NiKO TRAPPED IN BUBBLES!! building a water park in the backyard skatepark with crazy kids!

NiKO TRAPPED IN BUBBLES!! building a water park in the backyard skatepark with crazy kids!

– Oh let’s add some more bubbles! Dad, bubble up! – And make some bubbles on here – Kids more bubbles! – Whoa! – Whoa you’re building a bubble fort – [Mom] Oh my Gosh! Niko,
Niko, Niko, Niko, Niko! Babe he’s drinking your drink! – Make sure there’s zero sugar – No! – [Dad] Today starts with pizza Adley wanted pizza and
going to the wishing fountain so welcome to
another best day ever – I need to go home – [Dad] What about the wishing fountain? – Let’s go to the wishing fountain, bye! (laughs) – Dad let’s go to the
wishing fountain now. I need to go potty, Dad!
Dad I have to go potty. – Your turn! – Nah, nah your turn. Your turn – When it’s a single
bathroom that means you do it – [Dad] Hey! Over here. Guess how me and Brandon got here? – On your motor cycles? – [Dad] Yeah, me and Brandon
went for a motorcylce ride – Look at Brandon’s new motorcyle – [Brandon] You like it? – Yeah – [Brandon] You like the yellow? – Yeah – [Brandon] That’s so cool – Dad! – [Dad] What? – I like Daddy’s more – [Dad] Oh yeah you like the black? – Yeah. Dad you’re twinners with Brandon – [Dad] We are twinners. What’s up twinners? – I want to be twins! – No! (Melancholy music) – Only boys have them (laughter) – [Dad] Only boys. Is that your motorcycle? – Yeah – Ugh Houston we have a problem. – [Niko] What? – There’s no water. (screams) – [Dad] Adley, You can’t make a wish – Aw – [Dad] I heard if you make
a wish while your riding a goose, it will come true. – Make a wish, then you
quack like a goose three times. – [Dad] Do gooses quack? – They honk – [Dad] I think they honk, yeah. – Um I wish that we had a new plant in the back yard. – A new what? – A new plant in the backyard. – Plant? – [Dad] Clamped? – Plant. – [Dad] A new plant in the backyard. That’s your wish? Alright, what the- All right now you need
to honk three times. – [Mom] That’s really good actually – To the backyard to look for a new plant. To give the vlog an update, everyone is playing in the park slip and slide. Woo that was a good one! Pretty much the best day ever stuff just continues and Niko really likes the squash pad. He like full on gets splashed in the face. Have you noticed that? – I told you guys, you
can’t get out if you get water in there. (laughs) – [Dad] Hey Adley got out! – I can get out! – Who knew a skate park
could be so much fun – Right? See I totally had this in my mind when I built it. And Niko loves the water he goes like full face in water, huh? – Yeah I saw him crawl over once, It hit his face, chest, stomach – And then your like “Oh no” and then he comes out just smiling. – I love it – Yeah, he loves it – Let see if his hands are the same size, look touch this. Oh they’re bigger! Good job buddy, you’re growing! Wow he did that really good. – [Mom] What about you dad? – Mine is the exact same! – [Mom] Nice! – Ah! Slippery! – Should we go down Niko? Hey Adley! We’re coming! Woo! – [Mom] Oh come here I’ll help you Oh, yeah! Hey buddy! How are you gonna get out? I can’t get you! Woo! – Look at him slipper out. – I like that one because
then he can’t backwash. Yep. – [Dad] The kids are
playing on the splash pad and Niko’s drinking – You have a really fun backyard. – [Dad] I love our backyard. I probably said this a ton before, but we didn’t have a backyard
for the first 9 years of being married. I didn’t really care. And now that we have one I’m like wow, this is the most important
thing in the world. – We’re always out here – [Dad] Adley got shots the other day and those are her battle wounds. (uptempo music) – [Mom] Are you nervous? – Here we go. – She was so brave. She didn’t even cry, guys. She was so tough. She was a little upset afterwards. But, I love her. – [Dad] Aren’t those delicious? – They are so good. – Our neighbor just handed us tacos over the fence and they are amazing. I am like drooling. – I don’t know if our
neighbors watch our videos but if you guys do thank you so much. – (laughing) I don’t think they do. – [Dad] And even Nikos eating. – Mhm. (kids screaming and playing) – [Dad] You guys are crazy. What? You’re crazy. – I need to go somewhere now. – [Dad] Oh you don’t need to go anywhere. – I do! – [Dad] Where do you need to go? – Somewhere. – [Dad] What’s the password? – I don’t know. – [Dad] Well then you can’t go. – 8679 – [Dad] Nope, that’s not the password. Try again. – You give me a secret clue. – Niko’s name. – Niko bear? – [Dad] Yep! That’s the password. Where are you going? Hmm. What are you getting? I don’t think you even
