My School Stories

My School Stories

I just recently realized, that the majority of my school days are over I don’t know about anyone else, but I just used to think to myself “ugh, school is never gonna end” “12 years plus college is so long to spend just in school” And now, all of a sudden, it’s practically over and it’s like: “W-Wha- what, what happened? Wait I’m not ready to be an adult yet-” And you know what else is scary? I don’t remember pretty much anything I learned from grade six up It’s just a jumble of English papers and random history I didn’t care about. And It makes you question the education system when you think about it -_- So, I don’t remember a lot of the things I studied during school But I do have a lot of dumb “random memories” that I for some reason haven’t forgotten about over the years For example, in first grade I lost my front left tooth in the middle of class And started bleeding all over the place and the teacher had to stop in the middle of the class to get me a tissue and one of those little teeth envelopes to hold the tooth I just spat out I don’t know if schools still use those But they were the funniest concept to me like you come home: “Oh, mom, you got mail” “Oh, what is it?” “Oh it’s not much, it’s just my freakin gross saliva covered baby tooth I ripped outta my head in the middle of school” Do schools still do this? (yes) I don’t know I hope so. “Oh Jaiden, that’s a funny memory. I bet you don’t remember what you were learning about while you bled on everything.” NOPE. You’re wrong. We were learning about Emperor Penguins. Thanks for remembering all those important details brain, ‘appreciate ya. ^-^ I also remember everyone at school kinda fit into a category Athletes, popular kids, nerds, anime nerds, emos, you name ’em. What kind of kid was I in school? You guessed it! The quiet one, who never talked at all… Growing up, I was a shy, quiet person and always had one or two friends in class, if any.. I mean, I’m still pretty reserved but, I mean, that’s not the point. I was so shy that one time my nose started bleeding randomly in a middle of a class and I was too quiet to get up and excuse myself to go to the bathroom or the nurse So, I silently raised my hand waiting to get permission to leave And you know what happened? The teacher took five minutes to call on me I spent five minutes panicking! Trying my best not to bleed on anything looking back, there was a lot of blood involved in these memories OOOO!! Uh, one time a teacher asked the class a question and a few people raised their hand but as he was looking around the room we made eye contact… Oh god “Jaiden!” crap Everyone knows if you don’t want to be called on- don’t make eye contact It’s school 101 “I- I don’t know” He went out to someone else who had their hand raised Which he should have done in the first place If someone doesn’t have their hand raised it means they don’t have an answer. Don’t be mad when you call on someone without their hand raised and they don’t have an answer. So, he continued his lecture and I started calming down from the surprise spotlight But a few minutes later, he had another question. “Can anyone define a peninsula?” Oh, I know what a peninsula is but I don’t know how to describe it so I won’t raise my hand. “Jaiden!” *CRASH* *blood pressure is through the roof* *anxiety* Wh- Th- A- Eh- Are you actually trying to give me a seizure?? “I- uh – I – don’t-” “Do you know?” “No- but, well, I mean- I mean yes, I- I know what it is-” Then he yells: “Then tell me!” The class laughed because he was being sarcastic I thought he was funny too but for some reason I almost started crying He didn’t call on me for the rest of the year. Along with being ‘the shy girl’ I was also known as being ‘the art kid’ I think everyone who is artsy in school can relate Whenever someone found out that you liked to draw, it would immediately turn to: “You like to draw! Can you draw me?!” And the answer would always be: “Heheh, anyway-” Like, the nice way of saying: “Haha, that’s a silly question! No, of course I don’t want to draw you” Several years to this day, people are still asking me if I would draw them things And the answer is still: “Hehe, no.” In my middle school art class on the last day of school, we had a little celebration, end of the year, art competition! Not a drawing