ola youtube my name is Ricardo lino and
I’m a wheel addict I just bought the newest DVD from Mike Torrez yes a DVD of
VOD my god this is not working today all ola youtube my name is Ricardo Lino and I’m a
wheel addict I just bought the newest VOD from Mike Torres it’s called nights and
weekends I think that’s it that’s the weekends
yes by the name it seems like it’s something that was filmed after work
after school and obviously on weekends when people are not basically by the
name you would think it’s done by non-professional skaters
there’s not a lot of professional skaters out there nowadays but still
after watching that all those guys should be professionals basically what
I’m trying to say like the level of skating is amazing from our gusto
Castillo I think that’s his name which is the guy as the first profile
and it’s one of the guys that helped Mike Torres with the video that guy is a
really really good section our gusto Castillo as one trick which
it’s hard to explain but basically it slides on on both front wheels on a
bench on the wooden bench and it slides on both front wheels and then it still
pops out of it which means that is completely in control of it it’s really
hard to explain you really really need to see it because that’s what it is and
then the second guy is Eddie chunk I think that’s I said Eddie chunk with
this Chinese music I think he is an Asian for sure I think he might be
Chinese by the name but I’m not really sure but his first trick got me like yes
I’m not gonna say it it’s just like a super precise 360 but it’s hard to
explain the spot I’m not gonna explain the spot and I’m not going section by
section there’s a lot of really good tricks there’s one trick from someone
that I wasn’t expecting which is Garrett’s Lobby I don’t know if you
remember Garrett from Live Plus videos but
used to be amazing and I’m really really happy to see that guy still skating then
there’s this other guy I had to leave this there because I didn’t know all
these guys names but there was a guy let me see if I remember his name
I think it’s Nick Fatah let me see it’s this guy the guy there’s a lot of
amazing tricks but it’s this guy this guy Ted loves it awesome I loved all the
streaks it’s just yes like Queen style he loves to do gaps the first trick that
it does is a proper spell over the back of a car it’s amazing I’m not gonna talk
all the tricks man I need to stop because otherwise I’m just telling you
everything in division that you don’t want to buy it and you need to buy it I
can also say that the last trick from Grant Hazleton it’s amazing and he ate a
lot of things he ate a lot of to land it but it did Leonard of course Mike Torrez
as a section a section is really good there’s a lot of tricks also weed wizard
frames which makes it super different from the rest of the the guys but at the
same time it all fits the way it was filmed it’s
it’s kind of like I would say that this video is kind of like a mix of
skateboarding with all the rawness and the fisheye but then the cinematography
in the mood in this video it’s amazing you’ll see some stuff that was filmed by
Austin Parks I think it was like all the drone shots and stuff was filmed by
Austin pass I wish there were more tricks from Austin pass so as I wish
there was some tricks from abdul goldberg that is living in New York
right now well I think from Austin powders a few tricks or there’s a trick
but from AB deal there’s no tricks and then the last section is just in Brasco
I just wish there was more stuff from just in Brasco out there because you
might have seen the thing that I did last year
this is on another level is I’m not gonna say any of his tricks you just
need to see it so basically Mike Torres is not asking
for any money in specific you can pay how much you want for this VOD for those
of you who don’t know I have expended a few times with a VOD is VOD means video
on-demand and basically it’s a video that you can buy instead of being opened
on YouTube or Vimeo or Facebook or whatever basically there’s a lot more
work put into that what do you see here right now what do you see here these
type of videos that I do almost every day I called them disposable basically I
try to bring content every single day so that you can have something to watch
every single day yes it’s free and it’s also a lot of work but you can’t compare
with that that’s like a hard piece basically those guys work according to
name after work weekends they all got together to get that project going and
it’s well worth whatever you think you’re gonna pay for it I paid $10 but I
think I should have paid more so I might still go and put some more cash in my
actors account because it’s really well worth it and there’s also some other VOD
that came out over the last month the last one that I bought before this was
avalancha and avalancha is from mark Moreno I would say it’s a completely
different video but the scaling is also super super creative and I really love
the rawness of it it’s it’s a lot more like a skateboarding style video like I
wouldn’t say old-school skateboarding is more like a new-school
yeah like a new-school skateboarding video there’s a lot of fisheye shots
it’s it’s also really nice filmed but the spots that they skate on avalancha
it’s just awesome you just need to see it because they went to the the Spanish
islands they went to Canary as they went to
to Majorca and the spots that they found mark Moreno and ELISA Manero oh my god
banana is this is the machine man the trick that it does in that video is just
like to drink after another I think is the one with the most clips in that
video also there’s like some tricks from Lyon on phrase of Carol Lindbergh
there’s streaks from a lot of really really good skaters I guess you really
need to see it too so I’m gonna leave the link in the description for both
these vo days and if you’re willing to spend a little bit of money
well you’re supporting the skate industry so that’s a way for you to help
these all thing going and that’s what I wanted to tell it today guys so I hope
you guys enjoyed this one if you did enjoyed this one don’t forget to
subscribe to the channel there’s a little red button if the button is great
don’t click on it but if it’s red click on it and make it great once it’s great
there will be a bell on the side bells just something like this if you press on
that Bell there’s two more little things that I don’t know the name of those
things that will show up if those two things are outside the Bell that means
that you gotta get notifications every time I upload one of these videos like
either you’re on the phone or email or something like that
if you’re subscribing you’re not gonna get any notification but if you might
suggest this video to you a little bit more often than normal that’s it and
really important just like I always say don’t forget why we all started skating
because it’s fun cheers guys and season

Antonio Breitenberg

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  1. GreenTools NYC says:

    Yoo yooooooooooo[ooooooooooo

  2. Guillermo V. says:

    Support something

  3. Jojo Mahama says:

    🗣Everyone go buy it!!!!!!!!!🗣

  4. Jc Marshall says:

    Augusto = steeze!

  5. Marshall Jackson says:

    You need to visit and skate in Texas, Ricardo! Preferably Houston! People are great and downtown has some fun spots! Keep skating the dream! 🤘🏼

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  7. LilJoker247 says:

    🙂 im so glad you do videos like this 😀 #purchased

  8. Safalada Grande says:

    Not the first time that I see you in that JNA uniform 😂

  9. daves2hd says:

    As the weather is improving with spring over here is there any chance you have time to make some how to videos again anytime soon? I would be interested in what you would include in some basic practice routines.

  10. Jaka Kragelj says:

    Thanks for reminding me about these VODs. Can you make more videos like this to highlight the interesting VODs when they are released?

  11. Adi C says:

    Lino nice video!

  12. James Towers says:

    Already bought AVALANCHA a couple of months ago and that was a real nice piece of filming.
    Enjoyed the spot selection and styled and dialed riding 🙌

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