Navy Surfers go from Ship to Shore

Navy Surfers go from Ship to Shore

So Navy Surfriders Association is predominantly a social club but we do focus on competitive surfing as well. It’s pretty much just a vehicle for like-minded
people to get outside of the office and get together and take part in a really healthy, fun activity that focuses on fitness as well as ocean knowledge and gets people comfortable around the water. So before we head out there I just
make sure my board’s waxed up have a look at the surf and work out
where I’m going to paddle out have a bit of a stretch and then get out there. I think it means the world to a lot of people everybody knows how stressful work can be at times and when you’re working in a high op tempo
you don’t get a lot of time off so when the time does become available
to get together and come surfing It’s a really special thing
even just to meet people that you might not work with day to day and build
those relationships outside your workplace. It’s been one of the one of the better things
about being in the Navy.

Antonio Breitenberg

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