Para Snowboard Classification

Para Snowboard Classification

The process of classification in
snowboard is broken down into four stages: eligibility based on medical
records, physical assessment, technical assessment and observation in
competition. Eligible impairments include: impaired muscle power, range of motion,
coordination and limb loss. Medical records are submitted to prove their
impairment in their arms or legs and then the athletes are assessed by a
panel of classifiers. What is your diagnosis? I am a congenital, signs, amputation below knee. So next step is we’re going to check the
length of your leg and for that it’s best to take off your prosthetic and we
do it on the bench over there. With the Paralympics snowboarding
classification it’s great because it’s a lot more specific and it allows you to
compete against athletes with almost your exact disability and therefore it
doesn’t become about the disability or the advantages between different
disabilities it becomes about the quality of the athlete and evens the
playing field. 28.5 centimeters . So tyler thank you. We have
all the information and we can conclude that you are in the snowboard LL2 class and we
can confirm it because we don’t expect a change. There are three classes
in snowboard. LL1 is for snowboarders with the most severe leg impairments
such as an above knee amputation or a significant combined impairment in two
legs. LL2 is for snowboarders with a less severe impairment such as a below
knee amputation. UL is for athletes with arm impairments. After the assessment the
athlete signs the classification form, confirming that the decision about their
sport class has been communicated to them. It’s not about getting a participation medal you
know it’s about competing against other athletes and winning. I go out
there to beat those other guys. I’m not out there just to have fun
high-five people. I mean I want to win.

Antonio Breitenberg

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  1. Tyrone Benson says:

    I hope they create A VI snowboarding competition in the coming years. It be nice to compete in games for the visually impaired.

  2. leroydilano says: olympic experience vlogs & music video!

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