New $500,000 Skatepark PUMP TRACK!

New $500,000 Skatepark PUMP TRACK!

That’s re guys I’m a noob I can’t Boston. Whoa you look just like me drying bar spins Okay, so we’re over here at some early skate park are almost at serenity and we’re cruising in the bowl Let’s get a quick three whip out of the bowl on this side straight into the triple. Whip Thankfully here at the skate park it has been super windy lately cuz usually at this part it’s really really bad But today we’re solid we’re good. So let’s get another line in the bowl really quick I’d like to get like a three trick line. So here’s the line that we’re gonna do We’re gonna start off with a bar up and mani around and then we will quad over this little ding Pump pump and then I want to see if I can get another seven Like first go that would be really convenient if I can get it first try I haven’t tried one here today. So fingers crossed Alright, it’s turning it off dropping it on the deeper end of the bowl get the bar Manny now get the quad Alright got the quad and now we guys see if we get that seven hopefully this works come on Yes First go seven. I’ll take it. Alright, I’m ready to see a double whip. Come on Ladies gentlemen, this is Justin Justin is from Alaska and he is gonna try to get a double whip over the box that we just 720 He’s been working on it for the day. He’s gotta get the punx, right, but then he’s got it Justin. I’m ready I’m going behind you. Don’t be freaked out of me. Okay, drop in and okay We’re going Justin getting the pump pumped even get that double one – oh Sorry guys, I’m a new but I can’t bars him. All right, Justin round two. Come on dude. You got this Okay, I’m gonna go close to you this time. Do not freak out when you already freaking out whatever you’ve dropped in yet You’re good you weren’t good Yeah – Redemption Whoa, you look just like me drying bar spins hard. There you go. Do it do it do it Why are you oh my god, are you? Okay? All right, Justin Here’s the deal if I land quit with you have to land a double this go deal. Yes I haven’t Quinta this thing in probably like a month. Alright get it quick T Baba. I wasn’t really a t-box Mormon Indian Let’s see if we get this quick first guy That was heat that guy alive same line there’s a t-bar who’s small but it was there. All right Quinn. Oh, It’s frickin hard, all right, so we’re gonna try to get that Quinn again But instead to the tea bag, we’re gonna flip the little roller Now you got to pop one two not Quinn Okay that time that was good close way better, all right, you gotta get your double up now come on You could do it. All right Justin’s dropping in for his I don’t know how it was this force Oh Super super antsy to get the gloves in I’ve been writing new ones really hard haven’t had any issues with them at all Which is a really good sign because they’ve already passed the whole test I’ve actually riding them hard and not going through any rips as it is and just going a little bit further So I’m excited gloves should be done with and hopefully by the end of the month, but we’ll see I’ll keep you guys updated on Instagram and stuff you a trick. Give me a check on the on the box jump like You See reaction how about flipped up? Yeah, you guys aren’t gonna be able to talk, but I swear I won’t lie So we’ll do a quick invert on the way there now. Yeah pompous really quick. We gotta get the flute. Tuck I Almost dropped my frickin scoot I touch with like literally just the tips of my knees. That was really scary I got to do it again to get my hands off better. That was just no bueno for me I mean the hands came off, but it was just not good. So let’s do it again But this time we’ll do a whip bar on the roller instead of whatever the heck I just did invert dropping it Wait for now. We gotta get that flute talk, but I gotta actually talk better There we go that was better way better So unfortunately the clocks like went back just the other day. So it gets dark really early right now. It’s really annoying But it is what it is, but guys deal with it. So after this, we’re a cruise over to Temecula skatepark and see if oh, They finished that poem track yet. Alright All right. I want to see if I can get another 720 on that box jump again what people call it in a box It’s like a pyramid more so but it is what it is All right, drop it in to get a quick he’ll whip get that pump right and then just hug that seven Hopefully we spin all the way Sweet Pulling the gloves off for this one. We’re gonna try to do the front scoop maneuver. So for this one, we’re gonna try to Triple over this little roller thing right here and then front scoot turn down on the Box I’m really done front scoot turned out in up a little bit probably a couple weeks. So we’ll see if this one works first try All right. Got the triple pump on that Fred scoot turned out All your friends cute didn’t do turndown at all, I caught it like with my finger it was not right wasn’t right I’m just packing it weird pumping over the roller. I got a pump right gotta catch that left bar right or right bar Kind of that time thank goodness how you want do that again? All right sash here was really really good Had a good time, but that Sun is going down fast. It’s gonna start getting cold So let’s cruise over to tomato eat that pump check is done. Okay, so we’re over here at the pump truck right now I didn’t know it was gonna be this gnarly. I didn’t know that any of this is gonna be here So when you think about home track you think of a po track just just start to like ride and pump on basically That’s what you think of. Uh, I don’t think of this massive freakin wall. What look at this thing it’s just like a giant wall that’s above the bar and I check to see if