North Korea; Off-Piste | 4K Snowboarding in the Secret State

North Korea; Off-Piste | 4K Snowboarding in the Secret State

My name’s Jamie Barrow and i’m Britain’s fastest
snowboarder. We’re here in the beautiful Beijing on the Great Wall of China, and tomorrow,
thanks to Uri Tours, we have been given special permision to film and snowboard within the
most secretive country in the world… North Korea. I’m always looking for exciting new projects,
and when I found out there is a ski resort in North Korea, I couldn’t miss the opportunity. It was nice to meet a mixture of tourists
who were going and we were excited to find out why they chose North Korea out of anywhere
in the world. Not many people really know about the country
which is one of the main reasons why I want to go. I’m looking forward to seeing first hand what
the country is really about and getting to know the people, the culture. I live a very structured life and I just had
an impulsive OK I just want to do something crazy now. Maybe the biggest thing is the question. You
don’t know what’s here. You get a picture through Western media, which might or might
not be very skewed. Despite many people advising us not to go,
and there being a missile test just days before, we headed into Pyongyang, the capital of the
DPRK. When we landed, we met up with our two guides
and driver who would be watching over us for the week. Our first stop was the great bronze Mansudae
statues, where we were told to lay flowers to show respects to the leaders. Finally got flowers on valentines day! Might
not be for the right reasons. We arrived at the hotel late that night, it
was isolated on an island away from the city and we were forbidden from leaving unattended. There was a revolving restaurant, a casino
that wasn’t open, a swimming pool, and even a bowling alley. Roast flatfish, fried chicken with breadcrumbs,
and vegetable satay for breakfast. Under the watchful eye of our tour guides,
we were whisked around the city to see all the sights. More great statues and marble monuments pay
tribute to the leaders and serve as reminders of the Korean war and a country divided in
two. Travelling around the city, we look for a
glimpse of what everyday life is like in Pyongyang. Our guides were always watching us, making
sure we would only film what they wanted us to see. From the media you see empty streets and everything
being staged for tourists, very scripted, but being here its obviously not the whole
truth. Many of the places we visited the streets
were empty, but preparations were being made for the leaders birthday and we were taken
to see some traditional mass dancing. Someone said, when we come here, they think
we are the devil, and we think that they are robots, right. But it turns out that neither
of us are right. You do get to see what North Koreans do and how they live their lives,
and you meet people, it’s been surprising. 180 kilometres south of Pyongyang is the Demilitarised
zone, which is the most heavily militarised border in the world. They were proud to show us all the American
planes, tanks, and helicopters that were captured in the Korean war. Ok, yeh that would not have been good being
in there. They were particularity proud of the USS Pueblo,
an American spy ship that caused an international incident when it was attacked and captured
by North Korea in 1968. It looks more comfortable than our bed in
the hotel actually. I’m trying to keep an open mind for it all.
It’s a bit… Yeh, I don’t know how to describe it. What’s more weird is that there’s literally
no one around. We’re the only ones in the whole museum. After an exhausting few days in Pyongyang
it was Kim Jong il’s Birthday and we were treated to the biggest fireworks display we
had ever seen. Today we’re heading up to the Masikyong ski
resort. We had a good few days in Pyongyang and really looking for a good few days riding
on the mountain. I was just mind blown by the resort. This amazing hotel at the end of a 4 hour
bumpy ride pops out of nothing. We made it to the Masikyong ski resort. It’s
a bit crazy to actually be here. I’m smiling a lot more now. A few days in
the city and now we’re finally in the mountains. And Kim’s looking forward to it as well. We checked in and set off to explore the hotel.
It was the first time we were allowed out on our own without our tour guides. There’s not one person coming down the big
slopes. There’s some nice steep slopes, we can go get some speed on that. So we’re going to go downstairs into the basement
where all the excitement of the hotel happens. North Korean hair cut. Ah here we go, here
are the different North Korean hair cuts you can get. How much? 1 Dollar. Because these are coupons.
What she’s doing it… No! Don’t laugh. Well that was fun, I wanted to have a go at that. It feels a little bit weird to be perfectly
honest. But it is beautiful. Not in line with much other stuff that we see except maybe
the Mausoleum. There’s always someone helping you and they’re
catering you. So this is the room where Dennis Rodman stayed
when he came. Is that one snake? Two snakes. As our guides had been so kind pointing us
in the right direction, we thought it would only be right to return the favour. Bend. Straight. Bend. OK? There you go. That’s it. Hold that. Toes up. That’s good. It’s OK i’m here don’t worry. Ok. You’re going to point forward again. You
ready? Keep going, keep going, keep going. Good.
Good good good. Well done Anne. They’re getting the hang of it. And look you
can see the smile on their faces. It’s quite nice. Good good. Point where you’re going. Good
good. Yes! Good. She said this is better than skiing. This
what we’re trying to get going. Good. Very good. She’s crazy. She’s like I want
to go from here, I want to go higher, to go faster. This is awesome! Well done! We’re going up to the first run. It seems
like everyone’s down at the beginner and intermediate slopes so the slopes from the top there’s
not one person coming down so it’s completely free for us. You have to keep pinching yourself realising
where you are. We’re in North Korea. Going Snowboarding. It’s our last day in the DPRK and you never
get this. Fresh powder day, sunny sky, and absolutely no one else on the slopes. I still don’t know what it is. I don’t know
what’s going on here. Obviously there’s the politics and there’s the people and they’re
separate things. Most everything I came in with has sort of been tossed out or re thought. I’m not really sure how to put it to words
but I do have a completely different view of this country. For sure. There are some places we may never truly understand
and we can only show you what was shown to us; a small piece of a much bigger picture. None the less, the opportunity to glance inside
the most secretive country in the world gave us a few more answers and a lot more questions
than we started out with.

