One day of life with JoyStiCK (Team Empire)

One day of life with JoyStiCK (Team Empire)

I think Fabian will go full support Like Goga Pengu will stay semi-support And three other would be fraggers I’ve drank it all My name is Danil Gabov My nickname is JoyStiCK and I play for Team Empire I was born in Uhta city, and now I live in Moscow I’m studying in RGUFK university It’s also called GZO LFK Currently I’m a student of esports department, I’m close to finishing it I’m on fourth university course, it’s the last year Only thing is left to do is to create my diploma work I’ve started to play Rainbow Six about two or two and half years ago I’ve traveled to different countries And won few tournaments, major champions, RML tournaments… These two years have passed with much fun Now I’ve moved from Uhta to Moscow I’ve been living here for 8 years and I guess it’s time to tell you about my regular day Usually I wake up about 1 or 2 PM Because we play a lot during night-time training and practice games Then I go to get some breakfast about 2 PM just like most of other folks Then it’s time to brush my teeth Just some regular things and then I get to play and train R6 That’s my personal trainings. Closer to evening we train together as a team. What else? I can visit cinema, go out with my friends I dunno! We do the same things as normal people Esports persons are just the same as everyone else It’s all fine with that I’ve lost the point because of you! What’s happening, it’s all laggy! What now?! I’m versus you again… just look behind! Where’s your place and where’s mine 1:46:29 and 1:46:58 I think that my regular day has no differences to every other student’s day And we’re not wasting our time by playing We’re having a great and useful time by practicing and giving additional time for our practices We are not wasting time for nothing We’re playing or practicing with official games in the evenings You know, Russian Major League, Pro League and so on We’re playing official games on different tournaments. Dunno what else to say My day is composed of nothing else I don’t think someone has anything special in his regular routine day Someone woke up and moved to work. Someone woke up and went to college When I’ve had spare time before I used to do different sports and activities like snowboarding, dancing I’ve tried many different things and then I’ve had to put it on hold to concentrate on my gaming career My hobby became my main job, to put it straight The last thing that I’ve saved is hanging out with my friends and our trips to the movies with them Every winter I try to get with my parents and my sister, and with all dear people to some resorts to do snowboarding, skiing It’s really cool for me To get to the mountains and do some snowboarding It clears my head, you just put other stuff away You put away city problems, daily routine stuff You enjoy your time with closest friends, and it’s good It’s time to talk about the team about my teammates I’ll start with ShepparD because I think he’s my closest teammate We spend many time together outside gaming We really have much common time together, we’re connected For me, he’s more of a closed person but he has leadership skills though he afraids to show them sometimes When we enter TeamSpeak or Discord and everyone hears his voice That strong and low voice, and everyone is like: Whaaat? That skinny guy has such strong voice? How’s that even possible? He’s very kind He’s pretty talkative in his company He’s the closest person to me by his spirit amongst teammates Danila came to us as the last player He replaced Shockwave He’s so energetic I dunno how to say, he’s active active and young guy perspective and talented He loves to act It’s fun to spend time with him and to do some random stuff We can’t go anywhere with Zheka, as well as with Oleg But he… more… He’s more like captain the whole time He takes hard and important decisions The weight of the whole round in-game could be placed solely on him Because he decides where we should go — A or B point Zheka makes decisions like that He’s very wise and responsible but he’s a bit lazy too! As for Scyther… He’s brutal, manly, very closed person even in his company But I guess he’s a pleasant person to talk to. He knows much. Many common interests. I think it’s hard for him to adapt in other companies Scyther walks like this, with brutal face When we went to Empire to sign our contracts Scyther said that he did not know if he’s going to sign it And that’s the reason why I talked to you asked you some questions from our checklist and then I’m looking to the left and Shockwave is already signing it And I’m like: As for Oleg (RayzerGM) I totally can call him the second father Because he has great influence on our team He adds motivation, and he can increase it or decrease it with some harsh