Outdoor Ice Skating!

Outdoor Ice Skating!

*fun upbeat music* I am at Railroad Park right now, I have a little bit of time to kill. So, um, I’m here at the temporary rink they have during the winter. And, they are resurfacing it right now, but I am ready to go. I’ve got my old, crappy skates that I have replaced, and they’re really, super, like, loose and soft. But, since I’m gonna be here for a really long time I didn’t want to wear, like, my really nice ones. I also just got my actual skates sharpened, so I’m not gonna use my good ones on this rink. It is real ice, so it’s not, like, the synthetic stuff, but it’s still, like really bumpy and awful sometimes. But hey, you know, just fun to mess around *fun upbeat music* *music continues* So the sun is setting and it’s really pretty And, uh, they have the lights on now This is what I love, skating outside when it starts to get dark, and it’s just, really pretty, and I love it. *music continues*

Antonio Breitenberg

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    I wanna go

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