My Neighbor,Charles Ep157/The first foreign soccer player to become a Korean citizen[ENG/2018.10.11]

My Neighbor,Charles Ep157/The first foreign soccer player to become a Korean citizen[ENG/2018.10.11]

(The hot place for designs) (Korea’s landmark DDP) (Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Jung-gu, Seoul) (The 157th story) This is My Neighbor, Charles where we meet foreigners living in Korea. – Hello. / – Hello. We have a special host today. – It’s KBS soccer commentator Han Junhui. / – Hello. Hello. – Nice to meet you, it’s an honor to be here. / – Hello. Please introduce today’s special guest. Today’s guest… Is a goalkeeper. Jo Hyunwoo, the goalkeeper, became really famous for helping Korea win the gold in the Asian Games. And before him, there was Lee Unjae and Kim Byeongji. There are star goalkeepers. But objectively speaking, those players… Can’t underestimate our guest for today. But those are Korea’s best goalkeepers. He changed the paradigm for goalkeepers in Korean soccer. Our guest has taken the goalkeeper into a professional field. (Viewers, do you remember this?) That looks like an old clip. The hand of God… (Valeri Sarychev is also known as the hand of God) You know him, right, Fabian? Wow, I know this person. I heard about him a long time ago. His name is Valeri Sarychev. But we praised him as the hand of God. So for his Korean name, he chose Shin Euison, a literal translation of his nickname. Let’s bring in Coach Shin Euison. – Come on in. / – Welcome! – Ta-da. / – Wow! – He’s so tall. / – Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. – Nice to meet you. / – Nice to meet you. You look just like you did in the footage. He does. – He’s such a big guy. / – He really is. I’m tall. Shin Euison. He’s wearing the Korean flag on his chest. He’s been living in Korea for 27 years. I’m Korean. – Korean… / – I’m a Korean citizen. Where is your hometown? The old Soviet Union. Currently Tajikistan. – Tajikistan. / – Tajikistan. I’ve never met someone from the Soviet Union. (He’s a bit old) He played for Ilhwa Chunma Football Club. Before he joined the team, they were the most scored-on team. But as soon as he joined, he turned it into the least scored-on team. And they won the championships 3 years in a row. Most of the foreign guests we get on our show are struggling to adjust to Korea. But you’ve lived in Korea for 27 years. I don’t think you have many concerns. My first year was a bit of a problem because the Korean mentality and the Korean way of soccer were so different from Europe. – Oh, that’s true. / – It was hard. But I have no concerns now. That was back in the day. Let’s see if Coach Shin really doesn’t have any concerns in life. (My Neighbor, Charles) (The first half of life, soccer is hard) You are currently a coach, right? (FC Anyang vs. Daejeon Citizen) That’s an actual match, right? Let’s get started with the first half. That’s FC Anyang on the left and Daejeon Citizen on the right. It’s Coach Shin. (FC Anyang’s coach, Ko Jeongun) I haven’t seen Coach Ko Jeongun in so long. And Coach Ko Jongsu. They used to be really famous players. (FC Anyang has a chance to attack) Through pass. (Expectant) What will happen? Oh, they defended. (They miss their chance) No! No! He’s yelling in Korean. “No! No!” (The referees aren’t making the right calls) Oh, come on! “Come on.” (Super focused) (What happened?) What happened? He keeps gulping. Did you get scored on? (Back pass since there was nowhere to go) (The missed pass caused them to lose a point) Even I thought that was unfortunate. – Oh, no… / – Oh, no. You can’t help but sigh. (Fails to score a goal on the other team) I bet you were upset. Why did they have to lose on the day we went to shoot? (FC Anyang 0:1 Daejeon Citizen) (Coach Shin encourages the players) (Trudging) He looks so down in the dumps. Our team is doing very poorly right now. We have to win matches to improve our ranking. We have to win all the matches. We have to win to move up. Let’s see a day in his life as a Korean man. (Staring) – From the morning? / – Analyzing the game? What are you watching? (He monitors overseas games too) I watch how the team’s goalkeeper