contest, but a “who’s the most passionate about art and is most likely going to do something with it in their life and not drop it and get a day job sitting in a cubical all day” … contest Me, having pretty much zero self confidence, already accepted the fact that someone would get it I wasn’t sad or anything, I just knew in my head people weren’t going to vote for me because (1) I never really talk to people and it was a class vote and (2) I dunno, I just didn’t think I was good enough But to my surprise, I actually won 😀 I was so startled when the teacher called my name, like, “W-Wha- me? A-Are you sure? You don’t want to count the votes again?” “Cathy’s pretty good. Everyone likes Cathy.” Friggen Cathy Then high school happened. And I met my high school art teacher This guy, was.. uh- I don’t know how to describe him. I’ve never met someone so… psychopathic. To start, he had this obsession with Pirates of the Caribbean. And, even though there’s nothing wrong with that, I mean, everyone has their fandoms. He would sit back at his desk and blast different remixes of the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack Even when we all were trying to draw. He would hop onto the desks and scream: “Swing your sword!” While whirling around a golf club with a paint brush taped to the end of it No one knew what he meant :/ (obviously means paint :P) We didn’t question anything. He hung a pirate flag on the emergency fire sprinkler A bit of a safety hazard if you ask me But, again, no one questioned him And one time, on a random day of class *Door swings open* “YEEARG!! DRAW ME!!” *hyperventilating* He burst though the door, dressed up completely like a pirate Screaming in peoples faces and running around like a crackpot I didn’t take his class anymore. But that was not the end of Mr. Caption JACKSPARROW NOPE You know why? Because he was one of the tennis coaches! Yup and you all know whos on the tennis team *pft* It wasn’t that bad because he coached the boy’s team His ex-wife coached the girls she got fired later on from sleeping with the track teacher :/ But this story isn’t about her (so ¯_(ツ)_/¯) So he’d be there while we were on the next court with our own drills And one practice, I don’t know what happened But all of a sudden he got super hyped up out of nowhere And started yelling and making a commotion And we all kinda just stopped and looked over at him like: “Okay, what’s he doin’.” And then he started yelling: “I’m gonna jump over the net!” And the rule of tennis for everyone out there is Don’t jump over the net We were all just standing there like “What the heck is going on?” And then he started running to actually do it! And you know what happened? “he safely jumped over the net?” ER Wrong His foot caught the top of it, and it sling shotted him face first into the concrete This is why you don’t jump over the net. “You need to take him to the doctor.” and she’s like: “Nah, he’s fiine.” ಠ_ಠ “Like, no, seriously. He could have a concussion.” “That was a hard hit.” “He’s alright. He’ll shake it off.” “Dude.” So his ex-wife took him to the doctor And we all just stood around for a while. I don’t think he had a concussion but he did get 2 black eyes and had to wear sunglasses in class for like a month And that was school for me. There you go :O Hey dudes, it’s been a while since i talked to you! Sorry I took so long getting this video out 🙁 I am gonna start upload more frequently now so yeah I wanted to let you know real quick before the recording bloopers New T-Shirt designs in the shop now so you might want to check those bad boys out ^-^ yea heh I always record in my closet and Ari’s in here with me. You got anything to say Ari? *quack* *squeak* “Quack?” *quack* Ok. So yeah, see ya later alligator :3 *Bloopers* Quiet person, and i always only had one and a- o- hmhm D: . I was so shy that ofm my neck popped :O (*weak chuckle*) *Bloopers* Which he should have done in the first- *Squeak Squeak* *Bloopers* hey. *Bloopers* Which he should have done in the first- *Squeak Peep* *Bloopers*I Ari- *Bloopers* *Breath in, laughs* *Bloopers* Which he should have *laughs* in the- *Bloopers* god dang it *Bloopers* I think that actually helped me continue doing art actually *hmph wait* *Bloopers* *Quack quack* *Bloopers* *quack quack quack* *Bloopers* “Quack quack” *quack quack quack quack*