words Just gimme a chance, ****** Are you looking for a knife? And you can call him like The view from the side He can stop a conflict… and so on That’s it. And our manager Oleg Roughly speaking, he’s he’s a friend of family You always have something to talk with him, you can solve problem with his help even when it’s not regarded to gaming He’s very responsible person, he’s never late Friend is the best word to say As for my gaming role, I can describe myself as I was open fragger before Done a lot of running and fragging After Dan came to team it may not be that obvious or intended, but my gaming role switched to semi-support I play such operatives as Jackal and Nomad I’m not the first line fighter Dan now plays that role and I’m semi-support I try to maintain good AIM but lastly my game got worse and I have to fix it I have to say one thing regarding esports About that whole area It all started when I’ve first watched The International 1 Dota 2 TI. I haven’t played any esports that time except Counter-Strike: Source I’ve played it so much and then I’ve started playing Dota and since I was 13 years old I’ve dreamed of dreamed of becoming esports player Esports person, to say it in other words That was my dream and I’ve tried to share it with my parents I’ve had some problems because my school results got worse because I’ve played computer games and I had rules with my parents that I can play as much as I want if it will not hurt my schoolwork If my school results were bad at times my parents blocked my PC with passwords with some restrictions like playing 2 hours per day at max That were my relations with parents I can understand them as well because for them it was abyss of unknown Because their child wants to play computer all the time and earn money with that hobby but how? They did not know anything about that I’ve tried to educate them, told them about tournaments about earnings and prizes but I guess they did not believe me at that time. They thought I’m just saying it to play PC all the time with friends One, two, three! This is my room These are gifts from RML These are my purchases from Russian Major League Show em, show em closer Small things… That’s trophy That’s the legendary thing — CS:GO trophy We’ve visited 2×2 tournament and I’ve won my first 5 000 rubles, my first prize money What else is here? Microphone, mouse, gaming pad All my devices and gadgets Two monitors for streaming. But I’ll never stream, you know Turn around! That’s my cabinet with clothes Just like as normal people do. Some games, mice, keyboards, a bit of everything not that interesting That’s my bed, it’s New York and that! Don’t pay attention, it’s it’s my hookah party I have hookah at home and smoke sometimes Not without sin, as we all are And that’s it What now? I never wanted to, but they asked me to tell you Epic gaming mouses Final Mouse! That’s first, that’s second It’s called R-Ninja 58 Made in collaboration with awesome streamer He’s on Mixer now, right? Not Twitch And the third baby is here Zheka gave it to me on RML You can’t order that from Russia, only from USA There was a good story They are usually released at night because it’s USA another time zone, and me and Zheka was waiting up to 6 or 7 AM trying to purchase that mouses from official site And the problem was that everyone wants to order them And the moment when gaming mouse is available for purchase The site immediately drops offline And you have to wait for 4-5 hours for it to get back online if you wish to order it. And that’s it. I’m proud of my gaming mice collection! I’m pleased! Where’s my gun shooting at?! So bad it’s shocking! I can’t reload my gun! It’s shocking The gun is so bad, shockingly bad It’s so awful Disgusting! It’s so awful, Kirill. You’ve been paid for it? What now?! What’s happening? It’s not shooting! I’m shocked. And I’m dead by the way. I’ve played different games CS:GO most of all and from that time my parents started to understand what I’m up to because we’ve participated Moscow LAN games at that time and it got me some money we’ve won about 20-30 000 rubles per team I’ve visited another city for some LAN tournament It was Kaliningrad. We’ve only managed to secure 4th place, sadly But that was useful experience I have visited by myself, without parents, with my team They’ve worried for me but it helped them to understand what esports is and what I want to do in my life And then they believed in my when I’ve joined totally new gaming discipline I’ve talked to them, gave them useful info and they were interested in it and there was a story connected to my university My parents want me to join any university where they have knowledge for it They wanted me to pick another university but when I was in 10th grade I’ve learned about esports department I wanted it so much that I’ve studied