plays first. I look for his strengths and weaknesses. What’s the most important aspect of being a goalkeeper? – Positioning. / – Positioning? – Positioning? / – Positioning and technique. Have you ever made a mistake as a player? It happened to me too! How does it feel to make a mistake? If you win the game, mistakes are okay. But if you lose, it’s really stressful. That’s the problem. I bet you’d feel guilty. Thinking that we lost because of me. This is my son and his wife. Where’s your son? Wow, she’s pretty. – He’s American now. / – He’s American? – His wife is German. / – German? My wife is Russian, I’m a Korean citizen, my son is American and his wife is German. – So global. / – What nationality is your daughter? – Right now, she’s Russian. / – She’s Russian? – So your daughter is a Russian citizen? / – Yes. She has a Russian passport. She doesn’t have a Canadian passport. They all live apart. So only you’re a Korean citizen? Yes! I’m really Korean. (I am Shin Euison, the Korean citizen) I bet it’s lonely to live alone. His family members all live far away. She’s asleep. Who is? Is someone in there? Oh, he has a pet dog! A Yorkshire Terrier. She’s 17 years old. Back in 1997, her mother… She had 3 puppies. This is the last one. She’s 17 years old. She’s really old. (Petting) How sweet. So, it’s just you and the dog. Your family members all live elsewhere. They’re roommates. (Getting ready to go to work) He’s all over the place as he gets ready for work. (What is Coach Shin looking for?) Water. Cold water. It’s lemon water. I need water since it’s hot. I have my cleats and my gloves… My clothes… – He’s so thorough. / – Yes. And my water… Got my car keys… And my phone… Okay. (But that’s not all?) The doors are fine. He checks all the doors too. Okay. He has so many things to check on. He’s a perfectionist. It’s not like he’s traveling. Are you good? Okay. He speaks Korean to his dog. (He checks his door) (He checks again) (Will he finally leave his home now?) He checked his door several times. He’s so… (Whew) What did he forget after all that checking? (Coach Shin left his cap in his apartment) (He goes back home for his cap) He’s going back in? (Coach Shin finds his cap) (Checks his door) (He finally leaves his home again) (Why is he so thorough?) I’m just trying to show some professionalism. It’s probably because I’m a goalkeeper. Goalkeepers shouldn’t make any mistakes. That’s related to soccer. If a goalkeeper makes a mistake, you get scored on. That’s why when I teach goalkeepers, I tell them that they’re the last person that can save their team. (Checking, checking) He even checks his car. (Makes sure his car doors are locked) (Checking, checking) He checks the doors on both sides. I’ve never seen someone do that. You usually just check one door. After I check all my car doors… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. There. (He checks where he parked!) Oh, boy! He’s something else. (He groans on his way to work) Coach Shin, you’re over-complicating your life. Do you have any superstitions? I have a lot. – A lot. / – Really? I never spit on the field. Spit? Yes, where you spit is where you get scored on. (Gosh) I’ve seen it happen before. I never let my wife come to the games. (Why can’t your wife come?) – Why? / – Why not? My wife showed up to a game and we lost. She showed up a second time and we lost again. (He’s so mean) Soccer is tough. You have to focus on soccer. These characteristics made him into… – An amazing goalkeeper. / – That’s true. (Training continues) (Training the FC Anyang goalkeepers) Nice. 5 ground balls. Ground balls. One. Okay, good. I’ll kick it harder! Okay, one more. Suhyeon, I’ll shoot 3 times. – And I’ll score on you twice. / – No… He’s trying to score? Are you any good? Okay, nice. One. – I scored one. / – Goal. He scored. He’s good at shooting. (What will happen with the last shoot?) You could’ve been a striker. Yeah, he can really kick the ball too. One more time? – One more time. / – Alright. Sorry. “Sorry.” Okay, nice one! Last one! (Ends with a perfect shoot) – He’s good. / – He’s really good. You could start playing again. I only scored because of the cameras. Are