ideas too. On top of being a boat made of metal, it's also outfitted with more electronic nonsense than you can shake a stick at. This thing is a trailer queen at best, looks good when hooked up to the Escalade you're upside-down on. On top of being made of a material that may ultimately work out pretty well, the boat costs more than $200,000 and won't make you a better rider. Ever. This is one guy trying to get rich. This is wakeboarding at its absolute worse.
    That being said, if you plan to use the boat for wake surfing – well then first of all I'm sorry to hear about your weight loss struggles, but also – smart choice! This is the PERFECT boat for posing, especially when you're lake-hopping while avoiding the repo guy. The only thing in this video that isn't insulting is the moment at 0:45 when you see Boom Boom LaRue's upper half. But she was paid to be there so this is another example of a snake eating itself – or – an animal eating its own ass. Actually that's perfect.
    Pavati Boats' new tagline (free of charge): "An Animal Eating its Own Ass".

  17. eva wijnant says:

    take my money

  18. Brayden McNeal says:

    It's just weird from a company that has never built a wake boat before.

  19. Bryce Blattler says:

    This boat just copied nautique and is lying about having the best in the industry

  20. Nihadkeso says:

    Money can't buy happiness… Look how unhappy they look surfing! Lol

  21. mero40k says:

    3:07 Pretty sweet looking wave, thats kind of all that matters….

  22. Cad Castleberry says:

    I just came.

  23. chem dog says:

    The design is amazing and over all very custom, but the motor is to massive' dam gas hog. Also don't fit the budget for most people.

  24. Steve M says:

    You'll hit your head on those 2 middle tower speakers. lol. For sure.

  25. Livingthedream 801 says:

    Thanks for building this sweet ass boat that I'll never be able to afford…..Jerks!! haha

  26. jake sereny says:

    They copied NSS look at 3:19.

  27. opwan says:

    Tige has a better wake at way less cost. Malibu even beats this.

  28. MrAmerican says:

    I think it is WAY overpriced. But I like it so much I still am finding a way to buy it. Also the new AL 26 came out does it have the same features?

  29. Steve Thiffault says:

    The all garmin system should work well. The NSS inspired plates look pretty aggressive.

  30. Kenneth Heath says:

    indmar 6.2 575 is torque. not horsepower…

  31. MrAmerican says:

    0:53 The rc wakeboat

  32. Derek Ortiz says:

    Damn. 330k. Nah.

  33. John Doe says:

    For 300k for a wake boat the damn thing better blow me too

  34. Nick Twaddell says:

    This is a next level boat. So epic!

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