Paul Byron demos some speed drills | Train Like a Pro

Paul Byron demos some speed drills | Train Like a Pro

Hi, I’m Patrick, strength and conditioning coach
for the Montreal Canadiens. Today on Train Like a Pro, I’m going to introduce you to some speed-specific drills with Paul Byron. Here, Paul Byron is working on his speed by moving from one side to the other, generating power each time that he pushes from his outside leg. For a second exercise with Paul we added a band to represent a game situation in a corner where he could receive a body check from an opponent. At the same time, he needs to keep his head up
and dribble the puck. If you want to increase the difficulty,
go to a split stance position, keeping your dribble,
and moving your head from up to down. Most of our warmups incorporate ladder drills
and quick feet drills to kind of get the body going, especially early in the morning because
your body is still asleep a little bit. So you need those quick feet drills to wake up, but… You know, even with my speed, it’s always something
I need to keep working on every day.

Antonio Breitenberg

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