you good? Okay, let’s try again. You’re good at kicking the ball. Really? Maybe I’ll start playing again next year. I think it’s possible. – You’re 59 years old. / – Yeah. I could keep playing until I’m 70. So many problems. – Training has a lot of problems… / – It’s tiring. It’s tiring and there are a lot of problems. He’s really playful. He is. He wants me to use my head more than my body when he trains me, which I think is very helpful. – His flaws… / – Does he criticize you? As you saw earlier, he could’ve catered to the player but for his own satisfaction… – He scores on you. / – Yes. I saw him celebrate afterwards. Our goalkeepers are good at foreign languages. We speak to him in English or Russian too. – What do you say to him? / – He knows Russian! – Like what? / – Thank you? Stuff like that… His Korean isn’t great but we don’t have any problems communicating, so that isn’t an issue. I have trouble communicating with the others. But not with the goalkeepers. (What do the other players think?) (August 15th, Asian Games, Korea vs. Bahrain) The Asian Games. What is your prediction for this game? For the score. 2:0. Bahrain? Korea will win. I say Korea wins by 3:0. – 3:0. / – I say 3:0 too. So the players make bets about the score. – Let’s talk again in 90 minutes. / – In 90 minutes… Are you eating fried chicken? (Korea scores their first goal) The goalkeeper couldn’t have stopped that? That’s a tough stop. He shot from up close. He had a chance to stop it though. Mingi knows. Tell them, Mingi. It was a tough situation since it was so close, but he had a chance to react first to make the stop. Did you just interpret what Coach Shin said? I can understand him now since we’ve talked a lot. All that? Is that what he meant to say? He didn’t speak for that long. – He totally understood his coach. / – Really? He can take a few words and turn it into a full sentence. Tough stop. He shot from up close. He had a chance to stop it though. It was a tough situation since it was so close, but he had a chance to react first to make the stop. I think he’s right. He translated all of that. – He could be an interpreter. / – Seriously. I didn’t understand any of that. Ask Coach Shin if he was as good on as his feet as he was blocking shots. Coach, he wants to know if goalkeepers should also be good at build-up play as much as saves. No, ask him if he was good at it. Coach, when you were a player, were you good at build-up play too? – Who? / – You. He wanted me to ask. What’s build-up play? Build-up is advancing the ball forward to make an attack. The goalkeeper should be good at saves. If not, he should be a field player. If he doesn’t know how to save… That player is clueless. He doesn’t seem to understand at all. That must be frustrating. I was a good goalkeeper. The coach said that the goalkeeper’s most important job… – Is making stops. / – He really is an interpreter. And after that is passing and build-up play. He said that if you focus on build-up rather than saves, you should play on the field. I didn’t get any of that. I got about half of it. I didn’t understand any of that. I’m amazed that you understood him. (Huh? I can understand him just fine) It all sounds like Korean to me. (Goalkeepers get me) The players understand Coach Shin. The goalkeepers do. How’s Suhyeon looking? Good. I want to put him in the start. I think he’ll have trouble on the sides. He’s good in the center. But if he plays center… It would be better if he’s with Alex. (Silence) (Quiet) Things look really serious now. It’s like he can’t tell them what he really thinks. I was shocked at first. He’s been living here for 27 years, so he should be 100% fluent in Korean. I only understand 20 to 30% of what he says. So that’s a concern for others around him. (How is Coach Shin on an average day?) (Checking) What’s that? What’s that? This is my bank account book. Oh, his account book. – With this. / – The gas bill? It’s probably the gas bill. I’m not sure. – It’s not the gas bill. / – It is the gas bill. Really? I didn’t know. When I get a bill, I just go and pay it. I’m not sure what they are. (Will he be able to pay his gas bill successfully?) He doesn’t