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(upbeat music) – If you’re seeing this video, it means we made it back. – Yeah! – Hi, guys! Welcome back to… – [Together] ThatYoutub3Family! – Today is the day we are
going to learn how to ski for the first time. We’ve never been skiing, and we lived here in
Utah for like four years. So, this is going to be an adventure. But we’re going to be taking some lessons and getting on the slopes today, and then we’re going to go skiing again sometime later this week. So, yeah, hopefully… And apparently there’s not
that much snow on the ground to go skiing. – [Jordan] This is a problem.
– So… – So, Audrey wanted some
advice so Audrey tell em what is the advice I gave you? – I asked… – You know, you said, “I
don’t wanna break my leg,” and so I said, “Don’t break your leg.” – And I said I don’t
wanna run into a tree. – And she doesn’t wanna run into a tree so I said, “Don’t run into a tree.” – Good advice from Dad. – And then she said she
doesn’t wanna break her arm I said, “Well, then don’t break your arm!” And there you go. That’s all that you need
to know about skiing. – All you need to know. So, we’re almost there, and then when we get there
we’re gonna get off the car and get into our skier. – Mom and Ty aren’t here right now because Ty’s arm is broken so he can’t ski with a broken arm so Mom’s gonna stay behind and watch him. – Yep, so let’s go. Okay, guys, yeah. We are almost there, but we’re realizing that it’s mostly brown. There’s almost, like that
not that much snow, so… We might not go skiing today! (laughs) – There should be at least be
like like three feet of snow, and if there’s six inches
out there I’ll be surprised. – Oh my gosh. Let me show you guys
what it’s looking like. – [Dad] There it is. There’s a lot. – [Audrey] It’s brown! It’s all brown! I guess it’s white over there but where are we skiing? Oh, there’s a lot of brown patches. Oh, yay. Guys… – [Jordan] I’m not thinking
this is gonna work. (Dad laughs) – [Audrey] There’s like
no one here, either. I guess everyone’s
thinking the same thing. – [Dad] The lift is moving, at least. – [Audrey] The lift is moving. – [Dad] Kay, so this is their first time walking in ski boots. – My ski boots are so tight! (yells) – It’s so icy! – [Dad] You gotta walk
up there by that sign that says ski school. – [Audrey] What? – [Dad] Good luck. – Oh my, okay…
– This is the first test. – Just saying, I had energy before this. And just putting on the boots
made me lose all my energy. The boots were so hard to get on. Okay, let’s… walking up the hill. (upbeat music) – I guess I didn’t tell them
that when you walk in ski boots that you need to loosen em
up so you can walk easier. They’ve gotten them all tightened down so it’s harder to walk. But they’re getting it. – By the way, Dad has skied before, but for all of the kids
this is our first time in our whole lives skiing. – [Audrey] Alright, Dad’s
teaching us how to put our skis on so if you guys don’t know
how to, here’s the tutorial. – You take this and put
your toe next to it. Put em up there. – [Audrey] So, you have
to put your toe in first. – I’m trying to get it… (bouncy music) (speaking drowned out by music) – You put your toe in and then you put in your
heel is what’s he saying. – [Audrey] Yeah, so you stick your toe in. Then you put your heel in. – Oh, no! Oh, no! – Put your toe in… – [Audrey] Whoa, that does
not look like it just went in. – [Jordan] Mine did not go in. – [Audrey] Whoa, that’s it? That’s all you do? Kay, Jordy, it’s your turn. Good luck! – I got the toe part in. I just don’t know what to do now. (yells) Am I in? – Yep, you’re in. – [Audrey] Good job, Jordy. (cheers) – Oh, no. – [Audrey] We’re going to be skiing down that little area right there. And a lot of the snow is fake
because there isn’t snow. So, I don’t know if you guys can tell if you know what snow looks like, but this just looks like crushed ice. It’s not really snow. Yeah, it’s like pebble-like salty ice, but not salt because
that would make it melt. – [Dad] Kay, Audrey’s putting hers on. She’s didn’t grab her poles. Let’s see if she can do it. – [Jordan] Bye, Audrey! – I’m the one-legged skier! – [Dad] See ya, Audrey! – Come on. – [Dad] There’s Audrey, there’s her ski. (laughing) Kay, go up to that sign
that says ski school. Audrey, you’re doing the splits! – I’m stuck! – [Dad] Oh boy, this is
going to be a fun day. We’ll be back. You’re supposed to be up here by me! (yelling drowned out by each other) Kay, go sideways. – No, no! – [Dad] Sideways. – Wait, you’re supposed to
walk up the hill sideways like this? – [Dad] Well, you can’t do it forward. There ya go. Keep going. (laughs) Oh, this is hilarious. – [Audrey] Good thing
