Paisley the NINJA! | Behind the Braids Ep.80

Paisley the NINJA! | Behind the Braids Ep.80

– [Mindy] If you watch a Hallmark movie and you see the cute
little bustling downtown with all the vintage shops, this is the real-life version. Brooklyn recently got hit
by somebody in our Jeep. So Asa said he was gonna take me on a date but I didn’t know what
we were doing or where. (upbeat music) – Okay, we’re about to drop
Paisley off at a birthday party, she’s gonna show us how
she’s a real life ninja, in this episode of Behind the Braids. – I’m gonna climb this wall. (intense upbeat music) – Hey, good job. – Thanks. – Does that make your arms tired? Are you in the– – My hands are tired, look they’re red. – Are you a ninja now? – I think. – Nice. – [Mindy] We’re gonna bring it home and do work thanksgiving. – Office giving.
– Office giving. – We do that Shaun.
– Office giving. – It’s fried chicken.
– This is turkey apparently, Bailey’s potatoes look
good, good job Bailey, and the desserts. – [Man] Those look good. – These are all the high
school helpers today, or junior high and high school helpers. I don’t know if you guys
know everyone on the team. Sona, you know Sona, what do you do Sona? – Everything. – She’s basically me. Shaun, does nothing. – What? (laughs) – I’m kidding, I’m kidding. He runs everything. – Well the finance side of things. – And all the analytic data
stuff that I don’t wanna do. Dana, or Dunna, as Bailey likes to say, what do you Dunna? – I’m a PA, but I kinda do a
little bit of everything too. – Ari.
– Social media. – [Mindy] Social media
expert extraordinaire. Cassie.
– Hello, video producer. – [Mindy] Sweet. And Russ. – An editor, I sit over
in that room all day. (laughter) – And watching us on videos like this.
– Mom, hello, hi. – [Mindy] Who are you guys? – I don’t know, we’re
just here for the food, I’m not gonna lie. – Those of you wondering
Brooklyn’s still at school, she unfortunately had one last final, well one last test today,
so she’s not back yet. – [Shaun] Awww, you missed your sister? – Yeah. – [Shaun] Guess who
also missed her sister. It was the longest you’ve been– – Apart. – [Shaun] How many days was it? – Four. – Asa and I–
– Hey! – We went and had Thanksgiving dinner with his Mindy in Dallas– – Oh yeah. – And then we decided to
drive the next morning to go to Louisiana to visit
the rest of his family. Brooklyn recently got hit
by somebody in our jeep, and it crumbled the front
like bumper part of our car, we were gonna drive it to Louisiana, we got about an hour in and
we tried to take a few turns and we like seriously drifted, we were like sliding all over the place. – Like the the back
wheels slid like 10 feet. – We were like an hour
and a half into our drive, we had to turn around and go back, my dad decides to meet us like half way with his car and we switched, so we’ve had like a seven
hour day in the car. – Seven hour day that was
supposed to be a four hour day. – It was supposed to be four. Pouring rain, we’re
trying to make it in time to still see his extended family, but yeah that’s kinda
what’s been happening to us, so there’s your update. – So here we are, we’re
in our little downtown. They do the festive– – Downtown McKinney.
– Christmas activities. – They do a day after Thanksgiving,
like Christmas festival. If you watch a Hallmark
movie and you see this cute, little bustling downtown
with all the vintage shops, and then everything’s blue–
– This is it. – Like all up in Christmas, this is the real life version of that. – This little town, the little
square looks like the square on Back to the Future
with the clock tower and all the old stores on the
outside, it’s really cool. (upbeat music) – [Mindy] What are you making? – Pet–
– We’re making pencils that have this three bells on it. – [Mindy] So cool. (upbeat music) – [Shaun] Hey, what is happening? – It’s snowing–
– It’s snowing. – And it’s not allowed to snow. – What is it?
– Snow. – [Shaun] It’s us. (upbeat music) That’s so cute. – That’s so cute. (upbeat music) – [Mindy] Back to the pigs, huh, Pais? – [Paisley] They’re adorable. – The llama, hello llama, hey. (upbeat music) – [Shaun] What are you cutting open Dax? What are you cutting open? – A geod.