even know what the bills are for. You should check before paying them. He just pays the bills without knowing what they are. (He heads to a bank) Banking is always hard in a foreign country. That’s true. It’s really hard to communicate. (He heads straight to a bank employee) – This way please. / – Okay. Koreans are so kind and helpful. He’s taking advantage of that. What a relief. He’ll never learn if someone does it for him though. His Korean won’t improve. He should try it himself. Just put this end part in here. (He pays his gas bill with the help of the employee) (The only thing he does is enter his PIN number) It’s been successfully processed. Please take your receipt. (She even gets the receipt for him) Thank you. Thank you. All he has to know is “Help me” and “Thank you.” Does Coach Shin come here often? He comes once a month. He doesn’t know how to pay his bills. I taught him a few times but he still has trouble, so I just help him every time. (How Coach Shin has adjusted to Korea in 27 years) (When he’s driving) Come on… Geez… He’s just like a Korean man behind the wheel. “Hurry up!” (When he takes the subway) – Do you know the train schedule? / – Yes. It usually takes 20 or 30 minutes. I know the schedule. I know the subway schedule. (No problem when making transfers) My GPS is up here. Guro. Next station… Sindorim. This is probably… (He’s good at finding his way) (A day out in Hongdae?) – Hongdae? / – You went to Hongdae? (Why is Coach Shin at Hongdae?) (Mapo, Seoul) (Where is Coach Shin going?) – Hello. / – Hello. Did you get a lot of new LPs? Wow! LPs! LPs are in again these days. (He’s at a record shop) So he enjoys the retro stuff. That’s pretty cool. Do you have a different version of this album? Another one. – I see two. / – Those are all we have. It’s my hobby. People get stressed out sometimes. Everyone needs a way to relieve stress. I relieve my stress through music. Listening to LPs takes me back to my childhood. That’s another reason why I listen to LPs. For the nostalgia. That’s so different from soccer. He has a sensitive side too. (Coach Shin’s day is going just fine) (Good-bye, stress) (His only pleasure in life) (His flaws only make him more likable) (Coach Shin is like an LP) Honestly, if you’ve been living in Korea for 27 years, your Korean should be better than that. Isn’t it frustrating at times? It’s fine. No problem. But when your team doesn’t do well, you could say something encouraging to the players in Korean. Sayuri just made a great point. Some players might want some advice on life. But it might be hard for them to turn to Coach Shin because of the language barrier. – That’s true. / – We think that’s a problem… But you keep saying it’s fine. Yes, that’s my biggest problem. Let’s see how the players feel. (Day before a match) (Second half of life, we need to communicate) Should we invite Coach Shin? To the goalkeeper group chat? Invite him. The group chat makes it easier to share the schedule. He was never invited? Not Coach Shin. Let’s invite him then. What if he doesn’t use the messenger app? I think I saw it installed on his phone. They’re discussing this so seriously. Can you text in Korean? What should I send him? Let’s see. This should be funny. I don’t have his number. He doesn’t have your number? You don’t talk to each other on the phone? Oh, he read it. – Or did Mingi read it? / – I think it was Mingi. Coach Shin didn’t read it yet. It’s Mingi. (It’s Mingi the interpreter) Oh! He read it. He read it? Yeah, he did. What if he texts, “What’s this?” Right, I wonder what he’ll text back. Oh! Did he text back? “Okay.” “Okay.” He even used an emoji. Yeah. Dongwon just wrote, “Write something in Russian.” I told him to use Korean. Just use the translator app. The translator app works great. (No response after “Okay”) He’s just reading the texts. Only old people use this emoji. Where did he even find this one? Should we look for him? I guess we should, since he didn’t respond. You have to get up and move. Talk to him in person. (Knock, knock) Hello. (Coach Shin is getting ready for bed) What were you up to, coach? – Did you see the group chat? / – Yeah. Have a seat. – You