Odor Eliminator – Stop the Stink! (Cigarettes, Pet Urine, Soccer shoes)

Hi there, I’m Angela Brown in this is Ask
a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house
cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer. Today’s question comes from a house cleaner
who went inside a house. When she got there, it reeked of pet urine
and cigarette smoke. And she wants to know “How do I get rid
of all the odors?” Okay, so as a house cleaner your job is not
to get rid of all the odors. Because you can’t change the lifestyle of
the people who live in those homes. All you can do is go in and clean up, clean
what you’re paid to do and then leave. The odors are on the owner. Okay now you have to understand that people
will say “well, when I came home my house and didn’t smell clean.” But you have to realize that clean does not
have a smell. If the house smells clean it’s because there
are some fragrances that have been put into the air to make it smell fresh. But clean does not have a smell. It does not have a scent. It smells like nothing. So, if you are going into a home and there
are already odors, this is a conversation we need to have with the homeowners. Okay, so as a homeowner how do you get rid
of the odors in your house? Well, if you’re smoking inside your house please stop. Please stop immediately. The quickest way to ruin the resale value
on your home is to smoke inside your house. Because when you smoke there is a tar that
comes from the cigarettes, and it comes out in a fine smoke. When you smoke, it comes in a fine smoke and
it settles in your carpets. And your draperies, and the walls, and on
your blinds, and every flat surface. And so, it’s like a thick bacon grease after
a while. And instead of just paying to have your walls
dusted now you have to pay to have some kind of a team come in. And they’re going to scrub the walls with
a degreaser to get that, tar off the sides of your walls. And off your blinds, and get it out of your
carpet, and out of your it’s… it’s going to take a restoration team. And that’s going to be incredibly expensive. It would make more sense for you to step outside
if you’re going to have a smoke. Now, as far as the pet urine goes, it might
be time to invest in a dog trainer or a cat trainer to train your animal how to use the
litter box. Because if they’re peeing all over your rugs
and your carpet, and your furniture, that’s going to embed a smell that’s going to be
very hard to get rid of. Okay, so if you’re talking about getting rid
of the odors the very first step to take is to eliminate the cause of the odor. So don’t smoke in your house. And don’t let your animals pee all over your
house because that’s not healthy. That is not a healthy, safe environment. That becomes toxic. So, don’t do that. Now if there are already odors in your house
there are three different kinds of odor removers There is a neutralizer. There is a sanitizer. And there is a freshener. Now, we’ll go over all three so that you can
make a choice. Now, the neutralizer does exactly what the
name suggests it neutralizes the odor. And so this might be baking soda and might
be carbon and might be a carbon plug-in. They have a little plug-in that you plug into
an electrical outlet and it has a little carbon filter in it. And is the odors come in it just zaps those
odors, so it neutralizes those. Lots of people have, it’s like a little
pillow. And inside the pillow it will have some charcoal
that will help absorb those odors in a chemical-free and a non-toxic way. So that you’re not spritzing chemicals into
the air that you then have to breathe. Baking soda is another fantastic neutralizer
and again its chemical-free, it’s non-toxic, its natural, and it’s very affordable. So, if you have, let’s say you have kids,
that are doing sports at school and their closets and their dressers always smell stinky. And you want to get rid of that stink, you
can take a sock, and you can fill it full of baking soda and put a rubber band on the
end of it. And you can make your own little absorbent
neutralizing pillow to stick inside the drawer that will then help zap those odors. And so, it doesn’t put anything into the air
it just absorbs them. Okay, so then the next thing that is available
on the market… and I will put links to all the stuff in the show notes so you can see
pictures of what I’m talking about. Because it’s hard to explain sometimes when
I’m just talking to you. Okay, so the next one is sanitizers and there
is a spray it’s an aerosol spray. That you can spray into the air that will
help kill the bacteria. Now, the difference in the neutralizer and
the sanitizer is the sanitizer actually kills the bacteria in the air. It’s the airborne contaminants that are
causing the toxicity. And so there is a spray that will eliminate
that bacteria, there are also HEPA filtrations. And these are units that you plug in. Some of them are boxes some of them are stand-alone
units, and you can plug those into the wall and it has a filtration system inside it. And so, as the air circulates through the
room (and you want to keep your ceiling fans on,) as the air circulates through the room,
it cycles into that HEPA filtration and it takes in all the bad odors and it processes
clean air. So, it sanitizes the air by killing the bacteria. The next one is fresheners. And fresheners are not neutralizers and they
are not, sanitizers. They are smelly’s that you put into the air
to stop the stink. Now, the most popular place for this is inside
the bathroom next to your toilet, right? You go in there there’s some stink. And you want to hurry and get rid of it so
the next person that comes in doesn’t have to deal with that. So, you spray this little aerosol spray into
the air. They’re also gel and gel beads that sit on
the back of the toilet and in other areas where stink happens. Some people put these next to their animal
litter boxes. Some people will put these in their kitchen. Some people even have them inside their cars. These are just air fresheners. They don’t neutralize, they don’t remove odors,
they don’t kill bacteria. They just put smell into the air so that it
smells fresh and clean. Yay! Okay, so how do you get rid of the odors? A couple of ways. You can stop the cause of the odor. And this would even be sports equipment if
your kids come in from sports and the clothes stink. And there’s all kinds of yuck smelling, what you can do as you can take that and wash them immediately. And then leave the shoes outside for example,
so they can air out and don’t bring those inside the house. So, you can stop the stink. You can neutralize the stink. You can sanitize the odors that are in the
air by killing the bacteria. Or you can freshen the air just by putting
out some kind of a freshener to eliminate those orders. So those are your options as far as odor elimination
and odor removal. Alrighty, so I hope that helps a little bit
and until we meet again, leave the world a cleaner place than when you found it

Antonio Breitenberg

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