Nitro Mountain – 2019 Snowboard Review

Nitro Mountain – 2019 Snowboard Review

I’m Rob from Snowtrax , and this is the Nitro Mountain. This was the board that got fought over quite a lot out the test and most of our riders were drawn to the graphics straight away shape looked right up their street, and actually when you got to ride it the performance was exactly what we wanted from the board. heavier riders lighter riders like myself we all got on with it really nicely aggressive riders if you’re looking to ride on piste and off piste, this is a really really good option for you. So what have we got going on? It’s still part of their directional freeride series but we’ve taper it slightly set back you can actually see if we point out the tail here slight little V cut in there good stability and softer snow, nice powerful driver nose so when you’re actually in the deep stuff this just drives forward and really kicks up and you can have a lot of fun with it really drive it into those long sort of powerful turns. On piste tip and tail shaping allows bite point to come quite far up so you still get a lot of edge so a lot of driving in and out of the turns without feeling like you’ve got a lot of a lot of board to kind of drive in it doesn’t feel like a boat at all super nimble great fun board in the turns I’d say firm favourite out and test Nick Adam all of us had a blast on this and it was kind of the one board out the Nitro range that a lot of the guys were fighting over so for all Mountain riders little bit aggressive doesn’t matter slightly lighter or heavier good option for you

Antonio Breitenberg

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