didn’t read the messages? / – I did. I recognized the names. Dongwon, Suhyeon and Mingi. I didn’t understand anything else. Is this right? This one? – This is a group chat for goalkeepers. / – Really? Use this to ask us whatever you need from us. Why doesn’t this have Russian? – Russian. / – Huh? (You should ask the app developers) You can use Russian. – We can read Russian. / – It’s okay? I can text in Russian? Alright then. But you can’t read Russian. – We have translator apps. / – You do? Coach… If you write, “Thank you.” Try it now. Really? (Huh?) What does this mean? What does that mean? It’s hard to spell Russian words. Right? Does this mean, “It’s tiring?” It means, “Hello.” Hello. That’s right. – So the translator app works. / – That’s good. I bet the players will get better at Russian before Coach Shin gets better at Korean. (Right on the mark) It can type in Korean too. – So you have the Korean keyboard. / – Hold on. – This one. / – Oh, you have it. I have all the languages. But I can’t use any of them. You can’t? I have them all, but I can’t use any of them. We should’ve made this group chat sooner. If you have anything to say to us… – Use emoji. / – Alright. If you’re hungry, use the rice emoji. Right, he can just use emoji. There are so many emoji. Use the running emoji for exercise. And this for okay. (Coach Shin can communicate with the goalkeepers) He says it doesn’t really affect his life… But it’s very frustrating for me to watch him have trouble with Korean. So we had him see someone about it. Really? I heard we made you go somewhere you didn’t want to go to. I was so embarrassed, so I didn’t want to go. (Bucheon University) Everyone that comes to our school for the first time has to take a level test. You know this, right? (Troubled) A level test… You’ll be tested. “The umbrella is blank the desk.” What do you need in that blank? Do you know what umbrella means? – This thing? / – Yes, that’s right. Then do you know what desk means? – I don’t know desk. / – You don’t? (He’s sitting at a desk, but he doesn’t know the word) The teacher just got flustered. Right, this is a desk. This is a chair. (A subway map question) A subway map. That looks like a hard one. – Subway. / – He knows the subway system. – It does. Oops. No, it doesn’t. / – It does? – You take line 2 to get to SNU. / – This one does. – Good. How about line 3? / – No. No. Line 3 does not go to Jamsil Station. – It does not. / – It doesn’t go to Jamsil Station. Can you take line 2 to get to Gangnam Station? Does it go to Gangnam? – It goes to Gangnam. / – It goes to Gangnam. Because I take line 2 often. He already memorized the stations. (So confident) That’s not testing his Korean, that’s testing his memory. He’ll get all the subway questions right. (He’s used to riding the subway) That’s what he remembers. My GPS is up here. Question 11. – I want to send some money. / – Money. What should I do? – This is about money. / – Go to window 3. So where does he need to go? Right! – I know about money. / – You do? I know the word for money. (He remembers his experience at the bank) Right! Nicely done. Really? – That was good. / – That was really easy. He said it was easy! This was easy for him. I have no problems with money, ordering food and public transit. – They pose no problems in his daily life. / – Right. – Level 1. / – Okay! Out of 6 levels. Oh, 6… That’s the lowest level. Are you okay with that? (Troubled) The Russian goalkeeper that played for Ilhwa Chunma Football Club. “The hand of God,” Sarychev, is studying hard to become a Korean citizen. I saw that news. He is focused on studying Korean… – The naturalization exam is hard. / – Right. To pass his naturalization exam. A question about Dokdo… It was really hard. He studied so hard. He even wrote “Panmunjeom.” What is that? History section isn’t as easy. They have history questions too. To make his wish come true, Sarychev isn’t giving up. Studying was hard, but I studied hard. They asked specific questions on the naturalization test. Questions about culture, tradition and history. But the Korean exam questions were different. There were questions about everyday life. That test and life