Ozzy Man Reviews: Slippery Stairs

Ozzy Man Reviews: Slippery Stairs

Three Two One It’s go time Welcome to the greatest sport I’ve ever witnessed The aim of the game is to wear a tight rubber onesie And get to the top of the slippery as fuck staircase It requires focus, stamina and feet with grip. AWHHH golden boy has fucked it already Pinky, the orange wanker, frogman and Mr. Blue are going steady. Daredevil has a solid early lead No, frog man slips golden boy takes a hit and the orange wanker goes down too And daredevil He crashes out but manages to make it look awesome with a spinny trick The onlooking sheilas are thoroughly impressed with such a move It doesn’t take daredevil long to regain the lead though. He is almost at the treasure chest of glory I think there’s a check for 10 bucks or so in there AWHH NO disaster strikes. He’s a goner Mr. blue evaded trouble beautifully there Fuck me dead That was bloody specky mate Ahh bugger he fucked it straight away after doing a cool move. This guy is like: “that always happens, every time.” He’s saying: “cool moves are for jackasses, haha ha” Meanwhile Golden Boy has either broken his back, or he’s collecting his thoughts. Yeah, nah, ye na. He’s okay. He’s good He’s fucking golden Frog man Is the only one sticking it to daredevil at the moment. I don’t know what strategy he’s implementing here. However, fuck I think he’s gotten himself stuck. Yeah, nah. He looks like a dickhead that’s stuck It’s only a matter of time before he plummets Yep, fuck there he goes. Daredevil is a few steps from victory again But it’s not gonna happen And look at him trying to wipe out the entire field How’s bloody golden boy He desperately wanted to jump over the avalanche Unfortunately his brain and his legs could not make it happen Daredevil totally wanted to try and shit mix everyone Gee whiz now it’s time for a slow sad montage There’s bloody frog man getting stuck again Golden Boy wants to fall on his fuckin sword The orange wanker has done nothing, nothing Pinkie was exhausted five minutes ago And now Daredevil and Golden Boy sabotage each other Like classic selfish humans Then frog man sneaks up on daredevil And he’s like: “ohayoh gozaimasu motherfucker.” Golden Boy finally does a cool move He then has a fair dinkum chance of getting to the top Just one foot in front of the other Although he gives frog man every opportunity to catch up There’s a wrestling match and down they go All the way to the bottom together The host cracks the shit Pinky is ready to go home The poor bastard has had enough I tell you what there’s only one bloke who can truly end this It’s not Mr. Blue It’s not the orange wanker It’s gotta be frog man. You know it, I know it It’s gotta be him Even fucking Steve Aoki is like:
“come on frog man, do it.” He’s gonna do it, he’s gonna do it. The only person that can fuck him is himself right now And he’s won, he didn’t fuck himself He’s got the 10 bucks. He’s like: “Fuck yeah, that is a tremendous top notch victory.” Today’s game was brought to you by SUNTORY I don’t know who that is Hopefully it’s a good company He does a slide for fun And has probably snapped his coccyx Best sport ever!!

Antonio Breitenberg

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29 thoughts on “Ozzy Man Reviews: Slippery Stairs

  1. 비단여우 says:


  2. Kids lti says:

    Haha ;););););)

  3. mr. JDP P says:

    "Hes good, hes fucking golden" 😭😭

  4. Ricardo dos santos says:

    kkkkkkkkkk japoneses fdps kkkkkkkkk

  5. Birdy says:

    Lmao you are so damn funny!

  6. Jonathan Wotka says:

    Should have been a Reservoir Dogs reference in there somewhere.

  7. Suvantola S says:


  8. Janusz z Polski says:

    Kto od trojtka?

  9. IQBAL Chishti says:

    Ozzy you want to kill me of laughing 😂 😂 😂

  10. Blazinggunstv 223 says:

    Mr.blue broke daredevils nose😂

  11. Pringles Chapman says:

    wow This game is sponsored by SoftBank, 3:18 ,

  12. Sisoy Serrano says:


  13. vegeta Its over 9000 says:

    I laughed so hard 😆😆😆

  14. Acoustic Soulexternal says:

    I wondered what the power rangers were up to these days

  15. XxJ_LxX says:

    They should do a drunk version of this!

  16. AJ lawless says:

    all for 10 bucks

  17. CanMan says:

    Is no one going to mention that he fell through that guys legs perfectly? 1:28

  18. TheYuszman06 says:


  19. Kishan Kumar says:

    The green goblin always wins treasure…

  20. Patrick Bourke says:

    2:15 I’m done😂😂🤣🤣😅

  21. Tabitha The Cat says:

    Well done, Frog man

  22. Michael Chasteen says:

    This is what y'all want to be doing when Jesus comes back

  23. Ana Caren Melendrez says:

    Give this man a tv show already 😂

  24. CSH Outdoors says:

    Aww my pussy hurts

  25. Ahmet Bilican says:

    Tam salaksınız mk

  26. Suhas Sundar says:

    Your commentary takes the game to another level!😂

  27. Feel Jah says:

    Japanese are amazing kkkkk

  28. 23블루워터 says:

    위아래로만 힘을 주니 어긋나면 실패하는거같은데 양옆으로 왔다리갔다리하면서 올라가면 쉽게 갈듯…왜냐면 양옆으론 칸막이가 있어서 힘을 지지받을 수 있으니

  29. Abel says:

    "He's like; FUCK YEAH!!"
    Me too, my money was riding on frogman.

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