OBX Surf Fishing

OBX Surf Fishing

Antonio Breitenberg

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22 thoughts on “OBX Surf Fishing

  1. Robert Bennett says:

    did you get all of that from bobs bait and tackle i love the store i have the exact same things i am going there this summer i never tried to fish were the horses are i will try that this year

  2. Robert Bennett says:

    carola bait is also amazing

  3. Brooks Whitson says:

    Late August should produce some Pompano. Carolla Bait and Tackle is the only bait store I've been to in Carolla. Its hands down the most professional in my opinion. The selection is more than enough but I find the advice most helpful of all.

  4. Brooks Whitson says:

    I like the 4X4 area because you can cruise the beach at low tide to find where the holes and sloughs are so u can go back and fish them at high tide. Land marks are a great way to mark a good hole. I used my Garmin to mark the gps spots.

  5. Jack R says:

    Is that a rig with normal j-hooks or did you make your own rig?

  6. Brooks Whitson says:

    It was a top bottom rig with long shanked j hooks. They didn't have a mono leader on them. I just put the hooks right on the swivels. I had fewer tangles by keeping the hooks closer to the rig. I want to say the rig I used was like a nylon or plastic type material. I preferred these over the wire ones.

  7. Tom Jones says:

    So you used a fish finder rig with Gulp? I fish in Corolla often and all I have ever caught are spot and croaker. I assume the 4×4 area is better than the normal beach?

  8. Brooks Whitson says:

    Top bottom rig(fish finder rig) same thing… yes. I mainly used Gulp Mullet grubs white and chartreuse…I also used Fish bites Blood worms in 1/2 strips. The Gulp worked best that week for me.

  9. Ben Coates says:

    Can you make a video on how you made the rig

  10. Ben Coates says:

    O i didn't see that comment haha never mind

  11. Jose Angel Ares says:

    Hello Brooks, from Spain
    I would like to ask you two questions: first – what does OBX stand for? and second – I saw on this video you are using plastics or lures for surf fishing and I got surprised you could surf fishing with plastics because I never thought that could be work, here in Spain, we always use cut bait or worms for surf fishing and, my question is: did you use clean plastics or scented plastics? It's amazing you can surf fish using plastics. Thanks a lot and good fishing.

  12. Brooks Whitson says:

    OBX stands for the Outer banks,North Carolina. Surprisingly plastics work great. Highly recommend Berkley Gulp. They are scented.

  13. Jason D says:

    You'd be a good guide. Giving your wife some great tips.What size/brand line would you recommend for drum?

  14. cablepupp says:

    You have a nice wife one of the few that can fish !!! Great vid good times!

  15. bcask61 says:

    Nice video. Seeing the ponies is always good luck! I have another 4 weeks to sweat out until I can get back down. Save some fish for me!

  16. cvfobx23 says:

    if he is under 28 and over 27 inches the fish is illegal why would u be grilling an over size fish??? way to go man

  17. The New Gandhi says:

    this is an awesome video man. Im a huge baltimore ravens fan and i love the music in the car. I go to the outer banks every year with my family hoping to catch some drum. thanks for sharing the video for the ppl like me. good luck fishing in the future bro.

  18. WV RiverRat says:

    That's pretty cool I've never seen anyone use gulp on a top n bottom rig like that.

  19. robbie5826987 says:

    what do you catch from surf in september

  20. maryjo gibson says:

    been to corolla to do the wild horse tours.  great scenery for sure.  cant wait to go back  outer banks is awesome!

  21. bMoreBidness20 says:

    Raven Nation !!!!

  22. KTB 11u Knights says:

    man you cannot get so close to the horses i’m surprised they didn’t charge

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