One of the best High School Soccer teams we’ve seen to date.

One of the best High School Soccer teams we’ve seen to date.

Film by

Antonio Breitenberg

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36 thoughts on “One of the best High School Soccer teams we’ve seen to date.

  1. RDPLEX Films says:

    With all the debate on just a few clips from ONE game we figured we'd show you a little more of this great team.

  2. Jack Sutton says:

    They ain’t shit

  3. Jack Sutton says:

    Come to the uk and see some real football/soccer

  4. Danneh SG says:

    Idk why these ignorant Europeans keep saying Americans can’t play football I mean they can but not at the level of Europe and these people probably have a future

  5. Danneh SG says:

    I just hate it when these fat 13 yr old keyboard warriors have nothing better to do than just criticize Americans fun fact British used to call it soccer and stopped calling it

  6. Danneh SG says:

    All you Europeans who have nothing better to do then criticize Americans just for calling it soccer it doesn’t matter they’d destroy you anyway

  7. Ethanusmaximus says:

    You guys clearly haven’t seen many high school teams then…

  8. Rayyan Uddin says:

    If it was in England it would be the worst team
    My year 8 team
    (I’m in year 8)
    Are way Better then this

  9. Johan Garcia says:

    These 3 kids are insane!! Way better than the ones in Europe that’s for sure

  10. Johan Garcia says:

    Soccer in the United States is just much better than anywhere else in the world.

  11. Ivan Hernandez says:

    What the name of the school so I can see Thier rank on the internet

  12. GAME WON 11 says:

    Todos son malos

  13. xforest x says:

    1:46 what was that!?

  14. lucas Batista says:

    1:45 cringe

  15. Kevin Lopez Sonido says:

    Other team was ass 😭 u saw their goalie and defenders tryna header the ball

  16. Eli Easby says:

    this is like 2A

  17. Yourboobear445 says:

    There are so many American high school soccer teams that would destroy this team

  18. Sebastian Castro says:

    What trash defense my u15 team defends better then that

  19. emerson ; says:

    #9 is good but sadly the other team wasnt in there level

  20. RealCookieMonster says:

    play against a european school or british school, americans cant play soccer for shit.

  21. Cesar Henriquez Mejia says:

    i mean they playing fucking potatoes🤦🏽‍♂️

  22. Ruben Castaneda says:

    They’re playing with kids without experience about soccer

  23. Kian M says:

    Best High School teams are in Hawaii

  24. THE BLACK NAN says:

    There defense is ass as fuck

  25. Michael Sgueglia says:

    Their chemistry is good but they are not a good team plus they’re playing a very shitty high school team with no defensive skills 😭😂

  26. Caroline Randle says:

    If you started doing kick ups like that in England you would get clamped

  27. _ says:

    1:45 wtf, man tried to reverse😅😅😅💯🤤

  28. Jorge Segura says:

    Colinsville alabama state champs or 2013

  29. Brad Marchand says:

    Is it me, or are they only good because of their black players?

  30. T B says:

    C'mon…….the team looks decent! They would be a little better than average in my area.

  31. GW7 says:

    I never wanna see #7’s celebration ever again

  32. Trickylea R says:

    I could beat him

  33. The Twins Gamer says:

    That's not true

  34. Jake Leach says:


    To like my own comment

  35. Angel Barajas says:

    That’s why they los 8-1 to south Kent school

  36. CherrySpriteYT says:

    Game of .. Pas it to the same striker over and over and then watch him do his thing

  37. Edwin Casillas says:

    My school is better

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