Nike | Dream Further

Nike | Dream Further

A billion people tuning
into the match between… Hey, you ready? Netherlands and Nigeria
before a capacity crowd. You’re not done. Lieke tries to take the ball
back – she gets the ball! Now it’s getting dangerous… And she shoots
and it’s a goal!!!!!!!! What a beautiful moment!! Today – Today We have played – We have played Kirby racing to the ball. Let’s go! Let’s go!
Let’s go! Let’s go! Oh Off the post, ball to
Ji So Yun, Korea on the attack. Alright, get together.
Get strong. Oh, excuse me! That’s the cover! Women’s football game
sets new sales record. Here comes the cross. Andressa,
with a bicycle kick! Goal! Goal! Wang Shuang
rocks the world yet again! The biggest turnout ever seen
in sports, how does it feel? Here’s Barca making a last push.
And there’s a foul. Philippe, Philippe.
Back post, Gerard. Ok? Big opportunity for
coach Alex Scott and her team. Pique, around the back! Coutinho for Pique, goal! The league’s first
female coach makes history. Keeper fires to Dunn. Ah, that’s incredible footwork! She’s on the move! Foul! Foul! Big chance for Australia!
Kerr setting up for the kick. What’s happening here? Goal! Goal! Goal! Goal! Goal! Hey, you ready? Don’t change your dream.
Change the world.

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Nike | Dream Further

  1. かたくねこのプリン says:


  2. Laurencia Florentine Dieck says:

    i am crying….. i just watched my childhood dream in a commercial.

  3. Wheezy Bruh says:

    Noone Cates about women sports

  4. Inozation _ss says:

    Obviously Nigeria won 10-0

  5. Raquel Brandão says:

    Amei! Essa menina é incrível!

  6. football players says:

    Like & subscribe

  7. Sanath Hemantha says:

    These ads making me crazy ❤

  8. Mayank Raman says:

    Everyone free-kick gesture is like Ronaldo

  9. Pes lover 909 Love pes says:

    I wish she was always Barcelona not psg

  10. Pietro Pofferi says:

    Nike fait toujours des vidéos magnifiques !

  11. Olancho Salvaje says:

    Oh you stupid lambs.

  12. Anouar dz says:

    Nike is a top of making ads 😍😍

  13. Roger Ward says:

    Any white people?

  14. Aryan Kothari says:

    Who thinks she is Xavi simmoms

  15. Takashi says:

    There an extra player on that field? how can the refree not catch this!

  16. Na Naa says:

    This ad encourages especially girls over the world

  17. sandra hopkins says:

    oof im jealous of her

  18. XM says:

    I'd clap that little girl

  19. Nathan Flores says:

    yo this whole video gave me chills and kept me on the edge of my seat hahaha

  20. Leonard Constantin says:

    Only bitches in Nike commercials.. 🤦‍♂️

  21. Edgar M says:

    This kind of child explotation I can tolerate, congrats Nike you are getting better!

  22. AIMC says:

    tell me the name of this music

  23. D C P M says:


  24. Mr troll says:

    Ufas muy bueno

  25. Micheal Bandele says:

    Ronda Rousey's theme song

  26. Agata Lissidini says:

    Love WOMEN'S SOCCER ⚽🏆💙❤😙🔝

  27. FRGR Lima says:

    Meu sonhooooo

  28. FRGR Lima says:

    Queriaaaaaaaaaa tantooooo

  29. Redaman The creator says:

    Anyone knows the photo shoot song pls

  30. 정직한사람 says:

    1:42 Coutinho move to Munich😂😂😂
    Sponsored Adidas football

  31. RoB LoXx says:

    Euh… wtf

  32. juliette bangura says:

    football is a unisex sport

  33. Matthias Walter says:

    What’s this song? It sounds cool

  34. SIMON GOL says:


  35. Moderne Mod says:

    The Monsanto of sports…..

  36. Yahoska García says:


  37. cristina acosta says:

    Nike me patrocína pfv!!!

  38. Fernando Sibina says:

    Womans football is trash

  39. Ninfa chilanga says:

    This just made me cry! Nike is doing something awesome with this videos!!

  40. Alessio Fazzari says:

    I reckon this girl look like Xavi Simmons sister

  41. •Snap • says:

    I have the biggest dream to be a soccer player and do good since 3
    Mark my words – David Ramirez

  42. RustyHornzMusic - Golden Era Hip Hop Production says:

    I've Not Seen Action Movies That Were More Exiting Than Those 3 Minutes!

  43. nası ya says:

    where's neymar????

  44. T LP says:

    Not CR7.
    Not Viral

  45. BIG E says:

    Her playing soccer at 9yr (which I know she not really playing)
    Me at 10 trying to do a cartwheel

  46. BIG E says:

    Girl:you ready
    Girl soccer player:what do you means I been playing for 20 years

  47. Nurzhan Ibraimov says:

    Music – > bad reputation – joan jett & the blackhearts

  48. jacob Thornquest says:

    WOW does she have a boyfriend 😶⚽️

  49. hermitatpeace says:

    I dont get it. I understand its supposed to empower women…little girls…but I didnt care for this one…Doesn't work, for me.

