NEW Sky Sled

NEW Sky Sled

We’re here at Fun Spot in Kissimmee and
we have breaking news. We have brand new suits for the SkyCoaster. These are
absolutely amazing, they’re called a Sky Sled. You actually sit in them and
we are about to test them out. Now this is the only place that is an operation
with these in the entire world and we have two out of the five operators in
the world here with us today. So we have Joey and Shamar who are going to let us
test this baby out. You’re at the top of the world’s tallest
SkyCoaster, 300ft high. Get ready, hang on 3-2-1, FLY! I just got off of the Sky Sled
is absolutely amazing. Now a lot of you guys have already flown SkyCoaster and
are huge fans so let me just tell you it’s pretty much the same, getting suited
up walking out there, the time frame all that is the same. But the actual ride
it’s literally just it’s like a different ride I can’t even explain to
you you’re gonna have to try it out but the extreme level was just intensified so
much. You guys are going to love this. There is one little difference and that’s with
the height. Instead of being 42 inches to fly on the SkyCoaster, you have to be 48 inches to ride the Sky Sled. Our maximum height is 6’7″ so as long as you fall within there, you can try it out. you

Antonio Breitenberg

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