Night Run Surfers Paradise,  Australia | 30 min | POV Treadmill Virtual Run Walk | Ambient Sound

Night Run Surfers Paradise, Australia | 30 min | POV Treadmill Virtual Run Walk | Ambient Sound

You and I are going to explore Surfers Paradise, Australia at night. This is Treadmill Pack. Let’s explore the heart of Surfers Paradise
at night; the beaches, foreshore paths, streets, and Cavill Avenue. Surfers Paradise is one of Australia’s most popular holiday destinations. Check the notes for additional information. Please hit the like button as it makes it easier for others to discover the channel. Turn your preferred music on and lets Go! It is around 8:00 pm on a school holiday weeknight Cavill Avenue Mall is at the base of
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Dark outside? There is nothing better than a night run! Let’s go with those emotions for a virtual 32 minute evening run or walk at Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. A casual paced run filmed at around 8:00pm on a school holiday weeknight.

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The Run Down:
Join me on Main Beach just south of Cavill Avenue. We are going to beach run north for about 5 minutes then head onto the foreshore path before commencing two anticlockwise laps of the local streets. Both laps are different, the second including Cavill Avenue. We’ll then head back to the foreshore path before returning to the beach for final beach run.
There is a chapter marker to jump to the start

00:35 Run commences

Join us on your treadmill, stationary bicycle, stair climber, elliptical rider or even your home fitness circuit.

I run to these videos on my treadmill in my garage, that is why I make them. I’ve been a runner for over forty years. I’m carrying a few injuries but I’m still going! If I don’t like the quality or I can’t run to the video I don’t post it!

Head across to my channel to complete daylight beach and street runs in the area.

The translations have been completed either by youtube translation or If there are any errors please assist by making necessary corrections.

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Video Quality: Filmed in 4K
Run Time: 32:00 minutes
True Distance: Approx. 6.2 km

I am not a paid affiliate of any of these listed companies.

Intro map route: Relive – available in apple and android version. Relive turns your adventure into a personal video worth sharing.

Intro Music: ‘Flex’ by Jeremy Blake via Youtube

Gimbal: Feiyu Tech SPG c.
Gimbal pole: Andoer G4 Series Adjustable Extension Pole for Feiyu Tech
Camera: Gopro 6
SD Card: SanDisk Extreme Pro 64gb MicroSD Micro SD SDXC. Class 10 V30 4K
Gopro Adaptor: ‘For the Gopro 6’ Adapter Mount Holder for handheld Feiyu Tech. Elkhorn Avenue Gold Coast Highway Beach Road – heading towards the beach I’ll save your ears and remove the sirens from the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service Elkhorn Avenue Surfers Paradise Boulevard Cavill Avenue The Esplanade – heading north Well done. 30 minutes of exercise completed!

Antonio Breitenberg

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4 thoughts on “Night Run Surfers Paradise, Australia | 30 min | POV Treadmill Virtual Run Walk | Ambient Sound

  1. Treadmill Pack says:

    Hello everyone,   I thought I’d try something different.  As a shift worker for a few decades I have to exercise around work as do millions of others in modern society. There are not many night fitness videos that I’ve been able to locate, probably due to lighting and the camera struggling!  I thought I’d experiment with some of the GoPro settings and attempt to give you a feel for Surfers Paradise at night; I hope you enjoy it.  I enjoy reading your feedback about the runs and how you train.

  2. T S says:

    Hey man….. these videos are nice and all but if I might make a recommendation that'd give them more value to those of us stuck indoors on the mill….. use captions to make actual workouts out of them. You don't have to necessarily match what's going on in the scenery…. that's just eye candy. Just throw a 7.5mph incline 1.5 in the corner for a few mins…. then maybe throw in some change ups…. up the speed or incline….. or decrease….. or whatever. Turn some scenic videos into guided runs for treadmillers and you'll up the output of every experience for those running along.

  3. World Nature Video says:

    love that beach

  4. NationalParksTrails USA says:

    Nice change of pace for this video. Did you do this with your new Feiyutech WG2X? Keep up the good work!

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