My Dad Told Me to Get a Red Card in Soccer!!

My Dad Told Me to Get a Red Card in Soccer!!

– [Kevin] HI!.. what? – [Ruby] A little too cheesy – You know that you’re
doing it right as a dad when your daughter says
you’re being cheesy Oh boy Go Julie Go Julie Go Go Go Oh just what are you doing she’s like standing
there watching the ball pass me the ball pass me the ball there we go Gooalllll! – [Ruby] He’s so weird – [Kevin] Yeah hi I’m Kevin and I’m the dad of the 8 passengers and today is Saturday and you are joining me as I am watching Julie at her soccer game what – [Ruby] you’re a little too cheesy – [Kevin] Thank you you know that you’re
doing it right as a dad when your daughter says your being cheesy What. OH. Julie Julie you’re going
the other way Julie so um you guys don’t see too much of me and that’s because I work and I do all sorts of other things I’m a professor at BYU in civil engineering and today is Saturday so I look forward to Saturdays like my Saturdays lately have become all about four things four things only exercise, yard work like the fun yard work hanging out with my family and food food yes so I like to smoke and
grill my meat and stuff for the whole rest of the week on Saturday anyway – [Russell] How do you put this up – [Kevin] she looks like a giant out there she’s like the tallest kid out there Julie plays mid field which I know nothing about soccer or for my friends over in the UK and I guess everywhere else but the U.S. It is known as football but see to me football is where you put on a helmet and pads and you run and smash into each other – [Ruby] except USA is the
only place does football so I guess everyone else
calls soccer football – [Kevin] they call it American football so where you live what do you call it? Is it football or is it soccer Wait whoa whoa whoa what was that sound what are you doing that’s mine – [Ruby] sorry, here you go – [Russell] can I drink it a little? – [Kevin] what the this is dad’s Saturday treat okay I’m sorry this is what I’m But you know what I got some ingredients to try a new kind of ice cream – [Ruby] its the same kind You used coconut again last time coconut wasn’t very good – [Kevin] I know but this is different this is coconut milk – [Ruby] oh okay – [Kevin] so we’re gonna try it – is it coconut? – [Kevin] yep do you like coconut ice cream? – the last time it was..
the coconut ice cream it didn’t freeze that well – [Kevin] are you criticizing
my coconut ice cream? I wish she would just run right in there and knock everybody over just steal the ball do you think Julie could get a red card? – they have yellow ones which ones are like bad and you have to put it on your desk and then the teacher will talk to you and then the red one is like if somebody like scratches you which did happen (laughing) – [Ruby] Someone scratches you? – [Kevin] so if someone scratches you in soccer you get a red card – No in kindergarten – [Kevin] In kindergarten
we’re talking about football and soccer man I remember in the world cup when it was like France I think and Zidane or something like that headbutted another guy and he got ejected with a red card he just put his head down and he went “rawr” and went running right into a guy right into his chest – [Ruby] oh was he off the team? – [Kevin] um no he just
got ejected from the game but I think that was his last game I think he retired I wanna see Julie headbutt somebody but then help be a good
sport and help them out OH boy go Julie go Julie go go go go oh just what are you doing she’s standing there watching the ball oh go good job Julie – you’re just standing there Julie – [Kevin] Hey be nice
you’re just sitting there – I know I’m not even part of the game – [Kevin] yes you are fans are apart of the game the fans are the most
important part of the game uh oh here they come we’re so close to scoring come on oh boo I was so close to getting to yell Goalll I was so close awhh soo close it was a good cross there just wasn’t anybody
there to receive it I’m sounding more like
a soccer professional the thing that I love
about American football is there is always stuff happening I feel like soccer is a
little bit like baseball like its a social game where you sit and talk to your friends and share drinks and snacks – [Ruby] In football everybody is running and you either go to pass the other line or you’re getting a touchdown and – [Kevin] there’s always action though there’s always actions – [Ruby] people are
always tackling each other I don’t know why people see that amusing but okay? – [Kevin] so um the game
that I don’t understand but I really want to is rugby – [Ruby] Rugby is gruesome – [Kevin] It’s amazing so when ruby and I went to New Zealand in 20, 2015 we have a vlog about it check it out it was the it was the rugby world cup and New Zealand actually won the world cup that year the all blacks I’ve never seen so much spirit for and support for like