it’s like Permanent and it definitely is because there’s all this bracing on the backside there’s like a really small little spot over there on that bottom right-hand corner where you can see that they actually Buried one of the supports in the actual asphalt. So there ain’t no way the dining thing is coming out It’s fully bolted on like the backside right there. You guys can see like all of the bolts right there This thing is gonna be frickin gnar rest. The pumptrack is looking really freakin good. All of it is laid down It’s got to dry So if you guys are thinking about coming here and riding it I wouldn’t do that yet because it’s technically it’s obviously not open plus if you guys start riding this thing and it screws anything up You know, I’m gonna be pissed I’m gonna be upset I want to go to the other side really quick and see what that’s looking like because they have all this railing and all this Other stuff that’s up here. That wasn’t here last time I can tell you that those you guys are asking where this is This is to make it a skatepark This is the punk track. A lot of people we’re asking like, where’s that pumptrack? Where is it? Like it’s at the skate park too. Like you have a where I’m like It’s literally at the skate park You weren’t wrong I think it’s freaking loud While you’re riding here today, did you pick it you hear on your way back you’re gonna find it He’s doing it So here’s a front view of the entire punk track, which I’m hoping will be done within the next week or so like I said I wouldn’t come here yet and start thrash this place up just because you want to ride properly You guys were saying that there are some people that have been hopping and it’s just kind of screwing it up and we don’t want That there’s already a couple cracks forming because people are riding it when all that stuff is still drying, so don’t do that yet Please we would appreciate it. It’s the same thing as like Madison ditch. We have very much appreciated Nobody going there and riding it and it turned out really good So yeah, don’t do that yet here, but that war it looks like it’s gonna be a lot of fun when it is completed No, I’m not writing anything right now. Hey, do you know when everything is gonna be done though? Yeah, it’s looking really good you guys are killing it I know you guys have been up here for a long time now I’m a youtuber So I’ve like been saying like don’t come here yet like it’s not done cuz I can see it’s like still like not dry on some spots like I’m sure like in that area over there where it’s a little bit dark around the edges even had to like do Different things and I kind of fix it Right awesome. Yeah, we’re all excited man really excited. I’ve never seen a pony track like this that has that wall, right? So I’m really excited to see that thing finished up that looks like it to me cool Alright 19th, then I’ll start plugging the 19th So this is one of the workers right here cruisin through tests and everything else guys bike out This is the first time I’ve actually seen I don’t know. This is actually a second time I’ve seen anybody ride this thing. You do the wall. No, it’s getting yeah. Alright, let’s see how it looks it Looks like it’s been really smooth for him. Thus far see the nice thing Is it this entire poem track is like it’s really flowy and oh you did a while Yeah, that’s the whoops and everything aren’t super small. So it’s not gonna be really tight, which is really convenient Which means that you can do tricks over all of the whoops, you can do all your doubles and things like that So are you excited? Yes, how excited one to ten? What are you? 11 my freakin man. Yo, you know, you’re not even ready for him 11, bro I Might even be like eleven five dude, I’m five backed up there. Yeah, bro things looking so cool And it’s this is technically the closest skate park to my house So technically it’s my local but I I consider cowlicks my local because I’ve been going there for what 13 years now So I mean, yeah, like I said, it’s closer, but it’s not my local I like wings and things I have a store that’s close to me But the one I always go to is far LarryBoy. Danny will be looking shiny right now. Just gotta wash it there What loving this whip so far? I gotta change these back brakes though because they’re squeaking so I don’t want to look like a noob or anything But it is what it is. I really wanted GTR though. I love this car It’s a lot of fun and I don’t want to keep it but I really want a GTR too. So Oh God look at this thing. This thing is actually here in Marietta right now And I want to go just I just want to look at it because I’ve never seen a 2008 teen model before But I have been looking around at different GTRs for a while. I haven’t pulled the trigger. Obviously. I don’t have one I wish I did a freaking wish I did but I have other things I have to take care of right now with Christmas coming up I have to make Sure that everything is taken care of with the merch situation Got a lot of youtube videos that are going through my head that I have to do, but I have to reach a million I got to get to a million first. That would be like so cool to actually have one I don’t know if I’m gonna get it, but that would be really really cool to get one around a million. That’d be sick But I wanted to tune out for the day by saying thank you guys so much for watching today’s video Hopefully you guys enjoyed it and if you did Please consider subscribing and turn on post notifications so that you guys don’t miss any of the videos that I upload in the future But again, thank you guys so much for watching and until next time your boys out of here. Later

Antonio Breitenberg

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