is very different. My everyday life is very different from that test. Those were some wise words… He’s a smart guy. He’s good at cramming and memorization. Yeah. We have a new student today. Who’s a first timer? (Me) He raised his hand. He raised his hand to my question. Can you introduce yourself? Your name and where you’re from… Hello. I’m Shin Euison. I’m the goalkeeper coach for FC Anyang. I came to Korea in 1992. It’s been 27 years. Did you all hear how many years he’s been here? He’s been in Korea for 27 years. How long has it been for you guys? Less than 6 months for me. (She has a long way to go) Hello, I’m from Uzbekistan. My name is Madina Bonu. My favorite Korean food is bibimbap. She’s so good. – My hobby is… / – She makes perfect sentences. Reading books. Hello, I’m from Egypt. My name is Mohammed. I’ve been in Korea for 8 months. 8 months… He’s better at Korean than you, Sayuri. Oh, come on. I studied Korean for 4 years in Egypt before coming to Korea. I want my Korean to be as fluent as Korean people. – That’s why I came here. / – He’s so good. You sound fluent now. You sound like a fluent speaker. This is a commonly used expression in Korea. It’s the past tense. Let’s try these grammar exercises. It’s an expression you use when you’re talking about something you’ve done before. For example… You tried bulgogi for the first time. After you tried it, and if it was tasty… The guy that’s been in Korea for 8 months is teaching the guy that’s been in Korea for 27 years. – But Mohammed is very good at Korean. / – He is. When you tell someone else that… “I had bulgogi once and it was good.” “It was very good.” I’ve been… In Korea… For 27 years. Umm… The food… The food is delicious. “I’ve tried many kinds of foods, but I found Korean food to be truly delicious.” I really like… I really like… Short rib soup. Short rib soup… (This is so frustrating) “I met an Egyptian student today and he was really good at Korean.” You could say that. What did you eat yesterday? For dinner? Dinner? I had short rib soup. – How was it? / – Delicious. “It was delicious.” (So frustrated) The short rib soup was delicious. What did you eat yesterday? You had kimchi stew. How was it? Delicious. – And what else? / – Delicious. And what else? Drink? Combine delicious with what you just learned. It was delicious. – One more time. / – It was delicious. – He’s good. / – Yes. And how about this? You went to the mall. What did you buy? – Shoes. / – You bought shoes. So you bought shoes. How was the price? – They were expensive. / – Right. “They were expensive.” Like that. Why would you buy them if they’re expensive? (Coach Shin is so realistic) He’s got a sense of humor. That was so funny. That was hilarious. He’s been in Korea for 27 years, but he only got a level 1 on his Korean test. Congratulations. Did you do poorly on purpose? I understand Coach Shin. I went to a language school for a year, but I still couldn’t speak Korean at all. But I made a lot of Korean friends after those classes ended. That’s how I got better. Coach Shin, do you have any Korean friends here? I do have Korean friends, but not many. As you know, age is very important in Korea. I guess I’m too old now. That’s why I don’t have many friends. I’ll introduce you to a great friend. Fabian. You two can be friends starting today. I’m a big fan of soccer, so I’m in a recreational league that plays on Sundays. If you teach me soccer, I will teach you Korean. Alright. – Thank you. / – Thank you. Let’s do this. (Itaewon, Yongsan, Seoul) (Someone is waiting for Coach Shin?) – Hello. / – Long time no see. (Pleased) It has been a while. (FC Anyang’s goalkeeper, Jeon Suhyeon) Where are we going to eat? – A Russian restaurant. / – A restaurant? A Russian restaurant? – I found a place. / – Really? He found a restaurant for his coach to have some of his home country’s food. Korea doesn’t have many Russian restaurants. True. (Overtime of life, an unexpected meeting) (The Russian dishes come out) That’s the real deal. It looks good. Coach, how do you eat this? Is it like homemade meal? It’s like barbecue. (Looks delicious) That looks great. Coach. What’s this called? Shashlik! Shashlik? Shashlik. (Why