My Birthday Bash + New Puppy! ๐ŸŽ‚ | JENNTEMBER #4

My Birthday Bash + New Puppy! ๐ŸŽ‚ | JENNTEMBER #4

Hiii! Did we just say that in the same pitch? Can we tell them what we’re about to do? Oh snap! We’re about to do a co-llab! in the making A co-llab, I love that! Or a collab! Actually I have no idea why I said it that way. We’re doing a collaboration. Was that your first time saying it that way? Yeah, I have no idea why it came out my mouth like that. I love it though. I’m gonna start saying it that way from now on. We’re doing a collab/collaboration video. Okay! Bye Heart! Drive safely! Driving through this beautiful row of
palm trees! Hello guys! It has been a while but here
I am at the Goodwill Outlet Center in Glassell Park! I’ve been wanting to do
a thrift video for a very long time But honestly I’ve just been procrastinating
but today is not that day! We have to be sneaky as well because you’re not supposed to film. I’ve got a big camera in my hand so I’m gonna have be very discrete. I always get kicked out for filming at thrift stores. They just don’t like all of this. It scares them. Yeah, you are pretty scary looking. This Goodwill has a cafe! I’m very excited about that. I need a coffee. We just finished a
successful trip to Goodwill! l was a little rusty when I first went in.
It was very overwhelming and overstimulating It’s just so much stuff it just stresses me out. I can’t do it. It’s racks and racks of stuff! Thousands! But you got in the groove! Got some good stuff! And we didn’t get kicked out! So now I’m having dinner at the Stocking Frame with Dawn who is my graphic designer. She is at the bar ordering our food She is the one that does all my graphics, my thumbnails I feel like my life has changed so much
since I met her and so yeah, she’s taking me out for dinner tonight Because she can’t be there for my birthday, so sad Cheers, cheers! Happy birthday! Okay, it has been an hour and a half, but I
have finished my fall makeup look. This is it! It is a very glamorous vampy one
for the fall I kinda wish I had somewhere fancy to go because this is a look! I feel so glamorous right now but Ben and I I don’t have any plans on going out tonight so But it’s just such a shame to wash it all off So i’m just going to try and wear this as long as I can And also, yes I am wearing colored contacts These are in like a nice brown hazel
color. They are from Gemini contacts and they sent me these and then also yellow and
gray ones I haven’t even opened those ones out of the package yet because I’m just playing around with these ones for now and I have crazy astigmatism and they
were able to make contact just for my prescription so I’m so thankful so thank
you Gemini contacts! So I’m back now, I took off all my makeup because it has
been confirmed that we are not leaving the house today I believe Ben and I are
just going to be cooking fish tacos We’re using Chrissy Teigen’s recipe. I have her
book called Cravings And we’ve never actually used any of these recipes so we thought we’d change that Today, we’re making her skillet charred fish tacos We don’t have a skillet but we do have pan so it will be pan seared fish tacos I’m pretty excited. I’m waiting for Ben to come home and then we’re gonna start cooking dinner While I’m waiting for him I think I’m just gonna be editing Jenntember #3 So I was just minding my own business Editing. Working. Then I get a knock
on the door and look what comes in Holy sh** I have 12 cupcakes from
Sprinkles The team at ColourPop sent this to me because the JennNeSaisQuoi collection is officially over It was a good collab, but all good things come to an end And now I’m going to celebrate by getting fat
and eating one of these Look what we made! Fish Tacos! Yay! Here’s all our ingredients for
Taco Night. Hey guys! It is Sunday. I am at the
Montage Hotel here in Beverly Hills. It is so nice here. We have a little avocado
toast on gluten-free bread horderves. It’s pretty fancy. I am here for the
‘Woman Making History Brunch’ One of the sponsors Pandora Jewelry and so they invited me here so I’m so, so excited to be here Currently just waiting on Ashley and Stephanie to get here and then I’ll have the whole crew her. Bon appétit. Grem! She hasn’t seen me yet And we’re back At Cinespia, about to watch Moonrise Kingdom which is one of my favorite films by Wes Anderson We’re with Silas and Soph. There’s the back of their heads There’s the front of their heads and we’re here. Please don’t let him fall off a cliff or drown in a goddamn lake or something. I am currently having a pretty
productive day I uploaded Jenntember episode #3! It’s out! Now I am working on a rough cut For the Fall Bombshell Makeup Look This is a video that I’m doing with Smashbox And for those who don’t know what a rough cut is
it’s kind of like the second step of like the sponsored video route so the
first step is to make a creative treatment and a creative treatment is basically a page of what exactly is happening on your video So it’s like your video but in essay form So you have to write everything out and then once that gets approved then you have a rough cut date and a rough cut is basically you making
the video like the basic skeleton of the video and you don’t really need to put
in music or like fancy text or transitions or anything but from my
experience I’ve learned that it’s just best to just go ham on the rough cut
because if you don’t put in the bells and whistles then the brand’s probably going to
come back with comments saying, “We want this. We want that!” So
it’s just best to just put your best in So it’s just best to put your best in the rough cut so the brand see your full vision and then once the rough cut is approved then you make the final cut With all the revisions that you guys agreed upon and once the final cut is approved that is uploaded onto the You Tube channel So that’s pretty much
how sponsored videos work And this video I’m pretty proud of because I feel like
