MYSTERY ANiMAL TRACKS!! Exploring our Cabin in Frozen Snow to find a Hidden FOX! Fun Family Vacation

MYSTERY ANiMAL TRACKS!! Exploring our Cabin in Frozen Snow to find a Hidden FOX! Fun Family Vacation

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “MYSTERY ANiMAL TRACKS!! Exploring our Cabin in Frozen Snow to find a Hidden FOX! Fun Family Vacation

  1. mYsTiC_Slayer_YT says:


  2. Tesla Boi says:

    your the best!

  3. Laura LaCrosse says:

    I’m in canada

  4. Dounuts_Rule06 says:

    Ooo, so cute

  5. Lucas Burroughs says:

    Love tryout vid so much

  6. Ryan Stambaugh says:

    I love your videos Shaun. I’ve been watching for years now. You are by far my favorite YouTuber.

  7. Presley’s Corner says:


  8. Asher Tech says:

    Right there is where the mama moose and the baby moo…*insert clip here*

  9. Lava_Tiger 124 says:

    I have been watching you for years

  10. green forest's says:

    Niko ski not snowboard

  11. Insternetaddict_GB says:

    Extreme use of the honking horn Brandan

  12. Britton Herring says:

    I love watching all your videos. From Britton, age 6, Spring Hill, Fl

  13. That’s What I said says:

    Dad Durassss is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  14. darkskull 1210 says:

    What bike was that

  15. Rosanna 00 says:

    Put a jacket on ur kid! Lol… you are wearing a sweater and a jacket and she’s in a long sleeve tee… put a jacket on her!

  16. Charlotte Spencer says:

    what the game called ?

  17. Darth Cajun says:

    Adley just invented a new measurement, it's "so big"

  18. LIMA BEAN TV says:

    Wow 😮Holy Moose! 🦌 Love the Zelda door 🚪 opening, stay warm! Don’t freeze 🥶 Cool video! Fun times

  19. Ben Baker says:

    When I get done with college I plan to have a family similar to yours. You're doing awesome!

  20. Ben Baker says:

    I lost it at 14:48 😂. Niko's right that would be a bad move.

  21. CherryHookah 2020 says:

    aww wow cold white fun!

  22. yomp599 says:

    Your winter vids are always awesome!👍🏾

  23. Porter Allison says:

    im getting my tonsils out

  24. Ryan nataS says:

    Cabin vlogs too👌👌👌 professional family fun haver.

  25. Bhatti raja says:


  26. Izzy B Family says:

    You guys are our favourite YouTube family 🍪

  27. Kelly Lincoln says:


  28. Christina skov says:


  29. Kate Bozarth says:

    Adley snowboarding on her own was awesome! Good job girl!

  30. Eduardo Bustamante says:

    I’ve been watching since around BDE 50-70 and I still love all you guys and the things you do. Never a boring time

  31. sebastian haynes says:


  32. Trevor Stevens says:

    This stuff reminds me of the fun memories when my family went skiing in Colorada right around this time two years ago. Excited that you guys are making memories that are just as great, if not better!! Keep it real guys!!

  33. Spencer Mitchell says:

    I have been watching your videos from the very beginning and I love all the hard work you put into your videos, I was just wondering if you could give my brothers a shout out their channel name is The Brother's Lodge. It would mean so much to me Thank You for all the great videos



  35. James Carter says:


  36. Jessie Vianen says:

    I didnt watch you for a while but now i watch you again, she grew lots!!! Happy fam as always!!! Keep up the fun days

  37. Rn Tn says:

    I love it when they go to the cabin it’s beautiful. Niko 🐻 in his snow gear and Adley shredding it!
    And I’m super jealous of all the snow!

  38. Zhykea Leila Tagud says:

    Hi adley i love your vlogs and
    Am zhykea

  39. Zhykea Leila Tagud says:


  40. blanca chavez says:

    hahaha funny

  41. faisalleeds says:

    Thanks for the great ending Brandon!

  42. Micah Barcus says:

    That looks like so much fun!!
    You have such a beautiful family

  43. Soklan Seng says:



  44. Johnny Rafferty says:


  45. Porter Carlson says:

    who was filming?

