Never summer West Bound – 2020 Snowboard Review

I’m Rob from Snowtrax. I’m the main
snowboard buyer for Snowtrax and one of the main testers. We test a lot of
product just to give you good feedback and to basically let you know what the
board rides like. So, I’m gonna talk to you today about the new Never Summer West
Bound. Its Westbound for this year as opposed to just “West”. There are quite a
few changes in this board and it just enhances the overall feel where this
board was really aimed for. So, we’re typically looking at an all-mountain to
freeride snowboard and what Never Summer have done this year is they’ve changed
it to their fusion rocker which is a more aggressive shape in the back with
bit more camber there and a gentler more mellow rocker in the front which is
going to enhance your lift in soft snow. So it just increases this board’s
capabilities to really get you floating in the soft stuff, but still remaining
powerful and snappy on piste. Adam, one of our testers, rely on his feedback a lot
he’s loved the west for years it’s kind of really suited towards his riding, he’s
traditional all-mountain rider, loves to take it on and off the piste. He’s zipping
here there and everywhere, but he lays down some powerful turns charges quick
in the soft snow and everything that they’ve done to this board it just
hasn’t changed how it should work it’s still powerful edge to edge it’s really
really nimble because of the shape but it will just dampen out all of the
smoothness and charge for any of the crud you get as well. So, a couple of real
sort of like key changes for this year that I’ve just enhanced it just for the
better really. It’s a little bit more tapered so a little bit narrower in the
back a little bit more float in the front again it’s just everything that
they’ve done to kind of take this away because it was sat a bit too close to a
proto proto’s an awesome board but it was a
bit more twin this is really more focused towards a directional snowboard
and that’s that’s really where it needed to go so really really good option for
advanced riders wanting a powerful yeah board to go anywhere do anything for the
directional shape have a look at this.

Antonio Breitenberg

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