a national team before it was really really fun the hard thing is I had no idea what was going on rugby makes absolutely no sense to me – [Ruby] I don’t get what rugby is like I’ve seen things in rugby where like everybody is huddled Together and they’re all like moving then I’m like what the
heck are they doing there I mean like I really don’t get it – [Kevin] yeah I don’t get it either what Russell – um you were gonna give me gum – [Kevin] I’m gonna be what – you were gonna give me gum remember? – [Kevin] it’s in the
van you gotta go get it oh their goalie their keeper got a save in the US we call it a goalie um nobody in the world calls it goalie everyone else calls it keeper, the keeper I like keeper better I
think it’s a better name [Ruby] – cause goalie
just seems like they’d be trying to make a goal inside the goal right? Keeper. Quidditch – [Kevin] did you just say Quidditch – Yes – [Kevin] lets talk about Quidditch I think Quidditch should be a real game the problem is – how exactly do you play if you don’t have flying brooms well they have they have um drones that can carry people now like they’re like motorcycles so maybe they could sit
on a motorcycle drone – wait no they don’t – yeah they do – do they have those? – They totally do look at that – what is it and look at that – wait whoa whoa whoa what happens if uh one of the blades like slices another person in half – um I can imagine that
would not be a good day for that person but you could play Quidditch on those yes look at that I want that one right there lets make Quidditch a reality people lets do it – wait how we gonna make the Quaffle how would you make the death ball – the death ball? – the ball that comes and tries to smash you in the face – that’s not called a death ball what do they call it isn’t it the Quaffle? – [Ruby] no that’s the ball
they try to get and score – no that’s the snitch – no the snitch is the little gold thing – no you’re thinking of the bludgers the Bludgers – the bludgers yes um okay I think we need to uh crowd fund a new initiative to invent real life bludgers, quaffles, and snitches – okay I mean quaffles would be easy – its just a kushy ball huh – its a wood ball – a wood ball? No I don’t want a wood ball I refuse to crowd fund a wood quaffle it has to be velvet and soft – Dad the whole point of quidditch is to get people hurt – let’s check back in oh look the games still going can I just say Heaven bless all of the volunteer youth coaches that volunteer their time and do all of this for these kids that’s incredible thank you to Julie’s coach and thank you to all you
youth coaches out there you guys do a tremendous service for our kids I especially like our soccer coach because he wears a shirt and tie to the games he’s professional Julie you’re doing awesome – [Julie] they want you to be over there – [Kevin] why? – [Julie] um I don’t know just ’cause – we’re getting kicked out – [Kevin] oh all of us are? – yes all of you are – [Kevin] ohh okay I’m fine as long as its not parent discrimination I’m good okay pass me the ball pass me the ball here we go here we go (grunt) (grunt) (son yelling) – [Kevin] Goalllll! This is where I’m
supposed to do a back flip but I’m too old and out of weight okay I’m out of breath from
kicking a ball into a net viva la soccer Oh the second half’s starting Julie you’re doing awesome go Julie go go oh baby I almost got to say it I almost got to say it – you want your Dr. Pepper back? – Yes – shake it up nice and good for you – why are you doing that? holy cow I’ve had like
one little drink of this I missed it they scored a goal they scored and Julie was right in there I turn my camera off for one minute seriously I’ve been
filming this entire game I turn it off for one minute and I swear that’s when
they go and score a goal cheers oh here we go Julie spread out spread over oh go Julie go don’t stop (dad gasps) my blood pressure well that’s the game Julie’s team won 2-0 they had a good time Julie had 3 shots on goal all of them were on goal the keeper stopped them but they did a really good job kay should we go home check my brisket? – we’re not happy – why they all had fun just ’cause you don’t win a game doesn’t mean you can’t have fun good game not good game not at all I wanna punch you in the face I wanna kick you in the shins is that what they should say – yes – no that’s not sportsman like at all nice job you were out there like the whole game you guys won 2-0 – [Julie] we won 3 times in a row ooh you’re 3 and 0? Nice job Julie first one it was uh 5-3 second uh I don’t know but this one was 2-0 – [Kevin] awesome well you and that team
mate of yours upfront make quite a good combination – [Julie] Jacie? – [Kevin] yes good job okay let’s go home thanks guys this has been fun I’m gonna hand this camera back to Ruby who will uh she’s the professional vlogger here but it’s been fun hanging out with you thank you ( upbeat music)

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