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “My School Stories

  1. Stephanie & Kayla’s Outlet says:

    When u get 17 million views but only 333K likes ~_~ oof

  2. Mallory Mascaro says:

    I like pirates of the Caribbean but not as much as he did like I wasn't crazy like that lol

  3. hooey yaya says:

    Once in… I dunno, some science class, my teacher smacked a ruler on the table while asking a question so we couldn't hear him. He had a heart attack two months later.

  4. Sonic/splatoon Parry says:

    Schools still put teeth in envelopes in England I know because last year my friend lost her tooth.
    I live in England.

  5. Adissyn Wentker says:

    Pulling teeth out is really just ripping a bone out of your face

  6. Ach and Ash the Budgie says:

    MAH name is Kathy unless u mean Cathy

  7. EllieimmopLK nip Nesbitt says:

    Thats me evry won wouad ask me too draw them

  8. Lancer Lancer says:

    n o

  9. Yusuf Ahmed says:

    1:07 yes they do

  10. Asaki Shi says:

    relatable, when you said, if you're that artsy, some students would come up to you and tells you that, and my best friend even asked me if I could draw 10 anime characters she likes, and I did it in one day, everyone would get amused by my drawings, while im on the opposite, I thought I didnt did well enough on the drawings, and when there are drawing contests or a teacher would ask who can draw really great, they'll eventually start pointing at me, making me anxious, cause the teacher would look at me and asks, 'Would you like to join the contest?', like that, making me nervous, whether to say no or yes, and my classmates, forced me to go, and I did

  11. Filip Geier says:

    at my school we have treasure boxes where we put are teeth

  12. spider- boy says:

    In my school we used tiny tooth-shaped boxes.
    Like if you had the same

  13. Daniel Ko says:

    We Got like plastic tooth shaped containers for our teeth

  14. LyfesWeird27 says:

    One time my teacher called on me and I didn’t have my hand raised and my mind just blanked and I sat their like uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh heh My mind blanked

  15. Master Miner says:

    hello jaiden , good news , im still in school , and yes they still use those envalopes … yay 🙂

  16. TJ Oliver says:

    My school had little treasure chest for the tooth.

  17. Razzar 21 says:

    That teacher sounds amazing, also great video! Im seeing it wayyyy late.

  18. criscool88 says:

    1:08 yes they do

  19. Kimi Chan says:

    It is still the same i
    Now 😂

  20. Clairsey Paano says:

    At my elementary school they would give out cute little treasure boxes for ur teeth whenever they would fall out and i would always want one cuz they were cute so i would always try to rip my teeth out when they were loose

  21. Potato _GOD says:

    Can you draw a rock or potato

  22. Laura D'Onofrio says:

    They do still bring the tooth home, because then they can stick it under their pillow for the Tooth Fairy and get moniiesssss!!! And we have to be delicate with teeth when it comes to monies! 😀

  23. Lea Abogaa says:

    We have the the same school store

  24. les gens sont beaux says:

    That art teacher sounds awesome

  25. forest r00ts says:

    Haha when someone asks me to draw them i usually reply with "iN eXcHaNgE fOr MoNeY" in the most obnoxious voice

  26. Shadow Sora says:

    No my school gave us little teeth shaped containers

  27. Sara I says:

    Jaiden, art can be weird

  28. Pirate Suns says:

    They still do use them

  29. EHAS :D says:

    Can you draw something you were already planning on drawing

  30. Fighty Dragon says:

    My school used small teeth capsules on strings and wear them like necklaces

  31. Lottie Beardsmore says:

    jaiden:If you don't know the answer DON'T make eye contact. Me:My teacher would stare at me whenever she stopped talking.I would just sit there awkwardly I hated it.

  32. Jcoder [GD] says:

    My school did a case in a tooth shape.

  33. Sam 101 says:

    I'm the quiet socially awkward kid who doesn't talk to anybody mostly because I'm too scared to. My teachers learned not to call on me ever because I usually get really red and almost start crying😂😂😂 I also like to draw

  34. lmao gottem says:

    my english teacher would write in bold red hell is murky next to the due dates of our essays on the board

  35. Råmęñ Ñøødłęš says:

    I’m the k pop fan and artsy kid

  36. zen says:

    i was the anime nerd.