we’re practicing now. – [Dad] It looks easy on TV, huh? Alright, let’s get these kids up the hill. – [Audrey] I’m breaking a sweat! – Okay, so they’re going up
the lift for the first time. This first lift is
called the magic carpet. As you can see behind me, it’s just a moving escalator. It’s just a big carpet
that’s moving us up the hill. Not a very steep hill. But if you see behind me,
there, you’ll see the kids. I think they’re attempting to get on. So, I got on first so I
could show them getting off. And we’ll see if they make it. Hopefully they can. This is I hope the easiest part of skiing. They’re picking it up really quick. The ski instructor told
us to not use our poles because at this skill level
the poles kinda get in the way. So, we went and put all
the poles in the van. (happy music) Remember to do your pizza slice. (instructor talking drowned out by lift) Okay, so I think the kids
have gone down the hill like four times? Maybe this is their fourth time. And they have picked it
up really, really fast. I think part of it is because they ice skated quite a bit
when we were in Florida and this is a lot like that. So, let me show you what
we’re doing right now. There’s Audrey and Jordan and Jake. And they’re doing slaloms
through the cones. Good job, guys. What do I see? Jake, did you hit the pole? (laughs) – He looked right at it! – [Dad] Oh, man. I missed it. Darn it. Looks like Jake bent that
pole all the way to the side. Uh, oh. Oh, he’s down again. – Oh, no! – [Dad] They’re trying the slaloms. It’s actually pretty
tough on your first day. Jake, you’re facing the wrong way! Alright, Audrey, let’s
see you go under it. Can you go under the obstacle? She did it! Can she go between those? Wow, look at you! Good job! Go, Audrey! Kay, now that you’ve become this awesome skier– – Why do you do that? – [Dad] You’ve gotta
tell me how you do it. – Well, I stay like this the whole time. – [Dad] You ski like that? Pizza? – Yeah, but it’s–
– Oh, here’s come Jordan! (cheers) – Yay! – [Dad] Jordan’s doing the pizza as well. – Pizza and french fries. Okay, guys, so we got done
with our first ski lesson and now we’re eating some lunch
because we’re super hungry. So, I got some chicken nuggets and fries. What’d you get Audrey? – A burger. – Burger. – Burger. – [Jordan] Burger and chicken nuggets. I fell a few times but there’s
actually a lot of maneuvers that are the same as ice
skating so I could remember what we learned in ice
skating and do the same thing but with skis on. So, it wasn’t too bad. – I did the splits a couple times. – Yeah. So, we’re gonna eat our
lunch and probably head back out on the slopes. – Okay, guys, this is Audrey right now. I don’t know if you can hear me. I hope you can. I’ve got this thing over my face because I don’t want to get sunburned because it’s in the middle of the day and the sun’s hitting your face, and I don’t want to go to school with like a sunburned bottom of my face. So, right now we are practicing
some more by ourselves without the instructor and learning how to hockey stop because that helps you when
you go down the harder paths. So, we have Dad. And Jake. And yeah. We’re going up on the magic carpet. – We were gonna go up on a bigger hill but all of the green, which
are the easier lanes I think, are closed so I don’t think
we’re gonna go up that hill anymore because we can’t
go down any blue hills. ♪ Back and at it again ♪ ♪ Moving slowly up the
hill to go skiing, woo ♪ – Kay, so we’re gonna go
try an intermediate run. Audrey, Jacob, and me. Jordan’s gonna stay down here and film us. – On our first day of skiing! – On our first day of skiing. – [Jordan] Yeah, it’s down a blue one which is harder than the green. – [Audrey] But the green’s closed. – [Jordan] Yeah, the
green is all closed so, they’re gonna go up– they’re gonna go down that big hill. It doesn’t look like it. It doesn’t look very steep from this angle but I’ll show you the other angle. So, Audrey, Dad, and Jake are going. There’s Dad behind right there. There’s Audrey, there’s Jake. (upbeat music) – Kay, we made it to the top. Nobody fell which is awesome. And we’re gonna go down a trail called… – Easy Cheesy! – Can’t see Audrey’s lips
but it’s Easy Cheesy. – Look at the views around us! – [Dad] That looks really cool. That’s the whole valley down there. – [Audrey] We are up high! – [Dad] We’re way up high. – [Audrey] We’re like on
top of the mountain, bro. Bro. (laughs) – [Dad] Kay, so Easy Cheesy’s over here. Or do you wanna go down the narrows? – [Audrey] Nope, nope, no. Let’s go the Easy Cheesy. – [Dad] Okay, Easy Cheesy, kay. You guys want to follow me? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Because I’ve never been here before. – Oh, jeez!
