My Inline Skating Setup (2017)

hey guys it’s me Tiago the french Inline skater I
often get asked about my inline skating setup so here is a video about it I
consider myself as a freestyle skier and I use case I have been built for this
task so let’s talk about my main scale these
are we redesigned an improved version of the spa highlight carbon saber and not
Kiba is a French brand best known for making very performant inline skate but
very bit pricy this is an excellent pair of skates and we really let us customize
or – the skates to our liking life a position of refrain brings to several
mounting slots I put my friend right in the middle but slightly turned towards
the inside which enables me to do both Hill wailings and toe wailings
comfortably I also tune the position of the curve a bit force
thanks to this special cast button another reason why I chose this skate is
that these are one of the only carbon skates but have abrasive pad on the toe
and both sides so you won’t destroy them back easily and oh my god the carbon
pattern looks gorgeous check that out for the frames I use the deluxe vq frame
that came to escape this is a lighter and even steeper version when the older
deluxe frame and I really enjoy these frames excellent to moulting to them up
with some civic street invaders and gyro x2r wheels these wheels have different
sizes I’ve put the smallest ones on the front and back of each skate this is
called recurring your skates what’s the point
this type of recurring highly increases maneuverability we usually use this for
freestyle slam the bearings they use are the wicked I l-29 Pro started using
these last year not disappointed I hate listen up my skates so I found a
weight enough to do with anymore I put some elastic laces from mr. lazy
it costs around 5 euros and there’s a lot of choice
now that we’ve talked about muskets let’s talk about what I took with me
when a ghost Katie this is my backpack it’s the large-size backpack from seven
but I like this is that there’s a lot of pockets organize my stuff there’s also
an airflow stuff on the back wrap prevents you from sweating from the back
inside this backpack app – Allen wrenches the drew one to remove the
wheels and the red one to remove the frame
I mean frames then I have a hook to hold my skate when I don’t want to put them
back on my backpack oh the next pocket I have some protection I usually never
wear protection but I keep it on my bag just okay my knee paws of a J form Pro
X’s they are very flexible to take the shape of the body but harden instantly
when there’s an impact awesome deck I might beat us above inline skating and I
like to use action cam so I take two GoPros with me the GoPro Hero 4 and Hero
5 I put them in these aluminum stuff so I can forget external microphone when
needed and skip recording I take a huge battery bank with me and use it to
recharge my used batteries at the same time I’m recording I can’t go outside
leave of music and I have already destroyed several headphones because the
cables got stuck and Yetta Yetta that’s why I use bluetooth headphones now the
Marshall major has a catchy sound and almost never falls from your head even
when you fall there’s a pocket where I put my slalom cones these are up
silicone 20mm inside the fuck kill and when I have to take my skates off I like
to wear comfortable shoes and these are the Nike Zoom pegasus 33 one of my
favorite after skating shoes I think that’s it for my maintenance
getting set up what’s your inline skating Sara I’ll do
my best to find the links to the products I’ve just showed in this video
don’t forget to subscribe for more cool videos I need your help to try to make
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friends you can change everything think about it see you in the next

Antonio Breitenberg

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