My time at a Surf and Yoga Retreat in Bali ☀️🏄 Vlog (D/E)

My time at a Surf and Yoga Retreat in Bali ☀️🏄 Vlog (D/E)

I’m I have arrived in Bali After a 18 hours fligt have I arrived in my suite, it is mindblowing beautiful. I think there is a papaya tree outside I can see and hear the sea, I just cant belivie I’m here now I’ll show you my room now before I destroy it with my stuff. Here’s the bed look at it how beautiful With the pretty picture and here is a Salty Soul T-shirt and a bikini It is stunningly beautiful with the concrete, I love the style, very minimalistiv, it’s very me. look at this corner I can’t belive it, I am glad I took a single room, because I think it will be a lot I quickly tell you what I’m doing here, I’m on a Yoga, surf meditation retreat her in Bali at Salti Breeze I will put the website link into the describtion box below it is not sponsored I found it over a girl on Instagram who I follow for a long time her name is Shayelle her name will be here and in the info box I’m so excited And I just can’t hide it I’m excited about what the next days will bring with meditation and yoga, there is a yoga class tonight, we’ll see if I make it I haven’t showed you the best part yet! my room has a seaside view look at it! these are the papaya trees here and there there is also fruit on it Now I have to show you the bathroom this is it exactly and this is the toilett, oops there was a step everything is in minimalistic style here’s the shower with beatutiful tiles on the floor it is so beautiful! You know, you’re in Bali when you have a little guest a lizzard a little gecko I guess hes interested in the bee flying aound here

Antonio Breitenberg

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4 thoughts on “My time at a Surf and Yoga Retreat in Bali ☀️🏄 Vlog (D/E)

  1. Ace Hardy says:

    Keep at it

  2. Paula Luna says:

    Wunderbar! 🙏

  3. Martina Bauknecht says:

    Wow, da hat sich das warten ja gelohnt 💕😘💫💫

  4. Martina Bauknecht says:

    Wow, it was worth the wait 👍💫😎👏👏

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