NHL ONES in real life

NHL ONES in real life

Hockey fans, we’re right back at you with another thrilling match up of Ones. It’s every man for himself out there, so get to it. Ah! Oh he starts with it. Yo, Lehky, take the puck. ANNOUNCER: [He’s in…oh he just missed the net] ANNOUNCER: [Takes the shot. Couldn’t finish it off.] ANNOUNCER: [Dekes…SCORES! Yeah! 1-0 ANNOUNCER: [He jumped on that loose puck and fired it home.] ANNOUNCER: [Shoots it! Stops him in his tracks.] ANNOUNCER: [Dekes…he’s just not letting go of that puck. He’s in…SCORES! Oh, just a sensational play. It’s 2-0 him. We can’t let him score. ANNOUNCER: [Dekes…here’s a chance!] ANNOUNCER: [Oh, he just missed the net.] ANNOUNCER: [Takes the shot, and it’s in the back of the net!] Ah, good snipe. ANNOUNCER: [Good goal] It’s 2-1. It’s his puck. Dump and chase. KK, you need one. Look at this! Look at that move. Oh no. Give him a chance. ANNOUNCER: [He’s in…and he makes the save.] What a save! Oh no! ANNOUNCER: [SCORES!] Make a wall. Oh, I respect that. I respect that, too. Use the boards. Keep it. That too. No! ANNOUNCER: [Keep playing! We’re in OT!] ANNOUNCER: [He’s in…could not get the shot away.] ANNOUNCER: [Takes the shot…OH MAN! So sweet! Game-winning goal right there.] That’s what you get. You get comfortable with a 2-0 lead and then your opponent scores three goals. KK, did you get one? I’m not a gamer. ANNOUNCER: [It took an exciting overtime to settle this one, but we finally have our winner. What a show!]

Antonio Breitenberg

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39 thoughts on “NHL ONES in real life

  1. Sub To raccooneggs says:

    I want more of this plz


  2. Mark Koerber says:

    Why can’t every team do stuff like this

  3. Xbox News Lupien says:

    Kotkaniemi est pas blessé

  4. Jonathan L’arrivée says:

    Plus d’intensité

  5. Lambros Charamis says:

    Good game yesterday boys, really made me proud to be a habs fan

    🔴⚪️🔵GO HABS GO🔴⚪️🔵

  6. Charlie McGuire says:

    More nhl ones fun to watch

  7. Tyler W10 says:

    If they tried it would have been better

  8. William Male says:

    There should be a tournament between all the habs

  9. Jo says:

    Peca: KK, you didn't get one

    Kotkaniemi: Not a gamer

    I love it.

  10. Zwodk says:

    une minute de respect pour le monteur qui a fait le tracking au dessus de la tete des joueurs

  11. pavol sladecek says:

    Tomas Tatar???

  12. Patrick Dundon says:

    KK BUST!

  13. Bobleedoo says:

    Qui est le gardien ? :O

  14. Guillaume Roy says:

    Drouin vs Petry vs Suzuki lets gooo

  15. SpikeFlea says:

    1:18 "Let's hit him…"
    [dumps the puck]


  16. foxjumper7 says:

    Parler Québécois!! To Québec icitte

  17. Giuliano says:

    Isn’t Peca with the Rocket?

  18. Manu says:

    esti que c drole quand ils imitent les moves des personnages dans nhl 20

  19. MattyIceyyy says:

    not enough hits

  20. Jessie Yang says:

    more teams need to do this. its great

  21. chronicavenus says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a lot more of this

  22. Seb says:

    The lack of effort in this video 😂

  23. Pohlsy says:

    So this is how KK got injured, eh?

  24. NuKe 92 says:

    Prochain c'est le trois contre trois(Threes)

  25. simonorwell says:

    must be nice for peca to be able to play with nhl players

  26. Kidnoff says:

    After 15 secondes they are all exhausted, wtf. Really nice idea by the way, I love it.

  27. MatCrew7 ! says:

    1:26 connection problem

  28. Hockey Vgamez says:

    This is sick love it

  29. Evan Bertrand says:

    This is AMAZING all teams should do this

  30. Joeythepatsfan says:

    This ain't ones. There were no hits that sent anyone into the fifth row 😂

  31. crazay monkay says:

    This is sick

  32. SagittariusStuff says:

    This is why Montreal is the best team

  33. Anthony Manseau says:

    More of this please!!!!

  34. Row K says:

    I love this lmao go Habs go!!

  35. MikeM says:

    They should have this at the All-Star game. One player on each team, tournament style

  36. Gatorade Games says:


  37. No U says:

    You forgot the part where the puck goes into the corner, and you hit everyone in the corner

  38. soundslikefart says:

    Ea, take notes.

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