  37. Icyphoenix_Girl says:

    Mine aren’t envelopes they are tooth shaped necklaces the tooth part is a pocket for the tooth

  38. Fighty Dragon says:

    My school used small teeth capsules on strings and wear them like necklaces

  39. Liliana Gridley says:

    Lol we still use the teeth envelopes!

    We also used these weird necklaces that were shaped like teeth and you put your tooth in the plastic tooth.

  40. ShaedFangGames says:

    Its okay Jaiden. No one remembers the pythagrian theorum or polynomials. Wait…

  41. Cutiecase 55 says:

    My school put them in a like tiny treasure box

  42. Norá B says:

    My school still has those tooth envelops but if I’m in my class my teacher may give us plastic bags

  43. Maria Pesa says:

    did you know: there is a drawing of you in one of wolfychu's vids

  44. Steven Pragassen says:

    Who thinks people should use treasure chest for teeth

  45. Starss Whitby says:

    One time i was playing with a planket with my friend and she got swong and bumped her head and had a cut in her head

  46. snoggen poggen says:

    I find it funny my friend's name is Kathy and she is better than me at art

  47. Cathy Ohara says:

    Yeah they still do those envelopes I even had one

  48. Evangeline Ocbena says:

    Well I'm a Filipino so the teachers don't care even if we got a nose bleed even for teeth

  49. thegoodgamer says:

    Schools before:don't make eye contact
    Schools now: make it look like your listening or the teacher will call you

  50. Fitos Fitos says:

    Lol… Why we related???

  51. Partial Life says:


  52. Unrealisticallysarcasticavacado ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ says:

    When we were in elementary if we lost a tooth we’d get a little plastic treasure chest on a string necklace

  53. Chip Productions says:

    We use treasure chests for are teeth

  54. crab invasion 7856 says:

    Yea im the art kid

  55. π-TheMagicTurtle-π says:

    Wait….JAIDEN is the Quiet One?!

  56. Odd1s Out says:

    I’m the shy boiii who else

  57. Loser Ivory says:

    I’m going to 6th grade but in elementary they had tooth shaped necklaces that open and you put you GROSS SPIT COVED TOOTH in it

  58. lolahapoop the classic WHY says:

    Well I knew divison any times in 1st grade they didn't even kno except my fren she knew times

  59. Jayden Dueck says:

    Yors we do

  60. Crispy ツ says:

    Hey jaiden what drawing tablet do you user?

  61. Lil J says:

    youre just like me when you were a kid. quiet, shy, and artsy whos always asked to draw somthing for other people

  62. Doughnut the hamster says:

    Yeah let's all forget about the learning stuff that help improve our education to lead to a successful and healthy future and think about all the dumb stuff
    I blame the educational system

  63. richard hogan says:

    In my country we have 14 years of scgool

  64. Mrbeast 6000 says:

    1:07 yes

  65. Sandra Mahfouz says:


    My nose is bothering me to much

  66. Santi Molina says:

    In a while crocodile 😉

  67. HamsterQueen says:

    My home room teacher would call on anyone raising their hand or not and I hated that… but my math teacher was chill so yeet

  68. Mekhi Loud says:

    Boy you said it sister School sometimes suck and by the way I think you're kind of cute😳😳😳😳😳

  69. Elena Cuturic says:

    2:18 so trueeee!!! When I know the answer, I make eye contact and teacher calls me out straight away, when I don't know or don't want to answer, I just look at something else and never get called out 😅😅 and also, I am the shy girl and I love to draw and 3:23 is soooo relatableeeee

  70. Kara Tinkerbell says:

    I am the Pokémon nerd

  71. oakley ._. says:

    lol jaiden my nose was bleeding and it was all over my face and I was sitting right in front of the teacher and she didn’t notice me until the end of the class I was in first grade

  72. Cynthia Corona says:

    Jaiden: see you later aligator
    Me: afer a while crocidile

  73. It’s Diggi But still doesn’t have a profile picture says:

    Where I live in 6th grade is junior high

    *likes own comment*

  74. Gaming LPS says:

    When you were talking about the guy who called on you I would run out of the class fake crying and then he would get fired then I’ll punch him in the face if we try to comfort me because if people come for me it doesn’t work it only makes me cry more

  75. Amanda Wolf says:

    Teeth envelopes? Psh. We had
    A…Giant…yellow… tooth shaped container… .~.