– A geod? (upbeat music) All right, here we go, Dax. – Nobody’s ever seen what’s in there. I’m sure I can. This one was pretty much solid. That’s a nice cabin in there. – [Shaun] Yeah, look at
the size of that, Dax. – [Mindy] It goes down in there, too. That’s cool Dax. (upbeat music) – [Shaun] How is it? Is it good? Paisley, is it good? What, is it hot? – Yay hey, it’s yummy. (upbeat music) – Hey guys, so we are currently at lunch. We’re waiting for our food. I got a burger, what’d you all get? – Burger.
– Grilled cheese with bacon. – Oh.
– Grill cheese with bacon. I got a burger. – And would you look at that. Just like magic, here it is. – [Guy] 25 seconds later. – Literally right as I was saying it, she was walking out with
the burger in her hands. So anyway. – [Girl] These boys wanted to come and visit the comic bookstore. – [Asa] Pretty cool. – [Girl] But it’s just
comics stuff everywhere. Look at this, though, we’ve
just experienced this entire thing, just to get a little gumball. – [Asa] It’s a giant
gumball machine (laughs). – It’s ginormous.
– It’s really cool, though. – [Girl] It is really cool. – Worth a quarter. – So, Asa said he was
gonna take me on a date, but I didn’t know what
we were doing or where. Well, we come to this little hill and he set up a cute little picnic– – Got some snacks for you. – With some snacks and a blanket, and this sunset. Look at how great that is. How cute is that. He’s the man y’all, he is the man. (dings)
– You know. – The man, the myth, the legend. We just went to a store and found, and let me know if you guys remember this. This special drinks. – These are so good. – And so Asa said, “We have to get them.” – We have to get them. – And so we’re about to open them up. – It’s the dollar store,
it’s only one dollar, the whole pack. – Yeah, they were for a
dollar in the dollar store. – I got six. – So, (laughs) we’re
gonna go and open them up, and try them for the first time cause it’s been quite a few years. – It’s been a very, very long time. – Shaun has promised us
that he’s gonna try the worm and show us how he used
to be able to do the worm – Okay, I do it really, really fast, okay. Ready? (Slaps) Oh, did you see it? It happens so fast, you
couldn’t even see it. – Now I’m really gonna
get him do the worm. Go do the worm. – I’m not gonna do the worm. – Brooklyn’s gonna show
us how it’s done first. There’s how it’s supposed to look. Okay, did you see that Dad? – Go and try. – [Mindy] Here’s Paisley trying the worm. – I don’t know–
– Go, Paisley, go. – I don’t know how to do it, though. – [Mindy] Do it. Let’s see the worm, you
have to look like a worm. That is not how a worm looks, nope. Nope, not like that either. – All right, y’all, so there’s
this tradition at Baylor called Christmas on fifth,
and it’s right around the Christmas holiday season,
the week before finals, it kind of helps the students destress, and there’s just a billion activities. There’s Christmas lights,
there is carriages, there is ice skating,
there is a petting zoo, pretty much anything you can think of. So that’s where we’re headed now, and I’m excited to just
experience it for the first time. So I’ll keep you updated. The gave me food for the animals. (laughs) A deer. Oh you enjoy that. Look at how cute it is, I’m gonna die. – [Girl] It’s so funny, I’m gonna die. – I’m not putting this animal down. Look, he’s tucking his head in my neck. Next step, a maze,
hopefully we don’t get lost in this blow up maze, I’m
really worried about it. But it’ll be fun. This is the maze, we’re gonna go inside. It’s gonna be fun. I’m the shortest here so I think I’m gonna be the last to come out of it. – [Man] No reason to be in a hurry. (upbeat music) – Oh my god, no they aren’t. (screams and laughs) – [Everyone] Five, four,
three, two, one, wooo. (upbeat music) – We just finished watching
the Christmas tree lighting and now we are having an informal party. There’s like 50 of us in this
house right now, I swear. It’s wild, it’s late. Yeah, that’s all I have to say (laughs)

Antonio Breitenberg

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