biology as it was necessary grand exam I’ve studied so hard and managed to become a budget student and now I’m studing at esports department The university invited me to reform our CS:GO team and to try out the new game — Rainbow Six It was the first R6 tournament and it was called Spring RGUFK It was made along with our university we had a slot there. We was the 4th team and every player had like 100 hours of R6 maximum. We didn’t know how to play That’s why we shared the thought they we will take the last place but we thought that maybe we can take the 3rd place out of 4 Because we had some experience with shooting, with CS:GO, but no chance We had our last place, and I’ve understood that’s its a fun game to play And there was not much potential in CS:GO Because of the high competition among pro players many fresh blood players and to be acknowledged and invited to any pro team you have to train really hard and really much, first of all. Secondly, I think it’s 50% of luck Because you have to be seen by scouts, you have to play well with other guys You have to be on the same wave, you have to be invited to organization It’s really hard! That’s why, I’ve made the decision that I will be R6 player because there were not so much teams in CIS region and it was easier to join them then in CS:GO discipline. My first success in Rainbow Six I was a part of Room Factory at that time That was when we’ve made it to Six Invitational, world tournament That was so awesome for me, so… WOW Because when you see a prize as $500K and such progress! I’ve only played R6 for half-year And I’ve managed to get to world championship And I understood that if you’re trying hard We never had any salaries back then, played solely by enthusiasm If you’re trying really hard Givining it all you’ve got then you can raise up to level where you can get your salary, earn that money and play really good at pro scene. Because it was the time when R6 attracted organizations as Team Liquid there was no G2 back then. PENTA! There were some big names that I’ve known since playing CS:GO and I knew that were big names and what they are capable of. I’ve had so much motivation! Everyone did their best. When we’ve won Major tournament, our whole team… It was a great joy first of all We’ve discussed it so much That we’re top-1 team but the Six Invitational was ahead of us and the whole team was influenced by the requirement to save that leadership That is why we’ve played second half of Pro League so bad I think it was a failed half, in my opinion We’ve played draw games versus two of the weakest teams We were influenced by the fear of losing losing to weaker opponents We’ve won against strongest team in final match of PL And we have to prove everyone that we’re still top-1 team in the world. And we were under the constant pressure. Previously we were indifferent to our opponents We did not care who are we playing against But now we feel the pressure because we fear we fear to lose. Russian Major League Season 3 is over, we’ve taken the 1st place We are slowly getting our strength back. We’ve had meeting with psychologist I think it affects team in a good way and we’re slowly recovering Because we had a period of harsh downgrade Now we feel much better We keep on working in the same flow One practice per day, nothing special But before the SI 2020 we plan to use 2 or 2,5 weeks of bootcamp experience And we will productively train hard there You know, developers keep on adding new operatives, the meta changes You have to be ready for it I think, it’ll go smoothly because 2,5 weeks of bootcamp really helps the team because no one is interrupted with any other stuff as university, personal life Everyone is concentrated on the game. To tell you the truth, I don’t get it when people say that SI is the highest level and you can retire when you’ve taken the highest prize. As for me, you play for your own enjoyment. You’re having fun and you’re not concerned with tournaments that you’ve won. For me, RML, Major and Invitational are the same tournaments ’cause you play to win it all. Not for some “I’ve won Invitational” reward or “I’ve won Major” You play it for competition You play versus teams to win against them. To prove that you’re still the best. I don’t know what to add. This is my collection of figures It’s not that big I want to collect them all, but unfortunately I don’t have figures from the first collection. It’s Monty, Ash, Smoke, so if anyone is interested in sharing their figures, be sure to give me a call. Got it? I have duplicates. Two Jagers, two Valks, Golden Valkyrie Also I’ve bought 5 figures at RML. Well, 4 and 1 duplicate This one is a double and I’ve had it before. I want to get the full collection And I’m doing my best to get it done! Yes!

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