  46. Sophia Elizabeth says:

    Okkkkkk you’re little girl is soooooo cute because I’m seven years old 😍🥰😘

  47. Diya Rudramaina says:


  48. Diya Rudramaina says:


  49. Hülya Memedov says:


  50. Alexandra Hughes says:


  51. Tech Examined says:

    BUT……What did the Fox say? LOL
    I typed that at the very beginning… then Jenny said it.. I'm so proud of you all! LOL

  52. Zoe's Cool Adventures says:

    Omg how 😱

  53. louise87ful says:

    Z f

  54. louise87ful says:

    zPz z. pCz z

  55. Shai Batusan says:

    csyrgyhgfftgttfff,mga jnhcvvccfuuuhyghggggggttyyttyt.”8(3’gkh knknnkkkk kiibbg3. Blgo k l w3333

    Llellll,vlgjkffkkifkvkkkkllkgtk otkobgkogiogibioifivivivivkbkbkkvkvkk kkklkkikiiookkllll l p k kij ,9,lllllll
    Lvvivkjjvmvmvjfkgvjcnnvhvhvhvhvhnvbvn nggjnvbhgutjgtiugjgjgujghghgutuj5j=jbuhvhgu ufjhhhhhjggjgjgjg. Yeah Ev


    I ben waching your volgs into best day ever 6

  57. Isabella Liegghio says:


  58. Lil Miagi says:


  59. HEIDI says:

    IS dad shonduras SinGle?

  60. arienna mason says:

    I love my eat sunflower seeds

  61. Jenna Parrish says:

    I love snow so much adley

  62. Jenna Parrish says:

    I love deep snow

  63. crazylegs31 says:

    It’s funny reading some of the comments. You can tell which comments are from a toddler with the phone.
    Kshfjfl ksmrntb haha

  64. Miracle Preemie Phoenix says:

    30th comment

  65. Kat Wood says:

    The stupidest blog ever

  66. Kat Wood says:

    You're the stupidest world ever epic i t s h i p birthday party is HIIT

  67. Kourtney Mary louise says:

    adle must be cowled

  68. Kourtney Mary louise says:

    adle is crowding

  69. Kourtney Mary louise says:

    where is adle

  70. Kourtney Mary louise says:

    nico na na

  71. Tom Yannella says:

    Keep it UP

  72. peace love says:

    My daughter loves adley and I have to watch everyday. Dads helium voice gets on my nerves so bad.

  73. Melanie m Nieves says:


  74. Kay Till says:

    My name is Brooklyn and I am a fan of Adley I am 5 years old and I really loved her videos so please never stop

  75. Aaron Estabrook says:


  76. TheTnTAngel says:

    Me and my daughter absolutely love watching you guys and my daughter especially loves watching a for adley channel

  77. greg97081 says:

    I’m in Curacao 🇨🇼

  78. Mark Hill says:

    Thrjdhfmg, bradbrndn1312347

  79. Ally Haskins says:

    Wwevcozoiib b.,,mmbnbbvvvvcxxzzAssddfgghhjkkll

  80. Spacestation Gaming says:

    Looks like the RADDEST snowy vacation ever!!

  81. Maricela Serrano says:

    I love adley she is the cutest she is so curious and thoughtful to other people. 👸❤

  82. Maricela Serrano says:

    I've been watching shonduras sense best day ever 2

  83. david soul says:


  84. Rihanna Goodstoney says:


  85. Rihanna Goodstoney says:

    You gyro to ewwrrfvg

  86. George Witha5 says:

    Rfffffftyfuyftff has always happened to my life when we got home and now I’m going home now and I will see how much I love to eat and have a

  87. deborah jonawa says:


  88. Hessa Alnuaimi says:


  89. Suzanne Gonzalez says:

    Best video ever

  90. Dennis Lainfiesta says:

    In Las Vegas it does not snow ⛄️ 😭

  91. Maily FRISHTA OSMAN says:

    You have a great time to come home 🏠 night

  92. Maily FRISHTA OSMAN says:

    In Las Vegas there’s no snow what do you think about Las Vegas

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