– What? – But he’s our expert! (laughs) – We’ll let the blind lead
the blind, how’s that, guys? – Great. – Kay, just remember, keep it slow. – Keep it pizza!
– Point. And if anything, just
kinda crouch a little bit and make your turn. Just crouch and make your turn. You don’t need to go fast. Kay, we’re on another chairlift. – This is called the adventure adventure with Dad, Jake, Aud. – We should have just gone down a blue. – So, this one must not be too hard because it’s lit and usually the lit– – Lit, it’s lit! – Areas are green, sometimes they’re blue, but for the most time they’re green. But the problem is I
don’t know how to get down to the other side where
Jordan’s waiting for us. Audrey wants to go down, which one? – Cheeky!
– Cheeky! – Or Doubtful. – Nah, I don’t think we’re
gonna with the blue ones. But we’re gonna try to go down
some of the green ones here. Kay, I’ll follow you. What are you guys doing? – We’re stuck! – You’re stuck? (laughs) Yeah, go that way. There ya go. Oh, this is gonna be a long ways. Jordan’s gonna be old by the
time we get to the bottom. – Okay, guys. I’ve been sitting here
for literally 30 minutes waiting for them to come down this hill and I’ve been watching every single skier go down this hill but I don’t see them! I don’t even know where they are! So, I don’t know if I missed them somehow and they’re like off
skiing on another hill and then I’m just sitting here waiting. But I don’t think they would do that so I don’t know where they are. Must be a really long ride. (cheerful music) – So, the green trail down is closed because there’s no snow on it. So, we have to go down a blue. You ready, Jake? Turn, turn, turn turn, turn! Turn! Turn! (cheers) You’re good! Kay, we’re gonna go down
True Blue which is that. Now, I know in the camera
it doesn’t look step but Audrey is it steep? Yeah? – [Jordan] Here comes Audrey! (cheers) Bye! Going all the way down. And the boys are still way up there. – So, we went up the ski lift and we got to the top. And there was the Easy Cheesy green. There’s a lot of green
slopes you can go on. – [Jordan] You can actually on em? – We went down the Easy Cheesy one because we couldn’t get back down here without going on this one. So, we went down the Easy
Cheesy and it led us to a whole new ski lift. So, we got on that ski lift and then it brought us to the
top of a different mountain. And then we came down through the catwalk. So, it’s just like a little… It’s not something like this. It’s just like a trail that you ski on. Till we got here, and then
the only way to get down is to go on this one hard one because there isn’t an easy one. So, that’s where Jake
and Dad are right now. And Jake’s having a really
hard time getting down. – [Jordan] Oh, no. – It’s so steep at first. – [Jordan] Oh. There is Jake and Dad. Dad’s trying to teach Jake how to ski because Jake is very nervous about this. (cheering) – [Audrey] You did it! You did it, Jake! – [Jordan] And then there’s Jake. (cheering) Good job, Jake! – Alright. We made it to the bottom of the blue. It was scary, wasn’t it? Yeah, we got a little nervous at times because it’s really slushy and icy and it makes it hard to turn. But as a team we made it, didn’t we? – Yeah. – Yeah, and then Audrey and
Jordan are right up there. They’re picking up the
camera from the other one. And then we’re gonna call it a day because I think we’re tired. Woo! – So, that’s it for today’s video. I had a ton of fun skiing. My hair is crazy. My ankles are so sore. But I think we’re gonna
come back in two days, so… It was a lot of fun. – [Dad] Alright, what was
the scariest part, Jacob? – Scariest part was the mountain. – [Jordan] The blue? – [Dad] Was that coming down that blue? – [Jake] Yeah. – [Dad] That was kinda scary. Jordan? – Probably falling on my face. I didn’t really go down that big blue one so nothing was really that scary. – [Dad] How about you, Audrey? – It wasn’t too scary but I
guess the beginning of blue was the scariest part. – [Dad] Yeah? I had lots of fun with you guys, too. Alright, so. Comment down below if you guys
have ever gone skiing before. If you have–
– Or snowboarding. – [Dad] Yeah, skiing or
snowboarding, if you have. And are you a beginner,
intermediate, or expert? – Oh! – We’re like beginners. Nah, we’re intermediate. – We literally learned today. – So we hope you guys
enjoyed today’s video. If you did, give it a big thumbs up. Also, subscribe if you haven’t already, and we’ll see you guys next time. – [Together] Bye! (energetic music)

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