Paralympian sled-dog racer to run for Oregon Congress

Paralympian sled-dog racer to run for Oregon Congress

Right now more than anything I just
think that the the gridlock in Washington is out of control. And now
that they actually are starting to to get things done, my feeling is that
they’re getting the wrong things done. I’m more fired up than ever. When I was in my mid-20s I had been
kicked off my dad’s insurance policy so I went to get a policy of my own to
be responsible and I found one for a little over a hundred dollars which
seemed like a great deal but then came the question: Do you have a disability?
Well, I’m visually impaired. Oh, well that changes everything and the next the
next policy the guy could find was about three times as expensive and he said
they wouldn’t mind my situation. I am not a career politician. I’m a
mother of a young child. I’m a small business owner and I can find middle
ground with pretty much anybody because it is traditionally very conservative
out here. So I may not agree with them but I can always find something to agree

Antonio Breitenberg

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