One of a Kind | 손흥민  Heung Min Son Tribute

One of a Kind | 손흥민 Heung Min Son Tribute

“What if a child dreamed of becoming something other than what society had intended?” “What if a child aspired to something greater?” “Please welcome the Tottenham Hotspur Player of the Year…” “Once more, HEUNG MIN SON!” *exhilarated korean commentary “Again, Son… sidestepping his man, we got Van der Vaart in the center as well…” “… Ooooh and what a goal! What a brilliant strike from the south korean!” “Mistral!” “And now we got Son, with all the pace and the skills that he’s got…” He has Emir with him, he still goes all the way! “And that’s gonna be in, and it is! Nuremberg 1 and Leverkusen 3!” (transfer to Tottenham in August 2015 for 22mln £) Henry: “When I see you I always say: “Wow! The guy is so generous!” Henry: “There’s another thing that I noticed, when I mention your name to someone… …people always say the same thing: …you are always happy! You just smile all the time! Look! [Son laughs] Henry: “Where did you get that from?” Sonny: “I think…this my dream you know, I’m living in my dream, but I can’t believe it! Journalist:”There is a big story around football at the moment, we are going to hear it from Raheem Sterling later ahead of this match, but we are certain to speak to him about racism.” Sonny: “The racism, you know we’ve been talking about this a few times… …I have been abused as well since I play here in England, but I think the best reaction it’s to don’t react at all, I think that’s the right way.” “We are playing football as humans.” “Eden Hazard charging Aurier, they are passing it around in there but Spurs didn’t let it trough.. …and now Son’s on the move, such an accelaration from Spurs’ n°7, and he’s quicker than Jorginho… and Son… IS STILL GOING!” “And that’s a magic moment from Heung Min Son!” for 3-0…an individual goal to remember! ” “They will race behind you…” “They will stumble…” “They will fall…” “But in time…” “They will join you.” “In time..” “You will help them, accomplish wonders.” “The world champions Germany, facing South korea.” Oooh it must be!!! Germany are headed out! “The lineman’s flag is up!” “The goal has to stand! Surely.If there’s any justice… “….yeah! Goal!” “and is Son to rapid up! All alone! SON HEUNG MIN!

Antonio Breitenberg

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  1. N A N O says:

    Hello! If anyone want to improve English subtitles or add new ones would be great!

  2. SW Ee says:

    Very professional video!!

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