My Home, NC | Topsail Skating Rink

My Home, NC | Topsail Skating Rink

[bright piano music] – [Doris] Well, I’ve
done it so many years, that’s all I know to do. [light switch clicks on] I’m Doris Jenkins and my home is Topsail Beach, North Carolina. [waves roaring] I’ve been in the
public eye all my life and I just enjoy the public. – Thank you, Mrs. Doris.
– Thank you. – [Doris] Thank you, goodbye. The name of our business is
the Topsail Skating Rink. [upbeat music] – Hey, Mrs. Doris.
– Hey. – Where’s my box roll-up? – [Doris] I work in the
post office in the morning and the roller skatin’ at night. – Have people ever
come up to you and said how unique it is to see
to see a post office and a roller rink above it? What do people say about that? – They’ve just never
seen it before. We put it upstairs to
keep the hurricanes from messing up the floor. My husband designed the building
and we built it ourselves. We opened May of 1964. We met at a skating rink. His name is Joesph Jenkins
but they called him, Sonny. He was three and a half
years older than me so he didn’t look at me.
[giggles] We just enjoyed it. I mean, we just love skating. [beach rock music] Thank you. Sometimes they come in and say, “Well, I haven’t
skated in 40 years.” And I’ll say, “Put you
skates on and hang around a rail ’til you get used to it.” Y’all stay under your numbers. Stay under your numbers! I don’t hear any music playing. Don’t move again until the
music starts to playing. We have to let the
number that’s called out leave the floor in safety. [guitar strumming] – [Interviewer] What kind
of music do you guys play? – 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s. I got a whole stack
of Elvis Presley. We don’t play acid rock
and all that other stuff. – Which music do you
like to hear the most? – Oh, I skate by the slow stuff. When I’m out there
skating and doing this, I don’t think of nothing else. If I did, I wouldn’t
be able to skate. – [Interviewer] So,
you have done some couple-skating in your time? – Oh, yeah. Quite a few miles,
quite a few miles. I wish he was here. I would skate in that ring. But he’s not. – [Interviewer] When was he
diagnosed with alzheimier’s? – Four years ago. This past October
was four years ago. And I wish I could tell him, “Sonny, you remember so and so?” I can say that, but he doesn’t. I don’t try to say
things like that. ‘Cause then I wanna cry. Still got his skates. I wouldn’t do nothing
with his skates. Still got his skates and
they’ll be right there. It’s one place where
all the family can come and they can all
do the same thing. Not having to bring
their worries and
troubles and all that. Just an old-timey skating
rink and people love it. The next skate will
be an all-skate. Everybody skates. I see myself skating
’till I’m 125. [giggling]

Antonio Breitenberg

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