Olympic Ice Skater Adam Rippon on Being a Hero for LGBTQ Youth

Olympic Ice Skater Adam Rippon on Being a Hero for LGBTQ Youth

I admire you. I respect you. I think you’re awesome for being
so out and open with who you are. And I know that you talked
about the Vice President and saying that–
because I don’t know if everyone
knows this, but he believes in conversion therapy. And he thinks that
you can change people from who they are. So you made a
statement about that. And then I guess he reached out. He called you. You didn’t take his call
because you were focusing. If you spoke to him,
what would you say? I’m an openly gay man
competing at the Olympics. And somebody who thinks
that gay people might be this societal
collapse of our nation, I didn’t feel like it
was the right time. If I had the chance to
have a call with him now, I have nothing to
say to Mike Pence. That’s not a
conversation for me. I think going to
the Olympics, it’s given me a really great platform
to give a voice to people who feel like they don’t have one. So if that call were
to happen I would say, you know what, it’s not for me. It’s for those people who– their lives have been affected
and changed by legislation that he’s pushed. It’s a chance for them
to share their stories and their experiences. It’s not for me. [AUDIENCE CHEERS] I would hope and pray
that he is open enough to sit down and hear people’s
stories and meet these– I do too. –people that he has
those feelings about. You’ve been planning for, what,
10 years to be in the Olympics. Right? Yes. Training and getting ready. And now what has
this done for you? I’m still the same old hot
mess I was 10 years ago. But I’m still that same person. My life has completely
changed, but at the core I am still that
same old disaster. Well, you don’t appear
to be a disaster. I’ll tell you that. So let’s talk about
what you’re doing. You’re raising
money for GLAD and I think everyone needs
to be aware of GLAD. And tell everyone
what you’re doing. Well, this is something that I’m
really excited to be a part of. I’m working with their
youth engagement program. And this is so important
because we’re getting these kids and they’re becoming
activists in their community. When I was young, to
have somebody out there that I could have looked up to. It would have made a
world of difference. It would have changed my life. When I was young, I had a
goldfish named Princess Diana. And that should have been the
writing on the wall for me. I also had a goldfish
name Diarrhea. Spelled diarrhea, for balance. It’s a family name. But to have these young
kids going out there and changing the world. I said, this is something
that I need to be a part of. Yeah. And you’re a great role model. It’s great. And it is really
important for the youth out there to have somebody,
and have a face on television and sports and every
area, and say that there are gay people everywhere. This is not– you’re not alone. One in five kids today
identify with some sort of LGBTQ identity. And that’s one in five. Right here, we’re two
for two, right down here. So look to your left. Look to your right. And if nobody’s gay,
you’re probably the one. [AUDIENCE LAUGHTER] I love you so much. I love you so much. I don’t know what I’m
going to do with you, but I’m doing
something with you. I want you to do
something on the show. You’re fantastic. And we want to be
the first to make a donation to your fundraiser. Our friends at Shutterfly
love organizations like GLAD. So we’re going to donate
$10,000 in your name to GLAD. [AUDIENCE CHEERS] Thank you so much. I love you. To learn more about how you
can donate to Adam’s fundraiser for GLAD, go to our website.

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