  76. Mandi the Nightfury says:

    I personally think that school would teach students real life stuff at around the high school stuff like taxes and bills and how to do all of that stuff but imjustshysorry,alsohiJaiden-

  77. SweetDarling says:

    “Looking back, there was a lot of blood involved in these memories…”

    Jaiden Animations-2017

  78. crafter says:

    Schools still do that well Belmore Primary Acedamy does

  79. Sven says:

    I was the quiet kid in the class but on recess…

  80. Senapi Young says:

    motivational speech of the year
    "*ari noises*"
    -Ari 2017

  81. Jacqui Clark says:

    I am shy

  82. Shottygolfer1 says:

    The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

  83. Jacoby Mcguire says:

    They still put teeth in pocket things i know because ive had it a few months ago

  84. Wolfblood X says:

    Who else had that tooth necklace thing in elementary?

  85. BoneBreaker D says:

    I got similar metod to not be called on (out? Sorry for my english):

    Pretend you are reading from textbook or doing your exercise (another tip: cross out the answer/math something and do it again)


  86. נגה דניאל says:

    Im the art kid in my clas so i drow to evryone. And eveyone want to be my partner in art projects

  87. Geo Gacha says:

    Hey! im in 5th grade and im the art kid also greek!

  88. TheDevil Angel says:

    Nope but now we put our teeth in a container that looks like a, are you ready for it, are you ready for it? A tooth. Not that existing, I had that happen to me three times when I was in elementary school kindergarten and once in 1st grade and never again in school, weirdly

  89. Liam Maps says:

    Hey, I’m an artsy guy. Same experience and same answer am I right lads? But I soon gave up that dream…

  90. RAY R0CKS says:

    2:16 I’ve been doing that for 2 years it hasn’t worked once!! XD

  91. Spackler Studios says:

    They didn't have envelopes for teeth at my school, though we did have the small boxes shaped like treasure chests called "tooth chests"

  92. Kathy Creighton says:

    No they do not put your teeth in little envelopes anymore they put them in a tooth shaped necklace

  93. emily webber says:

    No they don't do the involope tooth thing in my school has neckless that have a big to u put ur tooth in

  94. A Miraculous Ladybug Fan says:

    717 days of high school left plus college

  95. Giro and Karin says:

    Any High School Seniors in the comments?

  96. Ashlynn Degadoi says:

    He wold like my school because my schools masscott is a piret

  97. Blok Vader says:

    Actually it's the opposite. I'm into art (cartoony kinda stuff) but no one gave a shit. I actually wanted people to ask me to draw stuff.
    Nobody likes me.

  98. Cristina_ _juvinil says:

    I used tooth necklaces or something

  99. CrimsonBoiYT says:

    2:47 me when i has high blood pressure

  100. Carat 1174623 says:

    Talking about weird teachers, I had this ELA teacher in middle school, we didn’t learn much in her class but we also loved her for that reason, after April when the state test were done, she’d show us downtown Abby shows everyday, this random day, everyone was watching the show she put on and I kinda got distracted for a bit, and looked around the room to see her, taking Snapchat photos in the back corner😶… she looked up and we had this like weird eye contact moment, she walked over and asked if I wanted to take a photo with her……. I later found out that she left the school the next year cause apparently she wasn’t supposed to be our teacher, she was like a year round sub for this other teacher who for some random reason left for a year……

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