does it sound like cussing in Korean?) The players are served steaks when we eat at the hotel. But you never eat that. Don’t you eat Korean food? I eat Korean food. I don’t really like steak though. – You like Korean food? / – It’s pretty good. No problem. I’m Korean. “I’m Korean.” Is he taking out his Korean ID? See? – I’m a Korean citizen. / – Wow! (He shows off his Korean ID) (Don’t leak my personal information) Back in 2000. They gave me a Korean flag too. (Coach Shin is definitely a Korean citizen) (Coach, I have something to tell you) Is he going to talk about something serious? Our team is doing very poorly right now. We get scored on a lot. Corner kick. He sets it up. He’s running to the ball. Left foot! They scored! Bad luck… (FC Anyang kept losing from getting scored on) Anyang had a really poor record in the beginning of the season. Really? It’s been a really rough season for them. How should I calm myself down when the team is doing poorly? Let’s say the game ends and you made a mistake. It’s stressful. Then the coach asks you how you feel. “How was the game?” Then you watch the video of the game to see where the mistake was. Then you get some rest at home. Spend time with your family. Don’t just talk about soccer. Don’t talk about soccer with your wife. That’s one way. Then you come to practice the next day. The coach and your teammates will tell you that it’s fine to make a mistake and there are more games. Just have fun and play together. You practice hard and you need to relieve your stress. That’s good advice to younger players. And prepare for the next game. You get what I’m saying? Yes, I do. He felt the sincerity. He understood everything. (Do legends go through hard times too?) Coach, you came to Korea when you were over 30 years old? – I was 33. / – 33? He came late. I’m 33 this year. Great. This is the beginning. (They feel a connection) I retired at 45. When you were 45? Weren’t you sore? I don’t have cruciate ligaments in this knee. You broke it? You tore the ligament? – I was injured in Korea in 2000. / – In Korea? But I still played the next day. You played without a ligament? (No way) I was 42 at the time. The surgery to replace the ligament but it would’ve taken a year to recover. I’d be 43 after I recovered. Can’t play then, so it’d be the same thing as retiring. I continuously did weight training. Oh, he didn’t get surgery. Just rehab. (He chose soccer over his body) That couldn’t have been an easy decision. That’s how he became a legend among goalkeepers… – In Korean soccer. / – You’re right. (He went from coach to player in 2000) So, he’s been through some hard times. Other players can’t play to their full potential after an injury like that. It’s amazing that he endured that with his passion. (Ta-da) – An LP. / – Really? Hurry! He sure loves LPs. Wow, this is Genesis. This is the best. It’s really expensive! – Yes. / – This is expensive! – Yeah. / – You wanted that one, right? I really did. – It was hard to find that one. / – I bet. I went to a lot of shops. I couldn’t find this one. It’s a gift. As the goalkeepers got to know you, we found out that you love LPs, so we all chipped in… – Thank you. / – It’s from us. (Touched) Say a few words to the guys. Thank you, Mingi, Dongwon and Suhyeon. This is our first time meeting like this. We never had a chance to before. And since he’s a foreign coach, it’s harder to meet him like this. I’m a bit emotional tired, so this was a good chance to recharge. He has answers to our problems, so I think he’ll really help us get out of this slump. (Going to practice today?) (A student from his Korean class) (These aren’t the FC Anyang players!) Hello. Hello, coach. They’re students from the Korean class? Really? People, we’ll have a special practice today. We have a guest coach. Warm up and stretch out. Practice your passes and kicks. Not for too long. He was so timid in the Korean class… – But he’s different on the field. / – Fabian should join. I want to. (Checks the skills of the exchange students) Right foot, left foot, right foot, left foot. (One on one coaching) (This student!) Hey, that’s the guy that was good at