O maior ERRO do Dream League Soccer

O maior ERRO do Dream League Soccer

One more video for the channel, today I decided to bring to you,
a big game mistake, this mistake didn’t happen to me, happened to a group member
Dream League Soccer Brazil Official, this group is from facebook, the group is not mine,
but I participate to see the posts, but before continuing with the video, I want to talk to you,
if you like or like the channel, subscribe to the channel,
enable notifications, leave your like in the video, my instagram will be on
description for you, who wants to follow me
just go in the description, the video was posted
by Denilson Lima, he is the one who posted
this replay in the group, I found it very strange when I saw, you will see that when
the ball hits the post she takes a dimension
that I never saw in the game, that’s why I decided
bring to you, take a look at the repetition
that I will pass to you, I don’t know if the ball hit the post,
I don’t know if it was a goal, because I only saw this kick
from a single angle, you can see that when
the ball hits the goal, she goes upstairs and disappears, if the repetition was not cut
the ball would keep going up, there is an error in the game you when
charge the side in the stands, she was turning
out of the field, then go to
opponent’s area, it’s a weird mistake of the game, if you like me
I will make a video about it, I hope you have
liked the video, God bless life
from each of you, until the next video and
God be with me, I went.

Antonio Breitenberg

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12 thoughts on “O maior ERRO do Dream League Soccer

  1. Victot Lima says:

    ISO já aconteceu com migo😂😂😂😂

  2. Victot Lima says:

    ISO já aconteceu com migo😂😂😂😂

  3. Gustavo Bueno says:

    Esses bug a maioria ja me aconteceu


    Isso tbm ja aconteceu comigo imgraçado

  5. Tio Orochi says:

    Faz como ter o DLS 2018 e 2019 sem desinstalar o outro

  6. AZŮL ARTICØ says:

    Olha meu canal

  7. SOLLAST TM says:

    Isso ja aconteceu cmg, so q a bola n saiu do campo, ela foi mt alta que nem essa e o jogador dominou tranquilasso de peito


    O primeiro ja aconteceu comigo quando eu chutei co dybala

  9. YOTA says:

    Quem ai fez um gol no meio do campo no DLS 17 tinha esse bug foi foda kkk na hora q começou a partida eu chutei muito forte sem querer

  10. TheDashBoy says:

    A mi ese bug ya me sucedió cuando metí un gol y fue aún más extraño y lo tengo grabado

  11. Victor Gabriel says:

    Já aconteceu comigo o bug da trave

  12. Alexandre Barradas says:

    Já me acanteceu isso no ds

  13. Falcão Jr 12 says:

    Trais o bug da anquibancada

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