Antonio Breitenberg

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18 thoughts on “North Korea; Off-Piste | 4K Snowboarding in the Secret State

  1. Sunder Turbobrute says:

    I wanna ride in Best Korea now.

  2. Keenen Watts says:

    9:57 only in North Korea do the people walk in place…

  3. chucky ! says:

    Fuck yeah! Not one single other person on lift accessed, completely untracked pow! Shut up and take my money!

  4. The19maik86 says:

    At least the fireworks have some range

  5. MLGmounted says:

    if you'd get in trouble there dont wait for help boy , nice idea to visit north Korea while american/korean army is nearby waiting for attack, how much people out there chilling, cant count

  6. Jake C says:

    What's the song at 10:40 ?

  7. thatonekid says:

    But where is everyone??

  8. Joe Wagz says:

    I feel like a deja vu coming soon… North Korea hosting the winter Olympics, and then WW3 after the Olympics… We'll never know what will the future bring and what North Korea is planning.

  9. Isak I. M. K. says:

    Whats the choir music in the background?

  10. Paul Gwalion says:

    Really enjoyed that. Thanks.

  11. Ergo says:

    all the interviewees look terrified of saying the wrong thing lest they get sent to a gulag/concentration camp and end up like Otto Warmbier. :(*

  12. Ahorn says:

    Nice video! Pleas can tell me some one, what is the name of this music 8:50– 10:00 min. PLEAS!

  13. benn1s says:

    They make you all do the same things.. All the movies are the same.

  14. David Barnes says:

    What a credit you are to your parents, marvellous attitude and manner with a hint of humour!

  15. photogeen says:

    It looks just like Romania before '89. 1% beauty on the back of 99% starving. And the West ofc reaches to see the 1%.

  16. the shop says:

    Jump rope in N. Korea? They might do more than just pull your ticket!

  17. M.J. Leger says:

    This dude (who calls it "North Kor-eer" probably wouldn't have had such a pleasant trip had it not been for National Geographic filming it! They saw and filmed the EXACT propaganda that NK wanted them to film, no more, but a lot less! We see that NK certainly wanted to make sure this group saw all the captured American planes, ships, vehicles, etc. that they have up for everyone to spit on when visitors aren't looking — NKs hate America, but you can't really blame the people, as if they didn't do exactly what "King Kim" wants them to do, they will end up dead or in a labor camp like Otto Warmbier.

  18. Daniel Troger says:

    DAmn! And I wondered why it was in 1080p, on natgeo, here the vid is in it's whole beauty!

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