know what you’re getting. You’re making it up right now. – Yep. (Adventure music) – [Dad] I don’t think
you know what you want. – I do! – [Dad] What do you want? – I am trying to look for – yes! I wanted this! – [Dad] What is it? – Bubbles. – [Dad] How does it work though? – You put it in bubbles. – [Dad] And then what? – (mumbles) – [Dad] Okay, Let’s go do it! – [Dad] Whatcha doing? – I’m doing this. – I can’t open it. It’s all bubbly. – [Dad] You good? – Not good. Can’t get it. I got the other one. – I guess I’m just stronger. Run! (laughing) Who needs more bubbles? Whoa, you’re building a bubble fort. – [Mom] Oh my Gosh! Niko,
Niko, Niko, Niko, Niko! Babe he’s drinking your drink! – Make sure there’s zero sugar – No! You can have this. Good job. – [Dad] Wow! Not very good at this bubbles trap. Kinda. Yes. That looks cool. Adley look! In there. (popping noises) Found you. Adley really wanted to
show you guys something. I’m like, Where’s the vlog? Then I found you outside. Lets go see! (door opens) I found them they were outside. Kay, lets see. – I have a new light
toothbrush it goes off and on and watch I even can look – [Dad] Yep, by yourself. – Then I add new toothpaste. – [Dad] Yeah you’re pretty good at that – Toothpaste. There ya go – [Dad] What the heck? – Two Adleys? – [Dad] Adley, is that you? – Yeah. – [Dad] Oh hi Adley. Wait is that the real Adley? Wait is this Adley? No that’s the mirror. (Horn honking) Which one’s Adley? – That one. – [Dad] That one? – Yeah. – [Dad] I don’t know which one’s Adley. (Laughs) – I’m Adley. – [Dad] You’re Adley? Got it. – I’m not Adley. – [Dad] Oh! That one? She’s Adley? Oh, Hi Adley. – Hi. – [Dad] Can I get a high five? – Yeah. – [Dad] Oh there, okay yeah. All right, rinse! (water running) Wow you’re really doing this good. Adley’s night routine takes like an hour. – All done. – [Dad] All done. Adley how long does
your night usually take? – Oh! It can stick. – [Dad] What? Let’s see. That is cool. I feel like the vlog is very yellow. Fun fact Oh you can’t really see but right- This is finally my chance
to finally show you. Right here. See this dial? It doesn’t have a rubber top. Like to tell you what setting you’re on. So I ever know what
setting I’m filming on. – Is that vlogging? – Yeah this is vloggy. I’m going to try and change the setting while I’m filming and see what happens. I fixed it! See I knew it was yellow I just had to rotate that thing around. – My toothbrush. Ah, I fell. – Whoa, get out of the sink! – Kids don’t play in sinks. – [Dad] Whoa, oh! Hey that was all you. That wasn’t me buddy. Let’s go to bed, yo! Oh hey we got to take your things out. – This is like the hardest part. – [Adley] They’re already out. – No they’re not. I got to take it out
and I’m not good at it. That was pro. – Pro, pro. – Pro, pro. I did good that time huh? – This one is going to
pull out all my hair. – I’m sorry. Oh yeah. Do you want to look in the vlog? Right there? That’s the vlog. Were you in it? – Yeah. I can’t reach. I need some – – Wait? Did you end it? – No. – That’s not the vlog. Which one’s the vlog? – I don’t know. Which one’s the vloggy? – I think it’s that one. – Yeah. – No, it’s this one. – No it’s not. – It’s that one? – Oh, Daddy! – Are you dad? I don’t know. Who’s real? – Everyone’s fake in there. – Everyone’s fake in there? Or everyone’s fake in here? Are you fake? Or are you real? – Fake. – Fake, got it. Am I – Now that’s fake Dad. – No that’s the real Dad. I’m inside the mirror. – What? You’re inside the mirror? – Yep. – How’d you do that? Wait there’s two of you! You have two heads. Whoa, that was fancy. See this is like why bed
routine takes like an hour. Let’s go to bed. – Can I show them something? Follow me. – As long as it’s in your
room or one step closer. – It’s in the toy room. – Nope, shhh! Just one thing. Hurry. Okay cool (laughing) come on, let’s go to bed you stinker. (whispering) it was just like the garage. It’s like a new thing she’s doing I think. Did we – wait I thought we already ended the vlog? – No we didn’t. – [Dad] Was that the fake vlog we ended? – Yeah! – [Dad] Oh! Now we
gotta end the real vlog. Who’s gonna do it? Me or you? – Me. – Me. Rock paper scissors. Rock, paper, scissors shoot! What? – Thanks for watching! Bye! (upbeat orchestra) – What? – Oh, no!

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