– Hi, my name is just
Steve Baek, BK Hockey. I teach hockey, hockey
players all over the world. Today, we’re gonna to
work some outside edge, one-on-one, Nylander move, let’s go! This kind of figure eights skating we do on the outside edges. So let’s have a small
space without the sticks. Let’s do the crossover first. (ice scraping) All right, okay, so two-step, crossover and then one to the outside edge stopping. So, keep your head up. Yeah, go! Let’s go. A fake is a bring it like a inside and then you do the fake, eh? This one’s opposite. so when you are close to somebody, close to one-on-one battle eh you’re gonna look tight outside
and then you have to go. So, you can use it lot
of times offensive zone small area. All right, so let’s do it! So, start it from the here. So, we do cross, eh, through here, here, let’s go. (ice scrapes) Go! Yep, let’s go! (bar down sound)

Antonio Breitenberg

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40 thoughts on “NASTY 1-ON-1 MOVE 😷

  1. PHILOU CLASH 22 says:


  2. Darinator 2000 says:


  3. fbraz50 says:

    That footwork. Well done

  4. Dj Siser says:

    Awesome footwork!

  5. Demetrius says:

    smooth wheels

  6. Philip McAuley says:

    Should mirror videos like this for lefties just a suggestion for your channel.

  7. Hockey Training says:

    🔥 Watch More Skating Drills –

  8. Pete L says:

    와 대단해!!

  9. John Johnson says:


  10. samater16 says:

    Buttery footwork!

  11. Defender S says:

    Заебись катит)!

  12. Олег Устименко says:

    Мега круто 🏒🥅💪

  13. Aidan Gaspar says:

    Dude can snipe

  14. Johansson Mathew says:

    i need to learn to do outside edge stop im so bad. everytime i try to do it i skid or just turn

  15. carter says:

    great footwork

  16. Fernando Barrera says:

    I need that camera action in a nhl game. Handles matched your footwork too

  17. Manuel Ham says:

    Awesome skills, no complains whatsoever.
    However, what did he say???

  18. Benn Orama says:

    Ohhhhhhh there’s levels to this game…. thanks for the reminder 😂😔

  19. Hockey 92 says:

    thats reallllllllyy NASTYYYYYY!!!

  20. Oscblo#27 says:

    Hello Steve! Remember me? I am Oscar blom from Sweden

  21. juan jose Rodriguez says:

    Can I do that on wheels? I inline skate and haven't been able to do outside edge turns yet. It has been difficult for me to turn outside edge in a good way. I always turn like a (v) using inside edge. I guess I fear the turn.

  22. Caleb Osterhout says:

    Did this guy ever play pro?

  23. drexdful says:

    Why are Asians always better at shit

  24. just a guy says:

    is it for 6yo kids?

  25. crissriff says:

    Great job love it!

  26. rinkrat55 says:

    Dude can wheel n bardown. Awesome

  27. ablackprep says:

    2:20 Nasty 🤢

  28. Fencesitter says:

    Steve's amazing! I would love to see him play a game.

  29. Rick G says:

    Dudes busting the Marner shuffle! Awesome form!

  30. tkoze says:

    Everything can be broken down into mastering inside and outside edges. Punch stops, spread eagles, etc, all variations and combinations of edges 👊💪

  31. Justin Marrone says:

    Hey this guy is nasty at hockey

  32. Brad Smith says:

    Do you coach the London Lakers?

  33. Mike Thibert says:

    This guy good…wow!

  34. Chris Trudell says:

    I wish ya would have showed me this 45 years ago! Nice edge work.

  35. Kellen General says:

    I don’t know how to crossover in hockey can you make a video about how to do them please

  36. Bird IsTheWord says:

    You don’t turn while stopping, that’s how you lose speed.

  37. Extended Cliip says:


  38. hollywood1513 says:


  39. Tyler Dubbin says:

    Is that lakeville mn rink?

  40. John J says:

    The most beautiful sound in the world are those blades cutting the ice.

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