Painful Blindfolded Soccer Dodgeball!!

My name is Joey, I’m from Germany That’s all I know. I don’t know anything Spanish Bobby, sushi burrito. Alright.Yeah My name is Bryan I was born in the rainforest of Guatemala I can attest to that Oh we’re not starting yet? Hello, welcome to Team Edge today we’re doing the blindfolded soccer…CHALLEEEENGE We have team Guatemala and Germany versus team, Japan and Ireland Did you know Kevin’s Ireland? Ir, Irish we got a lot of soccer theme challenges for you today because the World Cup is happening sometime around this I know nothing about it cuz I don’t watch soccer because it’s boring You just started a riot Joey for this first round Kevin’s against the wall I’m gonna be throwing my teammate Bryan the ball so he can head the ball Into Kevin his face five points for the red ten points for the blue 20 points for the gold star on the nono spot. Ready, I’m gonna run into it Did I hit him on the star? Yeah, sweet Get back up I got 2 more Uno mas, One more left Alto, alto, alto, alto, alto, alto And Yes That is how all Germans sound stinking highs the fees in his oh, he always cheats with goggles No, I really can’t see anything. I watch your videos bro in three two one Why are you kicking it like that? I’m so scared’, I’m blind folded! you’re hitting like really hard you hit it hard. I’ll hit real hard. it next time Whitney. Can we go last whenever we do these kind of things? Dude your crazy bro you crazy, I wasn’t trying to kick that hard, leg shot, leg shot 5 puntos para el americano Jamponsito, Jamponsito Jamposito, Jamponsito Ready? You’re throwing it and kick? mamacita Haha That’s way too much I know WAY too much Go let it bounce, go, of the bounce That’s terrifying That’s ten, that’s a body shot They got one more, they got one more that one hurt I don’t wanna do this, here we go, i’m not worried, Curve it Bend It Like Beckham Bend It Like Beckham Oh Joey I just made a little noise Hey Bobby, you suck at fishing Ohh! You fish at sucking! Getting to kick the ball Bryan with the trash can next to him It is time for blindfolded penalty kicks, shootout So close your leg was super close to blocking it Good job ready? This is the weirdest thing Yeah The ball didn’t ring. It’s supposed to ring. Do you have it on vibrate? It’s supposed to play. Hello. Bye share Did i say share? Don’t know No what are you talking he did’nt touch it! BOBBY STAY THERE STAY THERE Yeah, Bobby don’t move, don’t move yeah, dang it! Yeah, block it with everything our bodies can heal games don’t, I know All right, both play… wait wait wait Bryan doesn’t have blindfold on Bryan, come on bro Oh, that was hard look at that guy, what are you doing bro He is rolled by fear that was way too hard, man. It didn’t hit you No I know Joey’s gonna cheat dude what you can’t just assume that of me. Of course we can Joey you cheat alot Yeah right Let me know when your going, okay i’m going He missed, he missed, dang it! He missed, he missed Kevin stop it at all costs. That’s right. Ready, here I go I would survive without to scrape up my knees pretty bad Alright guys so for this round…Bobby this joke is even played What? scripted content, scripted intro He asked me if he should do it and i was like sure just do the one to call 911 I should turn around and talk to the wall. Hey, I would person at you, but I can’t make my voice high enough Now it is time for blindfolded dodge ball, soccer dodgeball, we got to move those two balls why is their two balls over there, did you do that? Not on purpose Here we go, blindfolds on. Oh gosh 3,2,1 You guys have to keep talking! Hey, hey, hey TO HARD To HARD! WHERE DID IT GO I LOST IT It’s cuz I didn’t cheat talk Bryan I am Talking There’s a ball at what I think Joey’s cheating When you’re that quiet I know something is up I’m right here where the ball go? Bryan talk.I am talking! Keep talking Bryan that’s like ten balls hitting whoa Holy cow I’m sorry.I did’nt mean to kick it that hard That got so close to his head Talk! I am! What, Joey come on Joey? What, what! Oh my gosh too hard! Bryan Start kicking! Not like that He said start kicking! Bryan where you at Oh Bobby got hit! Bobby down! Whoa, there’s ball behind your leg, right there, right there, right there. Kevin Yes. Kick, dang it! kick straight.TALK. I AM TALKING! I’m tired. Kick. Why are you kicking with your right foot? he dodged it! Where are you Joey! Yes you later mouth dude, oh My god is it safe to say that we won this challenge? No this dangerous, Don’t say it.

Antonio Breitenberg

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