I’ve never done and makeup look like this before and I think it’s very
autumnal if you will I am officially out of the house. It feels
good I am running errands right now I’m going to two showrooms I’m going to BerriGold and then Bollare I’m actually really excited to go to these showrooms
because I have a couple of fall videos in mind for you guys So it’s gonna be
amazing to get to pick out some stuff that I think would look good for
the lookbook They’re both in Hollywood so I must make the trek out So it is 4:18 and I realized I forgot to eat lunch This is very very rare I always remember
to eat all my meals As I said, food is very important to me So right now I’m eating chicken
vegetable soup with kimchi Now before you judge me, I swear it’s so delicious if
you like spicy pickled things I mean Why not add it to everything? I’m exporting my rough cut right now
because I worked yesterday I am not stressed out at all today Everything’s on time, everything’s in order This is the feeling that I’m always chasing after Feeling productive, feeling
happy and just being on schedule I’m at Bonjuk with my favorite Korean, Sophia Hello I have officially contracted the virus going on in LA. It’s not good. I was getting sick earlier
last week and I thought I fought it off… but nope! It has evolved to a runny nose now. It was
pretty bad last night too There’s the medics coming for me! Emily’s boyfriend is a doctor and so I asked her what he thought about working out with the virus going on She told me that I should work out. That is what the doctor advised. I should just wipe down the equipment when I’m done so
I don’t spread the virus. That’s why I’m in my workout clothes. I’m about to head to the gym Even though it’s last thing I want to do I just don’t wanna be sick for my birthday. It’s coming up in two days and it would be
awful if I was sick at the roller rink. Hey guys! Back from the gym. You know what time it is. They changed the dressing! This is not the sesame dressing that they normally give. It’s okay. So this morning I’ve just been working on my thrifting video. By the time you watch this, it should already be out so please click here to watch it! Tomorrow is my birthday. I am so excited! And also a little anxious. I feel like everyone gets
some weird birthday nerves when it’s your big day. I just really never told you what I was
gonna do for my birthday. I rented out the roller rink It’s called Moonlight Rollerway All my friends are gonna be there. It’s gonna
be “Greaser” themed. So all the dudes are gonna wear their moto jackets All the girls are gonna wear off the
shoulder tops, satin bombers or vice versa. It doesn’t really matter. I just love a good theme My girl, Emily, is the one that thought of this idea with
roller rink and the Grease theme Thank god for that because I don’t know what I would
have done if she hadn’t mentioned that to me. Just look how beautiful this lunch is.
This is my favorite. Scallops. Cucumber. Crab and tuna! Look I’m driving! Jenn’s driving today! I’ve done a lot of driving today. Usually when you offer, I still don’t let you,
but I let you this time. Yeah, I insisted.
He drove to 3 very mysterious places today. As you know it’s Jenn’s birthday tomorrow.
And when you’re with each other every day it’s very hard to arrange stuff. When you’re like, “I’m just popping out.”
“What you doing?”
“Uhh, just popping out for about 4 hours.” So yeah, that’s been very difficult. My mom is cooking everything today
so I’m really excited. Obviously there’s gonna be kimchi jiggae (stew),
which is my favorite And then we’re gonna have myukgook, which is a seaweed soup It’s in Korean tradition to always have
that soup for your birthday. I don’t know what it symbolizes,
but you just have it. Ben’s never had it though! Look at this feast! I’m with my dad. Hi Jenn. He made the galbijjim. Happy Birthday. That’s the galbijjim that my parents made. So here is the seaweed soup What is up with these quotations marks on my name? Who they call “Jenn.” (singing ‘Happy Birthday’) Good morning, you guys! It is the final day of Jenntember.
It’s also my birthday! This morning has been very wonderful.
It’s been so awesome getting all these messages on my phone from my friends, from you guys all wishing me a happy birthday. I just feel really lucky and blessed. Also Ben has been acting very erratic.
He’s been popping in and out of the house. and he just told me to get ready. Cheers for Jenn’s birthday! Hey guys! We’re at The Distrct by Hannah An! Jenn, look away!
It’s a personal message for you for later. Close your ears.
Close your eyes. Your lives are about to change forever. Happy Birthday, Jenn! Oh my god! This was the hardest secret
I’ve ever kept in my entire life! We haven’t forgotten about you! (Singing Happy Birthday) So here we are at Moonlight Rollerway
all in our Grease gear. We’ve got all the booze here. This is actually a good representation of the night. I love you! Best birthday party ever! It really was. I had the best birthday EVAH! But I really did. It was really amazing. So it is the morning after.
I am obviously very hung over. Honestly yesterday was the perfect
finale for Jenntember. I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday.
It was probably the best birthday of my life. I’m so happy that I get to share it with you. I just truly feel like the luckiest girl right now. I have an amazing boyfriend.
I have a supportive family. I have incredible friends.
I have a daughter in the shape of a maltipoo. I have a stable career. I’m just trying to soak it all in. I don’t want to like a pessimist
but one day, you know, nothing is forever and I just want to really appreciate the
time I have now. I wanna thank you guys so much for watching If you guys enjoyed this series,
please hit the “like” button Subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already! Thank you so much for watching!
Bye guys!

Antonio Breitenberg

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