  50. Agata Lissidini says:

    The Best Nike's video⚽🏆❤🌎

  51. guy sumpthin says:

    Best overall Nike ever : vxt . Most under promoted nike ever vxt

  52. Clint Tompkins says:

    Okay I actually liked thus

  53. Ava Hunter says:

    Lol I just got into the my islands football women’s team that could be me some day

  54. Ava Hunter says:

    As well as that is ours u in such a good mood

  55. kamran ahmed says:

    Sooo we all know who barça replaced in place of valvarde 😂😂

  56. HENDAK Diastro says:

    No te empoderas de ediciones, no te empoderas de ediciones. Turutututu

  57. Brisa Garcia Martinez says:


  58. Lumpy says:

    “Woman football game sets new record “ lol

  59. Анжела Лалиева says:

    Very very good!

  60. Micro flamme says:


  61. jupiter is a bean says:

    asisat!!!! represent!

  62. Dimitar Stoyanov says:

    Ok how the fuck can a women coach men

  63. Leticia González says:

    Yo juego muy bien con el balón ⚽️ y soy mujer tengo 8 años y sé tocar muy bien la pelota cada vez que veo ese video me anima mucho mas para cumplir mis sueños de ser una buena futbolista profesional no me importa lo que digan los de mas si soy niña cada quien decide el deporte que quiere y yo soy una de esas niñas que sola lloro por no asistir a un entrenamiento o partido eso lo debo de aprovechar mucho la que asta sueño jugando fútbol y nunca hay que olvidar que tiño puedes hacer algo que quieres hacer y siempre hay que recordar que el fútbol también es femenil Gracias NIKE por darnos una buena oportunidad de jugar al juego que nos gusta 😍⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️

  64. Angel D274 says:


  65. Alpha Paw says:

    Apparently only girls can dream further? Never saw a boy get one of these vids

  66. S. Jo. says:

    Now can we do one where a dude is celebrated for pursuing ballet, figure skating or nursing.

  67. Tha Salva says:

    This is the same company that used kids in China to make their products. Yea well done..
    Sell outs to a genocidal regime…

  68. Dylano Albers says:


  69. Emyjay Holloway says:

    Sam Kerr

  70. John Glen says:

    It’s funny how they say 1 billion because we all know that’s cap.

  71. John Glen says:

    Since when could dishwashers play football??

  72. PRO ERS says:

    Who is Dutch wie is Nederlands lekker het Nederlands elftal🤣

  73. PRO ERS says:

    Eerst lieke Martens than a english team what is vs Japanse team wat gebeurd hier still i saw lieke Martens and the Dutch tean

  74. PRO ERS says:

    Neymar is playing welcome to China what couthinho coaching like the girl is like what?!

  75. Naomi Januschewski says:

    So pretty! Thanks Nike to this wounderful Viedeo with Womenssoccer ❤❤

  76. daira vlogs says:

    Loved it!

  77. Cap Vlogger says:

    Next level

  78. ashok menon says:

    Best ad ever, so much i forget its an ad

  79. Yurokva says:

    At 1:35 not gonna lie, Asian dude looking extra fine no cap

  80. Yu Eason says:

    Imagine if that happens to you

  81. Eugenia Escobar says:

    Me Encanta La Camisa De Nigeria

  82. Gift Obasuyi says:


  83. TheLastOf TheMonitos says:

    FFF (Fuck Female Football)

  84. patrick andersson says:

    A ridiculous PC-feminist comercial by Nike.

  85. Lps Tabbycat says:

    I met that girl at a soccer game in north carolina!!

  86. Gp thoughts says:

    Nike make great player with great advertise ♥️ u Nike

  87. James Jones says:

    Shit is that real dunn and kerr and jisoyoean?

  88. a q says:


  89. şira alışkan says:

    This video is make me happy ı love you nike and nike's commercial

  90. Fort Nut says:

    This my sister

  91. markylokuraz :v yolo09 says:

    I'm the only one who thinks the brunette girl is cute?

  92. Justin Nartey says:


  93. Martha Aldana says:

    Interrumpen una meditación para regenerar y restaurar la salud con un comercial del cual no hay forma de salir. Nunca apareció la opción de omitir anuncio… No se vale…

  94. Martha Aldana says:

    Aun no se como salir….

  95. Martha Aldana says:

    Apagarse mi tableta al parecer es la única opción… Si alguien lee esto… Por favor me puede indicar que hacer para parar la andanada de comerciales en medio de una meditación? Por favor….

  96. B. Lara says:

    Pinches comerciales tan más pinches motivacionales

  97. Gloria Escobedo says:

    Jiys meyer

  98. Nate Mr. Lucky says:

    Wtf? There's woman's soccer?!?

  99. Matsulo says:

    This is so cringe. Nike does not give a damn about equality. They are a corporation who profited from child labour.

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