Korean. – Mohammed / – Mohammed from Egypt. (Egyptian Mohammed is practically a fluent speaker) Our roles have changed. He was the teacher then. You really did change roles. “You’re better at Korean, but I’m better at soccer.” Can’t even compare. Kick the ball in the center to pass. Not here. Either wise, it won’t be passed well. It’s the same thing. (Can barely understand) Right? The coach just explained what to do. How you receive the ball is very important. Make your first touch precise. Don’t kick the side. He just told you to kick it in the center. (Soccer is difficult for Mohammed) It’s hard. And then… Mohamed Salah is a great Egyptian player. Mohamed Salah! (Mohamed Salah is the best soccer player in Egypt) But this Mohammed doesn’t seem as good at soccer as he is at Korean. One, two. Step. One, two. – It’s hard. / – Yeah, a bit. Take your time. It’s fine. Okay, much better. (Coach Shin checks on every player) Okay! Nice! Very good. Well done. Good job. I have a question. – A question? / – What does a goalkeeper need? First, you need the techniques to make the stops. – You get what I’m saying? / – Yes, make saves. I’ll throw it at your face. Try stopping it. Okay. Look. He’s giving the goalkeeper a thorough lesson. But when the ball comes, do not move. This is fine, but you have to be ready! Get what I’m saying? I’m the goalkeeper now. (Freeze when the ball comes) No movement. (Coach Shin gives extra care to the goalkeepers) Right. (He doesn’t give the goalkeeper a break) Where was it? Not there. Okay. Good. Not bad. You get what I’m saying? – He knows all the words to train them. / – He does. – No problem with communication. / – Tired? I want some water. Okay, it’s over. I tried practicing with Coach Shin. He’s famous. It was great meeting him. (He even signs the balls) Let’s do a cheer at the count of 3. – 1, 2, 3. / – Let’s go! (Practice hard and play well, guys) – Thank you, coach. / – Thank you. – Good job. / – Good job. – Good job. / – That must’ve been fun. I bet they had a blast. I bet that time alone with the goalkeeper, Suhyeon, was very meaningful. You should’ve done that sooner. I had a great time. I enjoyed spending time with him. Soccer is my life. And I want to teach him what it’s like to be a goalkeeper. Now that I watched the clips, I think I was worried for nothing. Your Korean isn’t perfect, but you can still communicate in your own way. So I think he’s doing fine. I felt a different energy from him when he was coaching the foreign students. I think that’s Coach Shin’s power. When I saw him teach the goalkeepers, it made me realize why all the soccer teams want him. He’ll be 60 in Korean age next year. – Do you know what that means? / – I bet he does. – You don’t? / – I don’t know. Are you acting like you don’t know? You want to deny the truth? (60 is the perfect age to play soccer!) Do you still have dreams you want to fulfill? I want to foster a great goalkeeper for Korean soccer. And I want to keep coaching goalkeepers. I think I can do this until I’m 90. 90 years old? Until he’s 90. We must have him back on the show. – There are coaches that are over 70. / – Is it possible? So that’s no problem. But will we be alive to see that? Especially me. – Will I be able to see that? / – You’d first… That’s is the problem. Let’s all stay healthy and do this show for a long time. We’ll make sure to do another episode on Coach Shin when he turns 90. We kept criticizing him on his Korean today… I hope we didn’t make you too uncomfortable. What did you think of today? Thank you for inviting me. I had a great time. It was great to meet new people. We’d like to thank Commentator Han Junhui and Coach Shin for being on the show. – Thank you. / – Thank you. That’s our show for today. – See you next time. Good-bye. / – Good-bye. Doesn’t he look like the guy from “Die Hard?” You look like Bruce Willis. I’m bigger than he is. Look. I’ve had cameras following me around for 3 weeks! Last week, I thought I was bigger than Tom Cruise. I’m still not on Brad Pitt’s level yet. How could you call me Bruce Willis? I’m a real movie star! Come on. Right?

Antonio Breitenberg

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