Novo Dream League Soccer 2020 Lançamento Oficial em Breve

One more video for the channel, today I decided to bring to you
the official date of the DLS 2020, to the people who spoke
that the game had died, remember that I always spoke
that would come a new game, I said it would be between March or April,
I missed the month but I thought it would be 2020, the game will come out in january 2020,
this is official date and not invention, I said I would go out in
March or April because there was a version of the game that there was
left in those months, That’s why I said that
it would be on those dates, but officially
will leave in January, you can see that the
Facebook page original of the game released a
video talking about it, there were a lot of people talking
that the game had died, in the video appears a little of the graph
of the game and the release date appears, at the end of the video it appears that the
game will be released in January 2020, the video is really short,
just to tell you that, because a lot of people ask,
so there will be DLS 2020, I will soon say what I thought of this
video graphic and possible news, God bless life
from each of you, until the next video and
God be with me, I went.

Antonio Breitenberg

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